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Electric Blue


Blending a heady cocktail of electronica, tribal house and dreamy vocal-driven tracks, Bosa’s Off The Grid is a solid enough album and while it’s unlikely to ignite the dance and EDM charts anytime soon, it’s a good showcase of talent nonetheless. The best is most definitely saved for last though and ‘Piranha’ is easily the stand-out track of the album.

Off The Grid begins with ‘Electric Blue’, a track that journeys across the lush musical landscape to the tropical beaches of electronica for a vocal-driven house track. From here, the album picks up in tempo for ‘Batacuda’, injecting some break-beat and vocal samples that complement the synth-driven bassline beautifully. This track is another stand-out, quickly followed up by ‘Melange’, gracing the album with some smooth French vocals and a slick guitar synth.

Bosa’s strength lies with his bass and this is especially evident with ‘Prowl’, a track that switches things up to minor chords and boasts a much darker feel to proceedings. ‘Torn’ is arguably the weakest track of the album but ‘Cenote’ adds more tribal and Eastern-European instruments into the fold; the perfect groundwork for the final track to follow, ‘Piranha’.

If there’s one track you listen to on the album, make sure it’s this one. The minor-key chords, the perfectly executed reverb on the guitar and the auto-tuned vocals combine perfectly to make for a really solid track. Although some of the songs on the album have a tendency to bleed the vocals into the instrumentals, losing some of its power, ‘Piranha’ does a decent job keeping its instruments separate and produce the perfect club warm-up track in the process, with a pulsating bassline dropping on the chorus and peeling away during the verses.

On the whole though, Off The Grid is a decent electronica album. ‘Piranha’ is by far the best track on the album though but where Bosa really excels is with the basslines on each of these tracks. While the actual track placement feels like it needs a bit of a tweak – ‘Torn’ is completely lost in the shifting tones of the album – the content itself is good enough to showcase Bosa’s versatility.

It may not be the best electronica album of the year, but it’s solid enough to make it worth checking out.


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  • Verdict - 6.5/10

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  1. Loved it, top to bottom.

    My favorite was actually torn, but hey. to each their own.

    thanks for sharing

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