One Day – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Episode 12

Episode 12 of One Day begins with Dex boarding a train to Paris, and from his telephone conversation, we get the clue that Dex is now aware that his wife, Sylvie, has been cheating on him, and he is in the middle of a divorce. Thus, to cheer him up, Emma has made plans to scour the vibrant streets of Paris with him.  They lead themselves to a pub, but Dex refuses to drink as he has been sober for a few months and has no intention of breaking his spree. 

Dex also reveals that he has also read Emma’s latest book and is one of his most loyal fans. As the episode progresses, the old friends share the tidbits of their lives. Dex says that his erstwhile boss and friend, Cal, has been trying to reach him, inviting him for a drink to make up for what he has done.

Dex is in a mess and doesn’t know what to do. His daughter, Jasmine, is now two, and he can’t meet her often because of the complications between him and Sylvie.  As for Emma, she reveals that she’s working on her next book, which is about a girl who falls head over heels for a French guy she meets during her holiday. 

They return to their hotel room, and Dex tries to kiss Emma, thinking they can finally be together. Emma pushes him away and reveals that she has been seeing someone, a Frenchman by the name of Jean Piere. This breaks Dex’s heart, and he tells Emma that she should’ve told him before she met him in Paris. We also learn that they slept together when Dex found out that his wife was cheating. This is why Dex came to Emma, believing they could be together. 

As the episode progresses, Emma introduces Dex to Jean, his current boyfriend. Emma and Dex had made plans to grab a bite, but after learning about Jean, Dex cancels, asking Jean and Emma to go on without them. However, Emma returns soon after and kisses Dex, and they share a passionate time together. After the sex, Emma warns Dex that if he leads her on, only to leave her in the middle, she’ll kill him. 

The Episode Review

Episode 10 finally gives us what we’ve been eagerly anticipating: a heartfelt reunion between Emma and Dex. Their meeting in Paris is filled with confessions of love, both inside and outside the bedroom, hinting that they may be ready to start anew together. It seems like the next two episodes will likely focus on them sorting out their lives with each other by their side.

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