Oh! Youngsim – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Oh! Youngsim (also known as Oh! Young Shim, Oh! Young-shim, and Oh! Youngsim) begins with Young-sim and the gang playing a drinking game. Kyeong-tae chooses not to say whether he likes someone there. He links arms with Chae-dong, takes another drink, and denies Young-sim the satisfaction of knowing his answer.

It’s Young-sim’s turn, and her question is, “When was your last skinship?” She answers that there has been nothing recent, and Kyeong-tae, completely drunk, refers to the shower incident, saying, “That doesn’t count as skinship? We were completely naked.” Everyone questions Young-sim, who tries to explain what happened, but does a terrible job. Luckily, Jang-hwan interrupts with his own girl troubles, leading into a group conversation about his dating life.

Kyeong-tae, completely drunk, makes a bet with Young-sim that the reason Jang-hwan can’t get the girl he likes is because he isn’t analyzing the other person. Young-sim wagers that being sincere and open is enough.

The next day, Jang-hwan and Yeong-tae meet privately. Kyeong-tae hands him rare concert tickets to woo her with and advises him to let the girl talk more about herself and study her interests. Later, Jang-hwan lets everyone know that the girl agreed to go to the concert with him. This causes the other co-workers to start asking Kyeong-tae for dating advice, which gives Young-sim an idea for the new show: “Love Mark,” where Young-sim and Kyoeng-tae help young people flirt and date successfully.

After they get the go-ahead, the production team begins to look for a main candidate to cast. After viewing a lot of ill-fitting contenders, they meet a friend-zoned 37-year-old bachelor, Ki-ho, who is in love with his co-worker, Yeo-wool. Everyone except for Young-sim doesn’t want to cast him, expressing that he is beyond their target audience’s age and other concerns, but Young-sim is touched by his story and insists on casting him. However, Kyeong-tae only agreed to do the show if he got the final say on things, and he doesn’t want to cast him.

Chae-dong walks Young-sim home and offers to help him with casting, but she ruffles his hair. Chae-dong tells her that he is a man and is about to confess his feelings when Young-sim gets a phone call and goes inside.

Once inside, Kyoeng-tae tells Young-sim that they can cast Ki-ho, much to her delight. Young-sim informs him that she has already gotten Yeo-wool’s agreement to come on the show.

At the first filming location, Chae-dong and Young-sim familiarize themselves with the area, and Chae-dong shows her a wishing rock. Young-sim asks Chae-dong what he wished for.

Meanwhile, Kyoeng-tae is having cell-reception issues. He goes towards the wishing rock to get better reception. He walks up just in time to hear Chae-dong telling Young-sim that he likes her, and his wish is for her to like him back as he pulls her into a hug.

The Episode Review

In this episode, it is really nice to see Chae-dong getting a little bit more of the limelight than Kyeong-tae. The series is doing a really good job of making it hard to guess who Young-sim might end up with, as she has some strong ties to both.

There is not much comedy this time around, and the episode doesn’t have quite as much of the lighthearted feel that came on strong in the prior episodes.

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