Ocean Alley – Low Altitude Living | Album Review

Track Listing

Double Vision
Touch Back Down
Drinks and Cigars
Simple Pleasures
Parking Fines
Deepest Darkness
West Coast
Snake Eyes


Ocean Alley depicts through their music a purity which seamlessly coats everything worth saving. The band take their fuzzy guitar work to supreme heights too, letting it quiver the spines of the fanbase they have built over the years.

Low Altitude Living is their slant on resilience, and it also gravitates towards emotion along with the highs and lows of life. Togetherness seems to be a focal point within the vicinity of this act, and while they play through the sorrow, their tight friendships are unbreakable.

They play differently this act. Old styles are represented, and the music doesn’t take on modern influences, it will take the listener back in time to the days where love was soaked into the skin, and when drinking staved off callous thinking. These sounds are remarkable too, and the fuzz and buzz-saw guitars show that Ocean Alley is able to change it up.

‘Home’ starts the LP off in fine fashion. The old-style sound works brilliantly, and the guitar work shines. Those vocals are calm, while the lyrics describe sorrowful moments.

‘Drinks And Cigars’ slowly builds up, and there’s not much fuzz here, just the subtle notes and chimes. The story goes on like a fable which has so many angles. ‘Deepest Darkness’ by comparison blooms and becomes a courageous effort, and the story keeps on astounding. Those instrumentals perfectly click in, which feels like a theme through much of this album.

Ocean Alley conveys through sorrow drenched lyrics their feelings on the world and love, and their brilliance can’t go unnoticed.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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