One Day- Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of One Day takes a leap of a year, and now we’re in the middle of 1991, where, as usual and very well expected, Dex is having the time of his life. He divides his hours between jumping between clubs, drowning himself in the most expensive shots, and sleeping with different women. In layman’s terms, he’s leading a life without worrying about a single thing. In one of such posh and expensive clubs, Dex runs into Cal, one of his oldest friends from college. 

The very next, heavily intoxicated and hungover, Dex visits his parent’s house to meet Alison, her mother. Unfortunately, here we learn that Alison is sick and is suffering from cancer. Dex gives Alison Emma’s gifts, which suggests they’re still friends. Dex helps Alison to the stairs and is saddened to see her mother in such pain and plight.

Maybe this is why Dex doesn’t visit her often, to avoid seeing her in pain. The next morning, Alison and Dex share a heart-to-heart, and the former tells Dex that his father is furious with it. 

Alison says she and her husband have given him everything he has ever wanted, be it expensive tuition, money, or fast. Dex has done nothing but squander it all away. Alison and Dex’s parents don’t like the person their son has been turning into: a drunkard with absolutely zero responsibility. Dex’s father firmly tells him that if he shows up drunk again, he won’t let him in the house. He asks Dex to make the most of the time his mother has left.

In this vulnerable time, Dex seeks solace in Emma. He tries to call her, but Emma doesn’t pick up as she is preparing for her date tonight. Emma is meeting Ian, the server she met at the restaurant she worked for. On the date, Emma reveals that she probably is going to get a teacher’s job at a university. 

On the date, Ian brings up Dex, asking how he’s doing these days. Emma informs Ian that Dex is in a mess because his mother is suffering and is in pain. The date goes well, and following the dinner, Emma and Ian walk around the streets of London, marking the end of the episode.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 is probably the most intense and heartbreaking of the season. It’s really tough to see Alison, who used to be such a bright and cheerful person, now struggling to find a reason to smile. She’s clearly suffering, and from what we’ve learned in the episode, it seems like her time may be running out.

Meanwhile, Dex seems to have it all – money, girls, fast cars – but he’s still not happy with his life. Even when he’s surrounded by people singing his praises, he’s still feeling alone. It’s a stark reminder that material things don’t always bring fulfilment.

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