One Piece (Anime) – Episode 1092 Recap & Review

One Piece

Episode 1092

CP0 are having a meeting as episode 1092 of One Piece begins. Kaku explains there’s only one Vegapunk but he’s so busy, he accepts all the help he can get. He splits himself into six, calling his new creations Satellites. They are Shaka, Lilith, Edison, Pythagoras, Atlas, and York. During their conversation, Lucci also reveals they are going to kill Vegapunk.

Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney are eating so much that they can’t even move anymore. However, they littered a lot, angering one of Atlas’ inventions, Recycollie. The robotic dog bites Luffy and starts chasing the other two pirates. After they thank her for the food, Atlas flies off and punches the dragon hologram.

Suddenly, more people start appearing, and Bonney suspects they are researchers. Jinbei says that maybe they were scared of the group. While they discuss that, Luffy finds a new machine, thinking it’ll give him more food. He pushes a lot of buttons, and the machine starts stripping him down. When he comes out, he’s wearing a completely different set of clothes.

Jinbei, Bonney, and Chopper also go there and change what they are wearing. However, even though they do it carefully, the machine still takes off their clothes without permission. As soon as they are ready, a Pacifista cop appears. It starts scanning the area, and the pirates get worried they’ll be spotted.

They run away, and the Pacifista says they are being persecuted for eating without paying and stealing clothes. None of them realizes it, but Bonney starts shaking upon seeing the robot.

When Luffy rushes and prepares himself to attack it, the girl kicks him, telling him to wait. He gets angry but stops bickering with her when Bonney says Kuma is the only family she has. Then we get a flashback of Kuma picking up a younger Bonney and laughing with her. Even so, the Pacifista attacks them while they’re down.

The scene changes, and we go to a different sea in the New World. While his crew are arguing, Law notices a strange fog up ahead. Inside it, Blackbeard says that he’s found his target. As both crews are about to fight, the episode ends.

The Episode Review

The episode isn’t bad and has a few interesting moments, but it feels lackluster. Although we learn more about Vegapunk and Bonney, nothing else happens. It also stretches out some scenes, like the robotic dog chasing Luffy and the others.

The pacing of the One Piece anime has been bad for a while, but people had reasons to expect that would change now. For example, the Egghead arc has shorter episodes with a new segment. That would be a great chance to change the story’s pace, but it doesn’t feel like that’s happening.

This episode doesn’t even adapt a full chapter. Of course, it could introduce new scenes or use different animation styles (like when the government destroys Lulusia), still making it enjoyable. However, nothing similar is present in most episodes, and they feel slow and uneventful.

The one scene that stands out is when Bonney remembers her childhood with Kuma. That’s a nice example of an addition that makes the anime better. The background song makes it more emotional, and you already think you need to prepare for another incredibly sad story. Finding out more about their relationship will definitely be a highlight of the arc.

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