One Day – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Episode 13

Episode 13 of One Day begins with the lovers, Dex and Emma, waking up next to each other, wrapped in each other’s arms. Dex offers Emma to break the lease of her apartment and move in with her, and Emma, after thinking for a minute or two, Emma says she’ll think about it. As the episode progresses, we see that Dex has a full-fledged plan drawn out to get his life back on track. 

Dex and Emma are planning to visit a shop with Dex’s father so he can open a new business. Dex plans to open a cafe and restaurant in Paris and has asked his father for help. However, Dex’s father is skeptical, but Emma assures him that Dex has changed and is finally hell-bent on getting his life back on track. Seeing Dex’s resolve, his father agrees to give him the funds to open his new business. 

The next year sees Dex opening his cafe; however, it isn’t pulling as much of a crowd as Dex had planned. However, Dex is convinced that his cafe will definitely bloom. As the episode progresses, we see Emma meeting Sylvie to pick up Jasmine.

If you’re to pick it up, Sylvie is now married to Cal. Dex and Emma are also soon to get married, and they’ve even invited Sylvie, but she has decided to sit this one out for obvious reasons. Dex and Emma spend the entire day taking care of Sylvie, and it seems like Emma wants to have a child of her own.

Emma shares her feelings with Dex that night, and he agrees. He’ll redouble his efforts, Dex says. Time passes, but for some reason, Emma doesn’t get pregnant despite trying their best. Sometimes, it takes a toll on their bond, but Dex always manages to cheer her up.  

Unfortunately, things turn tragic when Emma gets into a serious accident the day she and Dex are about to do house-hunting.

The Episode Review

Episode 13 of the series was undoubtedly the most heartwarming yet. We witnessed love prevailing as Dex and Emma cared for Jasmine and made plans for their future together. However, the episode takes a sudden and shocking turn at the end when Emma is involved in a serious accident.

It is clear that she has sustained life-threatening injuries. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is: will Emma survive, or will Dex be left heartbroken once again?

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