One Day – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of One Day kicks off with a peek into Emma and Dex’s current life. As it has already been established, Dex is in show business and earns his living as a TV presenter. He also has a massive fan following, which is set to double as he has struck a huge deal with a company. Dex is going to join the list of the most famous men in London, his agent comments.

On the other hand, Emma has landed a job as a university teacher and now teaches drama and theatre to students. Emma is supposed to be with Dec on his big day, but she has to turn it down as tomorrow is also the opening night of Emma’s play. In simple terms, Emma is jam-packed. Emma is now officially dating Ian, who’s also expected to come to her play. 

Emma is worried, and she can’t help but overthink that her play is going to be a disaster, but Ian comforts her, claiming she is as talented as they come. Ian also brings her tea and lunch before her big breakfast. Dex, on the other hand, is not too delighted either, especially after reading all those awful things newspapers and magazines have written about him. Some call him a smug, self-satisfied smart-arse, while others say Dex is a pretty face with no real talents. 

Dex tries once more to persuade Emma to visit, telling her that he needs her today more than ever. Dex offers to send a car for her and even asks Emma to bring Ian. Emma doesn’t deny it outright and assures Dex that she’ll bail the moment she finds time. 

The time comes for Dex to present himself and seize the big moment, but his eyes are piercing the crowd, hoping to see Emma. Dex gets nervous and fails to take over the intro. However, Suki, his co-host, manages to save the show. Meanwhile, Emma’s show goes exceptionally well, earning her praise and applause from the crowd.

When Emma returns, she immediately turns on the television to catch the highlights of the show. Seeing Dex sweating with nervousness breaks her heart, and Emma calls Dex, but the latter is away. Emma leaves a message for him, and this is where we learn that Alison is no longer alive and died months ago.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 turned out to be the most heart-wrenching episode, not Episode 5. We got a glimpse into Emma and Dex’s careers. Dex may seem like he’s living his usual life, but deep down, he’s broken, especially after his mother’s death.

Dex felt incredibly alone on the podium without Emma in the crowd to support him. Meanwhile, Emma’s life has finally started to come together. She has a great job teaching theater to students and even has some time to work on her novel.

It’s a bittersweet moment as we see both characters navigating their own struggles and successes.

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