Omniscient (Onisciente) – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Outside The City

Episode 2 of Omniscient begins with Nina starting her training at the company as she’s shown the drones being made. After asking probing questions surrounding their origin what happens when they break, she also learns more about the circuit-boards too.

Nina returns to work and sets to work making a 3D copy of the fingerprint she took last episode. With this and the schematics of the building, Nina slips away and heads up to the roof where she manages to cause an electromagnetic disturbance with the drone, making it short-circuit and giving herself precious time alone – that time being a grand total of 4 minutes.

She hurries downstairs and uses her phone to slip past the other drones. Breathing heavily, she uses the fingerprint and manages to get inside the restricted area while the replacement drone silently hovers ever-nearer. Nina finds the circuit-board but thinks twice about destroying anything, instead heading out the room to Ricardo and reporting in to him at his office. He tells her to go home and take some leave of absence, especially given she’s been pretty distracted at work following her Father’s death.

At home, she attempts to access her Father’s account but it’s unfortunately been frozen by court order. Judite agrees to try and help, tracking down information on a man named Jota that may be in connection, while Dani heads out of the city and enjoys his time away from the drone.

There, he talks to a man who seems to know a contact that can slip inside the city without a drone watching over them. As he’s taken through some back-alleys he arrives infront of a man named Jira. Unfortunately Dani’s curiosity lands him in a spot of bother as they believe him to be a cop. Instead, he spills the truth about his father and eventually goes on to tell them his sister can help.

Ricardo drives his son home and talks to him about bullying while Nina confronts Jota and asks him outright if he killed her Father. He seems to be genuinely surprised at the accusation though and inside, they share a drink together where we learn her Father helped Jota out, sending him money and helping him live in the city.

Daniel phones his sister and requests her help outside the city, which leads her straight into the path of Jira. Although she manages to program the armoured car for the group, she also sets off the alarm too, sending her sprawling with Dani through the back alleys and back to safety in the city again. Once there, she meets Venicius and this time, the two hit it off and begin kissing in his room.

With a little more world-building and layers of mystery building up, Omniscient delivers another good episode here, one with some nice set pieces and a good use of colour too. The first episode was dominated by a lot of reds but this time the colour yellow plays a pretty central role. Given this could signify deceit and betrayal, it ties in nicely to the themes on display in this episode.

There’s a pretty old-school feel to a lot of the music too, playing on those minimalist orchestral chimes and horns to give the show a distinct personality. Omniscient adds some depth to the mystery but leaves enough questions unanswered to keep you coming back for more. Quite what the next episode has in store for us, remains to be seen!


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