Oceans Ate Alaska – Disparity | Album Review

Track Listing

Shallow Graves
Dead Behind The Eyes
Plague Speech
Disparity – Interlude
Empty Space
New Dawn


By purposefully placing all their energy into their music and gripping lyrics, Oceans Ate Alaska would peel back their skin if they could, to reveal their rapidly beating hearts. And this style, though not for everyone, really signifies unparalleled rage – and the band stands amidst the roar confidently.

Disparity reveals dark lyrics which carry weight, and they don’t shine pretty. They do tell vivid stories of extreme heartbreak, hatred, and bottomless pain. And the album isn’t for the faint-hearted, as it does sound demonic at moments, as those screams and growls shudder in.

Though it’s a hard listen, the record doesn’t feel ravaged by inferiority, and it doesn’t fall flat either. Those shredded guitar moments up the quality, and they don’t decrease at any time, as these musicians are masters at playing fast.

Some people may think that the style isn’t commendable or valid, but on this evidence, music like this can generate energy and ruffle a crowd. It isn’t immaculately designed, and it isn’t comprised notes of love, but it has passion, and that’s all that matters.

‘Paradigm’ starts the record. It is a loud statement and the growls sound demonic, but the guitar wonderment filters through. It’s a short song, packing an almighty punch.

‘Sol’ begins softly enough. The clean vocals last seconds, and then the growls appear. Lyrically it’s vivid, as the band describes intoxication. There’s sheer energy here.

‘Empty Space’ opens with subtle edges. There are clean vocals conveying dark days, and the chorus bubbles with intensity. Those snappy guitar moments complete the song. ‘New Dawn’ is intense, and the instrumentals are fundamental and don’t disengage. The song is a highlight, and it doesn’t knock off the band’s composure either.

Oceans Ate Alaska deliver a punch to the atmosphere with Disparity. It is their album of authority and their story revealing broken hearts.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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