One Day Off – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Island of Bread

Episode 7 of One Day Off begins with the art teacher and Ha-kyung sharing a snack on the school grounds. Ha-kyung confides to him that she is obsessed with bread and pulls out a bread map of Jeju Island.

On Jeju Island, Ha-kyung carefully maps out each bakery that she wants to visit. The show transitions back and forth from food documentary-like clips to the story, showing close-ups of baked goods and interviews with Jeju bakers from each bakery Ha-kyung visits.

At one bakery, Ha-kyung notices a small girl pressing her face to the glass, pig-nose style. She comes into the shop asking for “snail” bread, but the bakery doesn’t have any. She leaves, disappointed. Ha-kyung walks out of the bakery and sees a woman following after the girl. Ha-kyung decides to also follow her, curious about the girl and her mission for snail bread.

The girl goes into another bakery and thinks she finds the snail bread, but it isn’t similar enough. The clerk sees her disappointment, and she tells him that the place that sells the snail bread gives customers a free bun that she likes to eat. She tells him that her mom and grandmother always used to buy it. The clerk suggests that she go to another bakery nearby.

She excitedly runs to the next bakery as Ha-kyung and the other woman follow her. This time, she finally finds the snail bread (roll cake) and eats the bun that comes with it. She takes the bread home, calling for her grandma. Her grandma, the woman who was following her, suddenly comes forward and hugs her.

Ha-kyung sees this interaction and smiles. She heads to the bakery and buys five of the buns she saw the girl eating.

At the little girl’s home, the girl brings the bread she bought, and her grandmother and father cook. Later, they present the prepared food before a portrait of the girl’s mother, who passed away. When the girl proudly announces that she bought the bread, the grandmother asks if she was scared. She replies that she wasn’t scared because someone was looking after her, and she remembers Ha-kyung following her and goofily trying to hide behind a baguette. The grandmother asks her who followed her, and with a big smile, she replies, “Just someone who loves bread.”

Ha-kyung returns home with a suitcase full of bread. She opens one of the buns she bought and smiles after taking a bite.

Somewhere, a woman sits on a bench eating kimbap.

The Episode Review

This episode is both bittersweet and heartwarming. It easily draws out a smile or two. Yet, as these episodes often do, it ends on a lonely note, but perhaps Ha-kyung is content with her loneliness. These one-day trips certainly seem to satiate some of those feelings.

The twist with the food-documentary takes add a little bit of humor and make the episode a bit more interesting than it would be otherwise.

The next episode will be the final one in this series—Ha-kyung’s last one day off—and it’s sure to be a touching end.

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You can look forward to a full season review when this show ends!


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