Oh! Youngsim – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Jealousy is My Strength

Episode 7 of Oh! Youngsim (also known as Oh! Young Shim, Oh! Young-shim, and Oh! Youngsimi)  resumes with Kyeong-tae catching a glimpse of Chae-dong hugging Young-sim. Kyeong-tae’s face radiates surprise and disappointment.

That night, the male production team members sleep in the same room, and Chae-dong has nightmares about getting beaten up in a fight with Kyeong-tae. When he awakes, he throws a pillow at Kyeong-tae. And when he falls asleep again, Kyeong-tae wakes up and throws a blanket on Chae-dong.

The next day, they begin filming the new dating show, “Love, Mark.” Ki-ho begins to talk to his love interest, Yeo-wool, while Kyoeng-tae feeds advice into Ki-ho‘s earpiece. As he watches the two interact, Kyoeng-tae imagines Young-sim telling Chae-dong that they will date in secret.

Later, Wol-sook asks Young-sim to help her get close to Keyong-tae. Young-sim doesn’t respond right away, and Wol-sook jumps on her hesitation, asking her if she likes Kyeong-tae. Young-sim responds with a flushed face, adamantly responding that she doesn’t.

Later, the production team joins Ki-ho and Yeo-wool for couple’s yoga. Chae-dong uncharacteristically chooses Wol-sook as a partner, leaving Young-sim with Kyeong-tae. Yeo-wool bends down by Ki-ho and asks him if he is wearing perfume. Locking his gaze on the camera, he repeats a script for Kingevely perfume that Kyeong-tae made him memorize. A moment later, he twists his knee as he switches positions.

On another yoga mat, the excitement of being next to Young-sim proves too much for Kyeong-tae, whose watch is setting off a high blood pressure alarm again. Embarrassed, he throws his watch away.

The team discusses the lack of romantic progress with Ki-ho and Yeo-wool. Wol-sook comes up with an idea to make Yeo-woo interested through jealousy. She pretends to be a female friend of Ki-ho’s and calls him while he eats lunch with Yeo-wool, who listens and asks who called him.

After lunch, Yeo-wool asks Ki-ho if he will accompany her to the wishing rock. The team excitedly films them walking off together.

Kyeong-tae walks off set and thinks about how earnestly Chae-dong loves Young-sim. Soon-sim finds him and tells him to come and finish the final scene, but apparently giving up on love, Kyeong-tae no longer has any interest.

Ki-ho and Yeo-wool arrive at the wishing rock. Ki-ho begins to confess that he likes her. She tells him that she already knows that he likes her, but she wants to devote herself to Buddhism as a single woman. Ki-ho, understandably angry, says he doesn’t know why she joined the show if it was just to tell him this. She says that she wanted some final memories with him.

Meanwhile, the production team watches, equally upset. Young-sim sits alone and blames herself for casting them. Ki-ho walks up and asks her to delete all of the footage. Young-sim explains to him that she still has to broadcast it. Then Ki-ho takes Young-sim’s laptop, which has all the footage on it and begins to drive away. Young-sim protests and jumps in the van.

In the guys’ room, Chae-dong and Kyeong-tae are getting into it, yelling at each other, and fighting. Soon-sim puts a stop to it by bursting in and announcing that Young-sim has been kidnapped.

The guys rush to gather with the others, and Chae-dong suggests they call the cops. Kyeong-tae knows that she might get fired if the cops are called and if the episode doesn’t air, so she argues against it.

Soon-Sim says Young-sim’s phone is turned off, and she begins crying. Kyeong-tae gets a notification on his phone and realizes that Young-sim must be wearing the watch he threw away, as her blood pressure is rising dangerously high.


The Episode Review

Well, this romance-comedy has turned out to have some suspense, too. It looks like Young-sim is once again a damsel in distress. But unlike her previous near-drowning episodes, she now has two metaphorical knights in shining armor to rescue her.

Wol-sook has taken to the background in this segment, and with only 3 episodes left, she is bound to do something for her own self-interest again soon.

And poor Ki-ho. What will become of “Love, Mark?” Hopefully, the production thinks of something, and the show will continue.

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