The Best Comics Releasing This Week (Oct 23-29th 2023)

The Best Comics Releasing This Week

It’s Al Ewing week! First important lesson: if you read one comic by him, it’s one of the best things you’re gonna be reading. You can always trust in him. It’s also a good week for X-Men fans, as we have two titles: Uncanny Avengers and Uncanny Spider-Man (yeah, those are X-Men comics now).

We’ve also selected many indie comics too. If you haven’t heard anything about the Massive-verse, you’re in for a treat reading Radiant Black. Also, for everyone wanting a spooky Halloween, you can start it earlier here. Let’s go to the list and see all the incredible comics you should read this week;

Detective Comics #1075

Release Date: Oct 24th

Ram V appears for the first time this week in Detective Comics, one of the Batman main titles. His run expands on the mythos of Barbatos, the Bat-God. If you love Grant Morrison’s Batman, you must read this, as you’ll see some clear inspiration.

In issue #1075, Batman tries to escape the Orghams, a family involved in the founding of Gotham. However, he isn’t free from problems. The Azmer demon tries to take control of Batman through his memories (always a great way to explore a character). The only thing in the demon’s way is Bruce’s demons and Barbatos. Which is such a comic-book thing, right? Batman has such a crazy lore that even an evil entity has problems getting him.

Something is Killing the Children #34

Release Date: Oct 25th

James Tynion IV is one of the best indie comic writers right now, and Something is Killing the Children is an obligatory read if you wanna know him. The whole politics behind the monster killer’s organization is very interesting and can change the whole game in just a second. In the latest issues, Erica, the protagonist, has been surviving out of sheer spite. Everything is against her, so that makes for an even more anxious reading than it already is.

Erica will finally confront the arc’s antagonists. The Duplicitype monster is coming for her, and Charlotte Cutter is closer than anyone thinks. The only one who knows that is Octo, who has almost no reason to try to help. Who else in the city will suffer because of this? If this comic does something right, it’s the agony of seeing the one you love die. Even if Erica survives, she surely won’t leave the place mentally sane.

The Immortal Thor #3

Release Date: Oct 25th

After that introduction, it should go without saying that this has everything to be a banger. After writing Immortal Hulk and proving again that he’s one of the top writers in Marvel right now, Al Ewing is giving Thor the same treatment. Like the previous comic in this “series,” it’s a self-reflexive story. It takes everything that makes up the character, honors it, and strengthens it. If you love the character, read it. If you don’t know who he is, that’s where you should start.

Toranos, an Elder God, is hunting Thor. Our great hero finds himself trapped somewhere he has no godly powers. How will he escape there? Is Loki going to save him, or is his said test related to another task? We’ll learn everything we need to know in the sure-to-be masterpiece that is issue 3.

Rare Flavours #2

Release Date: Oct 25th

Have you read The Many Deaths of Laila Starr? Then you know one of the best recent comics in the market. Finally, we received a new story from the same team. Ram V and Filipe Andrade are a great duo, and their styles are perfect for each other. The poetic and intriguing storytelling fits the vibrant art and colors like a glove.

In Rare Flavours, the creative team draws you to the world of Mumbai. Rubin and Mo and searching for a mythical pepper, but they won’t be able to make their recipe in peace. Supernatural detectives are after them and don’t plan on giving up. Like the best Ram V stories, we’ll also get a bit of history about the place and its people.

Uncanny Spider-Man #2

Release Date: Oct 25th

The Fall of X event is giving the mutants a new status quo. Each is separated into distant parts of the world (or even the universe). Nightcrawler’s way of helping while hiding from the massive prejudice they are suffering is to be a brand-new Spider-Man. Simon Spurrier has been developing him since 2021’s Way of X, so it’s been quite a ride. We recommend the reading if you want to know more about who Nightcrawler is.

Even as Spider-Man, Kurt is having a rough few days. Orchis is almost certain the new Spidey is him, so they are sending Silver Sable to get him. To make matters worse, Rhino is also there to make everything harder. But Nightcrawler also has other things to worry about. Spurrier will develop the character’s relationship with Mystique, his mother, as a preparation for X-Men Blue: Origins. The new comic will release in November and it promises to change what we know about Kurt’s origin.

Radiant Black #26

Release Date: Oct 25th

Radiant Black by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa is part of the Massive-verse, a Tokusatsu-inspired comic universe. It’s the flagship of the series, and it’s reaching its highest point. Since the start of the story, we’ve been learning about the radiants and a coming war. Now, the battle is finally here.

The boys decided Marshall should be Radiant Black, but that surely won’t be the end for Nathan too. It’ll be nice to see what the writers come up to do with the character. However, we’ll worry about that later. Now we’ll see Marshall face his first test and see if giving him the power is the right decision.

Captain Marvel #1

Release Date: Oct 25th

If you want a series that’s just about to start, you can’t get something fresher than this. Alyssa Wong has enchanted many readers with Spirit World, Doctor Aphra, and Deadpool. Now it’s time for us to see their version of Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers has been on a great streak lately, coming out of a 50-issue run by Kelly Thompson, an Eisner-Winner writer.

This time, Carol receives a new — and cooler — design and status quo. Someone found out how to get rid of her, so now she’ll face dangers she has never imagined. What is the villain planning? Additionally, is it someone we already know or a mysterious threat? We can’t be sure yet, but we’re hyped to find out.

Uncanny Avengers #3

Release Date: Oct 25th

Uncanny Avengers follows the Unity Squad, composed of X-Men members and Captain America. It’s quite an interesting team, as you have different mutants and someone who usually doesn’t interact directly with their problems. You can have some discussions, which we think Gerry Duggan is trying to do in the comic. Also, another intriguing thing about it is the villain, someone pretending to be one of the X-Men, but doing everything he can to ruin their reputation.

Uncanny Avengers #3 follows the heroes facing off against the antagonistic team, Mutant Liberation Front. It’ll be a violent fight, as the issue promises they will spill blood and one of them will die. If someone does die, bet all your money Captain Krakoa, the main villain, is the one responsible. Orchis will soon realize he can’t be trusted, so the start of that will probably happen in this issue.

Wonder Woman #2

Release Date: Oct 24th

Some love him, some hate him more than anything. Either way, Tom King’s works will always generate a lot of discussion, and you have to be there for it. His latest project is a new status quo for Wonder Woman. The first issue is really strong, and we can expect the same for the second one.

Wonder Woman is a fugitive now and we’ll have her go against none other than her former lover Steve Trevor and the US Military. With a character of this magnitude is hard not to think what is the army’s plan to fight her. Diana is a tough adversary, but we can be certain her quest for the truth still won’t be easy.

Ice Cream Man #37

Release Date: Oct 25th

To end things well and get you even more in a Halloween mood, we have Ice Cream Man. It’s a horror anthology and one of the most popular indie comics right now. Every chapter you get a dark and strange story featuring the Ice Cream Man and a set of different people. There is a kind of arc behind some stories, but that isn’t the most relevant aspect of the comic.

If you want something weird, you will start from the right issue. The Figglybumps, cute and murdery creatures from the Ice Cream Man universe, are back. They are part of some kind of war, and that’s probably related to their cartoonist. Although they might have a pretty sad ending as the title “Death of a Cartoonist” suggests.

And that’s it for now, folks. Every week, we’ll keep bringing you some of the best issues you can read. Tell us what you think of them in the comments below!

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