The Best Comics Releasing This Week (Oct 30th-Nov 5th 2023)

The Best Comics Releasing This Week

This is an important week for Marvel, as we’re getting Hickman’s Ultimate Universe. It’ll dictate everything we are going to see in the new Ultimate line from 2024 onward. If you are not a Marvel fan and have been wanting an easy series to start, that’s your cue. All the stories will be set in a different status quo and dimension, so you won’t need prior knowledge.

We have a few interesting comics in DC and on the indie side of things too. Did you watch Gargoyles on Disney when you were younger? You can continue the story with Gargoyles: Dark Ages #4 on Wednesday. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget many beloved cartoons like Avatar, Adventure Time, and Over the Garden Wall have gained comic-book sequels. Let’s see everything you should be reading this week!

X-Men #28

Release Date: Nov 1st

Orchis has defeated the X-Men and made almost everyone on Earth hate mutants even more. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no space for resistance. And that’s what Gerry Duggan’s current issues have been all about. Seeing a new team formation having to hide and fight in a different way is a nice change of pace. If you like Kate Pryde, you shouldn’t miss out on it (mainly issue #25).

X-Men #238 will focus on Firestar, who needs to play the role of traitor, and Juggernaut. We’ll surely see Firestar trying to free him or he getting out himself and fighting her believing she works for Orchis. If we can be sure of something, is that the mutants will be one step closer to victory after this chapter. 

Gargoyles: Dark Ages #4

Release Date: Nov 1st

Gargoyles is back with full force. It has two ongoing comics and James Wan is working on a live-action series. If you missed out on it at the time or are too young to know it, the series is a Disney animated show from the 90s. It follows a clan of gargoyles who wake up in 20th-century Manhattan after sleeping for a thousand years. The dense characterization and historical references in it still enchant people.

Gargoyles: Dark Ages tells the story of a past before the creatures woke up in Manhattan. You’ll see the origins of Goliath and his clan. In chapter 4, they will brave through a cave and find a powerful dragon. Such a meeting poses a threat to them, which will be explored throughout the rest of the miniseries.

Spirit World #6

Release Date: Oct 31st

‘We Are Legends’ is a recent comic line that puts Asian heroes at the center of DC. Spirit World follows Xanthe, who has a connection with the Real of the Dead, Cassandra Cain (*cough* the best Batgirl), and Constantine. After Cass ends up in the Realm of the Dead, the other heroes need to unite and rescue her. Alyssa Wong does a great job at making everything fun, and Xanthe, a completely new character, is as compelling as the others.

In the miniseries’ final issue, Xanthe, Constantine, and Batgirl will have their last battle against the monster collecting spirits’ memories. However, they’ll need to investigate and find the person who created the original currency of the Spirit World.

No/One #6

Release Date: Nov 1st

Do you really want a shared universe, but are tired of Marvel and DC? So give the Massive-Verse a chance. While Radiant Back focuses on the superhero side of things, No/One is a crime drama. We follow Julia, a podcaster producing content on the No/One’s acts (and you can actually listen to her podcast! Who is No/One releases monthly and is a nice addition to the story).

A series of copycat attacks happening in Pittsburgh brings even more tension to the city. Besides that, Julia’s podcast seems to be a link between the attacks and the case of Richard Roe. We’re finally after the halfway point in the book, and things will probably only get more enthralling.

Supergirl Special #1

Release Date: Oct 31st

Mariko Tamaki has already proved she understands Supergirl and can write her compellingly in Being Super. Woman of Tomorrow, an incredible run featuring the character, ended over a year ago. Seeing that, it’s already time for us to get a new solo story about Supergirl. That’s why many fans are also hoping for an ongoing series spinning out of this.

The Superman Family is bigger and stronger than ever, but with that and Power Girl back on Earth, Kara questions herself. Should she stay in Metropolis, or is there a better place for her? Additionally, the story will focus on her relationship with Krypton and everything she did there before the planet’s end. This will most likely send her on a journey through space, which many readers agree is an interesting setting for Supergirl.

Ultimate Universe #1

Release Date: Nov 1st

After Ultimate Invasion, which shows the Maker escaping and making his own version of the universe, we get a better look at the future. This will be essential for establishing what it’ll be, the feel of the comics in the line, and how “ambitious” they will be. The Ultimate Universe is the chance to pick the characters we already know but do something interesting with them. We’re rewarded for already knowing how the usual story goes, but it’s interesting exactly because it deviates from that. Without a doubt, that’s the reason Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man works.

This issue will focus on the Avengers of the new universe, featuring Doctor Doom, Iron Lad, Sif, Thor, and Captain America. With that in mind, there’s no confirmation of an Avengers book yet. So, most likely, it’ll give us some information about other aspects of the line and show a few characters from other comics.

We already have three confirmed stories for 2024: Ultimate Black Panther, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Ultimate X-Men. Let’s hope we learn more about them here.

Canary #1

Release Date: Nov 1st

Scott Snyder should need no introduction. He is the writer behind the incredible New 52 Batman series, American Vampire, Dark Nights: Metal, and more. Canary is actually a well-received series from Comixology, but it’ll published in print for the first time this November. 

A mining company in Colorado pulls radioactive Uranium and then makes the mine collapse in on itself. Many legends about it being haunted spring up after that, but it’s finally time to find out the truth. As part of the Rocky Mountains becomes the setting for violent murders and people going insane, a federal marshal and a geologist investigate it.

Ghostlore #6

Release Date: Nov 1st

You might know Cullen Bunn from Harrow County and his contributions to Marvel comics, like Venom and Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. If you like creepy and dark stories like those, then Ghostlore is another good one for you. Especially as a way to say goodbye to this year’s Halloween.

After a deadly accident, Lucas and his daughter Harmony start seeing ghosts and hearing their stories. Now alone, in Ghostlore #6, Lucas finds a community full of people who share the same gift. How has that affected them, and how will Lucas’ faith change with this?

The Avengers #7

Release Date: Nov 1st

Jed Mackay has been working on a beloved run of Moon Knight for a while now. So, when everyone found out he would be writing The Avengers, it was all cheers. As the first arc ended on issue 6, it’s time for a whole new story with the team.

The Avengers #7 will focus on Vision and something mysterious happening to him. Mackay will also explore a disconnection between the Avengers and the world they protect, which is a pretty interesting direction. Obviously, we don’t know if that is what he’s going for, but using vision to deepen that seems like a good choice.

Blood Commandment #1

Release Date: Nov 1st

Another great pick for horror-lovers, Blood Commandment is a series by Szymon Kudranski, creator of Something Epic. He knows well how to build up momentum and balance light-heart with heart-breaking moments. That will most likely play a great part in this four-issue miniseries.

It’ll follow a father and a son living peacefully in an isolated and shadowed valley. Ezra does his best to teach his son Wil many survival skills, but why does he do that? The boy also doesn’t know, but that might be exactly their downfall when facing a dangerous supernatural presence. However, even if they are not, we’ll surely enjoy this creepy story with Kudranski’s amazing and expressive art.

And that’s it for now, folks. Every week, we’ll keep bringing you some of the best issues you can read. Tell us what you think of them in the comments below!

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