One Piece (Netflix) – Season 1 Episode 6 “Chef and the Chore Boy” Recap & Review

The Chef and the Chore Boy

Episode 6 of One Piece begins with the gang bringing Zoro into the kitchen. He’s passed out and losing a lot of blood. Nami encourages Luffy to head off to the Baratie and bring someone in who can help patch him up. As fate would have it, Zeff and Sanji are on the case and agree to come and lend a hand.

They aren’t exactly doctors, but they can use their culinary skills to patch up his wound and use fish skin to cover up the worst of it. Apparently, this is an old trick that can help heal wounds faster. Zeff encourages the others to try and keep Zoro tethered to this world, and to do so through telling him stories, singing or just being nearby.

Mihawk heads off to visit the Vice Admiral. Garp is not happy that the Sealord has let Luffy go. Mihawk is quick to point out he doesn’t work for anyone and that Luffy is an interesting character. He wants to see him make it to the Grand Line and see what he has in store for them all. Garp is livid and trashes his office in frustration when the warlord leaves. Koby speaks to the Admiral plainly though and suggests they leave Luffy be. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

While Zoro is unconscious, Luffy stays confident that his first-mate will regain consciousness. Sanji and Usopp aren’t so sure though. Sanji does reveal more about Zeff’s past, including how he used to be a pirate himself. This was way back 9 years ago on the Passenger Ship Orbit. Zeff was a fearsome pirate back then, but Sanji was just a boy then, cooking in the kitchen and still with his dream of finding the All Blue.

When Zeff shows up, a storm ends up sinking both ships and with the two crews dead, it’s left with just Zeff and Sanji together, and two bags of food between them. They’re stuck on a mushroom-shaped rock in the middle of the water, and with a bag each, there’s no love lost between the pair as they try to eke out a living until a ship passes on opposites sides.

Sanji is resourceful, and he tries to ration his food as best he can. By day 25 though, things are looking bleak and he takes refuge under a rock. A ship on the horizon awakens Sanji in the middle of the night. Unfortunately it sails right past them. Day 30 sees Sanji continue to ration the food, eating little bits at a time.

Day 70 rolls by and Saji starts to suffer from awful stomach cramps, and a relentless thirst to get the food from Zeff, over on the other side. However, it turns out Zeff doesn’t actually have a bag of food. His is full of treasure. He gave all the food to Sanji and he’s been eating his own leg to get by all this time. It’s a surprising act of kindness.

Zeff explains that he did this because he’s been searching for the All Blue all his life and shares the same dream as Sanji. He’s convinced that the All Blue is true and he enlists the young kid to live out his dream for him. After 85 days in total, they’re finally found and saved.

Back in the present, Arlong shows up at the Baratie demanding food. He’s also after Luffy too, and threatens Zeff with killing other customers unless he gets what he wants. Nami hurries up and warns Luffy over what’s happening and encourages him to run and get away from them. Luffy refuses, although Nami is persistent given he has the highest bounty in the East Blue and he’s dangerous. Luffy instead decides to fight back.

Luffy eventually shows up and confronts Arlong, who reveals the severed head of Buggy in his possession. His ear was actually caught in Luffy’s straw hat and he’s heard everything, including how the entire gang don’t know what they’re doing, and that Luffy has a map of the Grand Line. Luffy refuses to bow to Arlong and agrees to a fight.

Zeff makes the first move by firing at Arlong, but his goons are quick to take the head chef out. Sanji gets involved too, eventually leading to Luffy jumping in as well. A big fight breaks out between the two men, spilling out onto the dock.

Nami walks purposefully with the map toward Arlong. It turns out she was communicating with him the whole time and only joined uffy’s crew so she could steal the map for Arlong. She’s been working with this crook the entire time. Nami stops Arlong from killing Luffy though, and instead decides to let the sea do that itself. Luffy is dropped into the ocean and left to his doom. However, Sanji dives down and saves him from a watery grave.

In the wake of all this drama, Zeff and Sanji fall out when the latter decides that he’s going to leave and hop aboard Luffy’s crew. Luffy starts to lose spirit, pointing out everything he’s lost and how he needs Zoro to wake up and help. And just like that, Zoro does!

Zoro promises to stay by Luffy’s side now no matter what and believe he’s a true sea captain. He’s also happy to try and find the One Piece treasure with him. First though, the group agree to go after Nami. However, they’re also joined by Sanji who agrees to be part of the crew. As Sanji and the others sail off, Zeff is there to see him go, with tears in his eyes.

Zeff calls out for Sanji and encourages him to keep his feet dry. In response, Sanji promises never to forget Zeff and thanks the old man for putting up with him all this time.

With the crew back on the high seas, there’s a clue everyone has overlooked surrounding Arlong’s location. And that clue? None other than Buggy’s severed head, which Luffy presents to everyone.

The Episode Review

Buggy is back and he certainly lives up to his name as he ends up “bugging” Luffy’s hat and revealing that he’s been listening this whole time. This Arlong guy is certainly a force to be reckoned with as well and seeing that Nami is working with him, one can’t help but feel this is something she’s been forced into, rather than a genuine choice on her part.

We’ll soon find out in the episodes ahead though, which promise lots more swashbuckling action in the near future. This episode has Sanji onboard the ship, with a decent backstory involving Zeff too. This helps to give the crew onboard a bit more depth, and with Zoro back on the mend too, everything is left wide open for the rest of the show.

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