One Day – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

At the beginning of One Day episode 11, Dex is shown working full-time at Cal’s shop, indicating that his days as a TV presenter and media personality are behind him. The customers who come into the shop vaguely remember him and appreciate his past work, while others mock him for supposedly wasting his life and now working a regular 9 to 5 job.

However, Dex isn’t bothered and looks like he’s finally content with his life. He’s happy earning an honest living and also appreciates what Cal has done for him. The only complaint Dex has is with the music that they’ve to play in the shop, as long as they’re open. 

Dex returns home, and we learn that he and Sylvie are now a parent but unhappy ones. Sylvie had named her daughter Jasmine but often loses her cool when Dex calls her Jazz. Don’t call her that, Sylvie says to Dex.

Unlike Dex, Sylvie is having a hard time adjusting to her new humble apartment and contemplates her decision to marry Dex in the first place. Sylvie also avoids going back to her parent’s house, fearing the questions they’re going to ask him about Dex. 

Dex finds the mixtape that Emma made for him while he was traveling and is immediately reminded of Emma. He asks her to come over for tea, but Emma refuses as she has dinner plans with Tilly, who’s also now a mother of one.

Sylvie also phones Dex and informs him that she’ll be late. Dex promises Sylviie to have faith and that he’ll soon make everything better. Unfortunately, what we see next breaks our hearts. We learn that Sylvie is actually cheating on Dex with Cal, his friend and boss, and Dex has no idea about this. 

The Episode Review

It’s heartwarming to see Dex stepping up and taking on the responsibilities of fatherhood, showing signs of maturity and growth. However, it’s equally heartbreaking to witness him in this vulnerable state.

Despite Dex’s efforts, Sylvie cheats on him, which raises questions about their relationship’s future. The thought of Dex finding out about Sylvie’s infidelity is daunting and likely to shatter him.

This turn of events prompts us to wonder once more if Dex and Emma will ever find the happy ending they deserve or if they’re destined to remain apart, like two birds unable to reunite.

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