One Piece (Anime) – Episode 1099 Recap & Review

One Piece

Episode 1099

Lucci pretends to accept Pythagoras’ request but commands S-Bear to send everyone to the island with his ability. Even though the Sea Beasts start destroying the ship, the Seraphim’s teleportation is much faster, and the plan works.

When they cause an explosion, Vegapunk explains to Luffy that CP-0 is there to kill him. According to Jinbe, seeing that organization moving is an omen of a major historical event.

Pythagoras finds out CP-0 ignored his orders and entered Egghead. So, Shaka starts his evacuation protocol. While the scientists leave, Atlas will go back to the lab and they will activate the Seraphims for Sentomaru to lead. Soon, Seraphim number one (S-Hawk), number three (S-Snake), and number four (S-Shark) get out of their cells.

In the most Luffy logic possible, he accepts to help Vegapunk as the scientist’s head is funny. So he teleports himself to Labophase and tells the pirates to use the Vacuum Rocket to go there.

Meanwhile, Kaku is impressed with the futuristic island and the giant kaiju. He jumps to defeat it, but his attack doesn’t do any damage, as it’s a hologram. Then, he continues jumping to see if anyone is hiding inside the Labophase. However, he reaches the Frontier Dome, a defense mechanism that shoots laser beams at everyone nearby. For some reason, Stuccy already knows all of that but doesn’t tell him, which makes him get hit.

Then, Atlas arrives, angry someone is being more violent than her there. Shaka tries to stop her, but she ignores his warnings and prepares to punch Lucci. Unfortunately, he easily avoids the strike and beats her with a single hit.

Even though his attack makes part of her head explode, she’s still alive. Desperate, Shaka presses the emergency button again, warning the scientists who still are there to escape.

As Lucci is about to finish Atlas off, Luffy, Jinbe, and Chopper appear in front of him. They are all shocked to see each other, but the robot’s situation is even more distressing. Chopper tries to take a look at her, but he’s unable to help, as they would need Franky to fix her.

Kaku and Stuccy recommend they don’t fight, as battling an Emperor can start a war. However, Luffy is furious and can’t see someone kind to him being hurt. He looks at Lucci as if he’s planning to beat him right there and the episode ends.

The Episode Review

One of the best things about One Piece is its comedic timing. Seeing Kaku trying his best to do something useful, but everything going wrong because Stuccy doesn’t help him is hilarious. Also, the reason Luffy accepts Vegapunk’s request resonates with why he invited Brook to the crew, which is great.

Being able to see a character do something and saying “That’s so him” is another great aspect of the series. We’ve followed them for so long that it feels like we know everything about them.

Also, the action is about to start. We can’t call what we saw there a fight, but that’s what was shocking about it. Atlas simply had no chance of damaging Lucci, they are on completely different levels. And speaking of it, his rematch against Luffy will be insane. Luffy won’t beat him so easily, but it’ll be incredible to see how much he has evolved.

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