One of Us is Lying – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Simon Says Gotcha!

Episode 4 of One of Us is Lying Season 2 opens with the six bringing the yacht back to shore. They sport Detective Wheeler and start spiralling but Maeve tries to handle the situation calmly. When Wheeler asks to look inside Maeve’s boat, she asks for a warrant that makes the cop suspicious. She promises to come back with one and hands Cooper’s phone back to him.

Wheeler claims that the text was not from Jake and that the cops were trying to track its original sender before leaving the group alone. The next day, Cooper and Addy are discussing Jake and the cops accessing Cooper’s phone when Giselle is at their school with the Bayview Cheerleading squad. Vanessa claims that a new piece of evidence states that Jake’s car was in the woods during the night of the Halloween party.

She organises a search in the woods and Giselle asks for the students to sympathise with her. Nate and Bronwyn are chatting about the events from the night before and she asks if he wanted to skip class to watch a movie to divert their minds. Nate claims that he has a tutoring session and leaves Bronwyn to go to class with Fiona.

Fiona and Nate reconcile after their kisses and she is playful about it which helps Nate calm down. Cooper is at his locker where he finds the mask that Janae was wearing on the night of the party. It is also the same mask that Bronwyn saw Simon wear at the theatre. He tells the other five about it and Maeve claims that Giselle is not who she claims to be.

Addy is sure that Giselle is Simon and is here to avenge his death but the others think Addy is only paranoid. Vanessa and Giselle are handing out flyers for the search in the woods when Principal Gupta asks her to stop and kicks Giselle out. Addy is determined to learn the truth about her and follows her out. The two girls have a fight but Giselle does not accept the fact that Jake’s photos were edited to be in Greece when he wasn’t there.

She instigates Addy and leaves but Simon immediately sends her a text daring Addy to smash Giselle’s car. Addy, who is already pissed out of her mind complies and is sent to the Principal’s office with her mother. Addy’s mother claims that she did the right thing because Giselle was the one Jake cheated on Addy with.

Mrs Gupta suspends Addy and states that she needs counselling for her grief but her mother claims that she will handle it the way she thinks fit. Leaving the office, her mother praises her for doing what she did instead of bottling her emotions. Bronwyn tells Nate how worried she is about Addy’s suspension but he is being weird with her. He mentions that Simon dared him to steal money from the restaurant he works at.

The restaurant is actually owned by Fiona’s father. Bronwyn asks Nate to keep a camera around the money so that they could see who Simon really was. As they are in class, Janae gets a timed dare from Simon which asks her to plug a flash drive into one of the computers in the lab. With Maeve’s help, she completes the dare in due time but the flash drive contains pornography that spreads like a virus through all computers in the lab.

While the videos flashed on the screen, Maeve tries to encrypt the data from the flash drive to her laptop.  Mrs Gupta tells Janae that this mistake is unacceptable and tells her that she is being kicked out of the school altogether. Since Maeve was also involved, she too is punished and suspended. Addy calls for a meeting at Janae’s poolhouse but Cooper is busy with an endorsement meeting.

The brand wants to use Cooper’s identity as a gay sportsman and his relationship with Kris to their benefit but Cooper is not so happy about it. At Janae’s house, Addy concludes that Giselle is actually Simon and brings proof in the form of the necklace Jake gifted her in the past. As they are considering their options, Addy suggests they break into her apartment and look for evidence.

Just then, Janae’s father suddenly shows up and the other five leave. Janae and her father have an intervention where the latter claims that taking her out of Bayview High and having her join prep school would be best for her future. She lashes out at him for abandoning her in one of the most stressful years of her life only to come back and switch things in life.

Addy talks to Cole about Giselle and he claims that she is lying about Jake’s involvement with her and asks her to stop being worried about Giselle. Cooper is followed by a car on his late-night run and it turns out to be Kris. He asks Cooper if Detective Wheeler has come to see him and asks him about his knowledge of the Halloween party. Kris asks Cooper to sort out his business and stop making his fans believe that they were still together.

Cooper claims how he misses Kris but the latter says that he wishes their circumstances would be different. Cooper goes back home and talks to his dad about the sponsorship as well as his breakup with Kris. Kevin states that he is not mad at him and agrees to Cooper’s terms for a new sponsorship. Bronwyn visits Addy and the two look for hints about the hotel where Giselle could be living.

At the restaurant, Nate sneaks the money from the cash register and sneaks it out to where Simon had asked him to place it. He keeps a camera there too but Fiona opens the door which pushes the camera from its spot and inside the sewage. Fiona spots Nate outside and tries to hook up with him but he politely declines. She is upset at first but accepts it after.

Nate and Bronwyn are in Giselle’s hotel room and they see that she is having an affair with TJ. The two break into Giselle’s room and look for clues but they get nothing. Addy and Cooper are at the rally in the woods while Maeve is at Janae’s house spending some alone time after both students were detained from school. Maeve is decoding the data from the flash drive and is trying to locate Simon.

Addy tries to interrogate Giselle and find out if she truly is Simon but they are distracted by Vanessa who finds the bullet casing which could lead to Jake. She and Cooper are sure that Addy is Simon and Bronwyn and Nate are still looking for clues. They are startled by the hotel’s housekeeping. The two rush to the shower where they somehow end up making out and find the red packet of cash that Nate stole from Fiona’s hotel.

The six are now sure that Giselle is Simon but Maeve has found a way to send Simon a text. She decides to text the sender that they know who she is. The five immediately get a text from Simon asking to meet at the waterpark. All six of them make it to the location but Addy ends us losing the group. She finds a shadow and follows it.

The other five wonder where Addy is when they hear her scream. As they run to look for her, they find the body of a woman laying in the group. Addy is safe and rushes back to them but the body turns out to be Giselle’s. The five (except for Maeve) get a text from Simon who asks them never to mess with him again.

The Episode Review 

The show highlights a lot of problematic parents through its two seasons and Addy’s mother is one such person in this season. I think that the five need to stop bringing their romantic interests into the secret because the murder of a human being is usually not something one brags about. I wish they’d keep Kris out of this as he is really one of the most wholesome characters on the depressing show. I hope Kris is not Simon but it will break my heart if he turns out to be the stalker.

I am sure that Cole is definitely involved in something sinister but I am not sure if he has anything to do with Giselle’s murder. Giselle could be Cole’s ex and could be trying to get back at him using Jake’s situation to her advantage. Fiona could be Simon because she seems obsessed with Nate and all his dares are seemingly easy compared to the others. We will only know in the episodes to come.

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