One of Us is Lying – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of One Of Us Is Lying starts with Addy visiting Janae early in the morning. Janae claims that she had been up all night making a murder board trying to find out who Simon really was. Addy still is haunted by Jake’s words just like the nightmare she had the night before. Addy asks why Kris and Maeve were on the board and asks Janae to take the two down before Cooper and Bronwyn notice.

Janae thinks that Maeve hates her now and Addy mentions that they should add Cole to the list. Based on their interaction from the night before, Addy is sure Cole knows. The two wonder if Cole was there on the night of Halloween and they both get a text from Simon. Simon asks the five to bring Jake’s watch by midnight.

The five gather together at Janae’s house and Cooper thinks that Simon is someone who wants money considering Jake’s watch was at least worth $5,000. Addy guesses that Cole would want the watch for sentimental reasons but then recalls how the watch was on Jake when he died. This means that the watch was on his body that Nate and Janae disposed of at the bottom of the ocean.

Janae and Nate spill that they hadn’t thrown his body at the bottom of the ocean but in a freezer on her parents’ private yacht. The group thinks about the consequences of bringing the body out in the open when Addy thinks back to how everyone was going to suffer for her mistake. Addy states that she can own up to killing him and end the nightmare but the five state that it is too late for that now.

Janae mentions that all of them could work together and trick Simon. Nate and Bronwyn team up and Cooper and Addy team up to “get the watch from Jake’s body” in order to throw Simon off while Janae collects the watch from the yacht. Addy still has constant visions of Jake haunting her. Nate and Bronwyn discuss their predicament and the former claims that they can just leave the town behind and flee.

Bronwyn considers it for a moment before declining the offer, thinking about her family. Cooper gets Addy to open up about Jake where she discusses her nightmares with him. Bronwyn is worried that Addy will crack and rat them all out, bringing everyone down in the process. Nate claims that Bronwyn does not trust anyone from the five but she claps back at him for not trusting her.

Janae goes back to the yacht alone but someone follows her. She unlocks the freezer and sees Jake’s body. When she opens the freezer, she spots the body but hears a noise from outside. Turns out it was Maeve who followed her. She confronts Janae about their fallout and the latter asks Maeve to leave because now was not the right time.

Janae claims that since Maeve was involved with Simon, she cannot trust her or her. Maeve notices that Janae held on to the freezer but leaves without saying a word. After Maeve has left, Janae gets the watch from Jake’s dead body and all five of them go back to their respective homes. Bronwyn finds Maeve crying in her room.

She tells her older sister how she followed Janae to the boat which leaves Bronwyn concerned about how much Maeve saw. Maeve misdirects the conversation and Bronwyn ends up defending Janae and the other four thinking Maeve knows about Jake. Bronwyn is relieved when she learns that Maeve was only talking about her relationship with Janae and that she is still unaware of Jake’s death.

Maeve is upset that he sister lacks empathy for her and leaves but after Bronwyn has slept, she sneaks into her room and checks the messages on her phone from Janae to the group. The next morning, Addy’s mother asks her to be there for Cole and his family but she is against the idea of pretending of being sympathetic for the sake of their public reputation.

She gets a text from Simon asking one of them to wear the watch until his next command. The group gathers to discuss who should be wearing the watch and Bronwyn mentions that Addy wearing it would be least suspicious since she was still dating him when he allegedly fled out of town. Addy mentions that she can’t do so because she will be meeting Cole after school because he won’t stop hounding her.

Cooper takes the watch and wears it to see who notices. Keely tells Cooper that he had landed a talk show appearance later that day something that he was eager to do. He notices the watch on his wrist which also get Keely’s attention. Vanessa is on live stream and she also captures Cooper and Keely together, possibly filming Cooper wearing the watch.

The next day, Janae apologises to Maeve for acting out but the latter demands the truth from her. Janae isn’t able to answer her and leaves. Later that day, Maeve goes back to the yacht which is suspiciously unlocked and discovered the lock on the freezer but is unable to open it. Janae drops Addy at Jake’s house and leaves her call on so that she can hear her conversation with Cole and jump in if she needs help. They plan on “Don’t Kill Me” being Addy’s safe word.

Cole talks about how not knowing what happened with Jake is haunting his family and Addy is constantly hounded by Jake’s ghost who forces her to tell the truth. Cole asks her about the last time she saw Jake and Addy lies. She tries to figure out if Cole was at the party but does not get a clear answer. Addy asks to use the restroom and runs into Jake’s mother who is in a disheveled emotional state.

She coaxes Addy to make a post asking Jake to come back, being sure that he could be checking up on her. Cole appears and asks his mother to go back to her room and he tells Addy he knows she is up to something. She is overwhelmed and flees from the house. Nate is at the tutoring session with Fiona when he gets a text from Bronwyn that she was going back to the abandoned theatre.

He flirts with Fiona as a joke but the two end up bonding. After his tutoring, Nate meets Bronwyn at the cinema. Nate distracts the convenience store owner opposite the cinema and Bronwyn checks the security footage from the night they visited. Once Bronwyn gets what she needs, the two flee from the store. Bronwyn had taken a photo of a girl at the cinema wearing the same mask as Janae from the night of the Halloween party.

The duo confront Janae and she says that the mask was with Kris but also mentions that she will talk to him. Cooper is at the talk show where Keely and his father, both ask him to take the watch off because it was not his brand. He ends up taking it off and covers his wrist with the sleeve of his shirt. During the show, Cooper mentions how being forced to come out as gay was hard for him.

While on the show, Cooper lies that he is still seeing Kris as the latter watches the show on tape. Janae is at his house asking about the mask and Kris states that he burned the mask. She is shocked to learn that Kris knows about Jake’s death and consoles him over his breakup with Cooper. Cooper’s wrist starts to show Simon texts the five asking them to beware of the consequences of disobeying him.

Addy gets kidnapped that night by three people and as it turns out, it was the cheerleading squad trying to surprise her by kidnapping her as a joke. Addy unwillingly rejoins the squad to get Vanessa and the girls off her back. Bronwyn texts Cooper to watch Vanessa’s live stream that night and she talks about how Cooper was wearing the same watch as Jake.

Maeve confronts Bronwyn and ends up shocked when the assumption that Jake was in a freezer is confirmed by her sister. Bronwyn tells Maeve that she was being blackmailed and that she only wanted to keep her sister safe. The next day, the five gather and argue if Keely or Cole is the real Simon. They discuss how Vanessa got the photograph of Cooper wearing Jake’s watch and that her phone is the way to find out who Simon is.

The five decide to attend Vanessa’s #JusticeForJake rally and take her phone away. Janae rats Cooper out for telling Kris what happened but Bronwyn lets it slip that Maeve also knows. They end up pointing fingers at each other but Addy forces them to calm down as Jake’s ghost continues to torment her. Janae confronts Maeve and apologises but the two kiss and make up.

The #JusticeForJake rally is a full-blown party where Cole makes an announcement claiming that they were offering a $100k reward for anyone who tells them the truth about Jake skipping town. After Bronwyn fails to catch hold of Vanessa’s phone, Maeve tries her luck at it. Cole chats up with Cooper and asks him about the watch, forcing him to take it off. Cooper and Addy lie that Jake gave the watch to Cooper himself in a drunken state on Halloween. Cole forces Addy to make a post asking Jake to come back.

Maeve tricks Vanessa into revealing the username of the person who sent her the photo of Jake wearing the same watch as Cooper. Meanwhile, Addy is brought centerstage to make an appeal to Jake and ask him to come back. Instead of doing that, Addy reveals that Jake was really the person that killed Simon and asks him never to come back leaving everyone shocked. Cole hands the watch to the sheriff sure that the group was hiding something.

The Episode Review

Each episode of this show gives so much to unpack and it is suspicious how the five are just slowly handing out their secrets one by one like hotcakes. It is as if they did not murder someone and dispose of his body in the freezer of a yacht! Addy blames herself which is why she is seeing Jake’s ghost but the episode ends with her realizing that Jake was actually in the wrong and that he would have killed her had she not.

If ‘Simon Says’ actually needs money, most of them are rich enough to make that happen and shut them up by giving it to them. Why they are dragging this out is beyond my understanding. The fact that the five are keeping secrets from each other means that there could be so much more than they are letting on and Janae looks the most suspicious among the five right now.

To imagine a person who owns a yacht would find means to lock it when they have a LITERAL dead body hiding inside it but no, Janae leaves it open to let anyone sneak inside like no biggie. Bronwyn is too dumb despite being an excellent student to leave her phone with text messages still on it for Maeve, her hacker sister to see.

Maeve looks suspicious but she is also far too young to be ‘Simon Says’ which means it could very well be Cole. The show looks very interesting at this point and I am looking forward to the episodes that are to follow.

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