Off Road Minivan – May This Keep You Safe From Harm | Album Review

Track Listing

Fade Out
The Beacon 
Pity Sex
The Breakdown 
Victim Complex 
Out Alive 
Commitment Issues 
It’s Nothing Personal 


Cathartic and powerful, this album by Off Road Minivan is a stark portrayal of love being pulled from its idyllic place and then pulverised. Truth is in danger too, and the world has become the dark platform where lovers leap for peace and drunk people fight for sobriety. Often, music like this depresses too much, but here there is an appealing story and a well-developed plot-line that keeps us sustained. 

The band has created an emotional statement on May This Keep You Safe From Harm, and they’ve designed songs which have the power to make the listener fall deeply for the themes and the story. These songs are monumental for a band that takes sadness to the forefront, pushing melancholy like a shopping cart through danger zones and blustery winds.  

All the guitar parts have been meticulously made to create an atmosphere, one that is electric. Every moment has the chance to soar, though some of the songs don’t need such volatility.  

12 songs grace this album.

‘Basement’ begins with piano, and then the guitar frenzy carries the softness into a loud frequency. Lyrically, the world has shifted, and the pain lingers.

‘The Breakdown’ opens with bashful guitar riffs and intensity, while the lyrics tell us tales of broken love and stressful situations. 

‘Billy’ is a sad song, but one that is clever and intelligently put. The lyrics are poetic and the instrumentals act like a subtle embrace. The man in the story is dying for salvation, and the fantasy breaks into pieces.  

This album by Off Road Minivan is stellar. It is sad, but the commentary shivers the spine.  

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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