Obsession – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Obsession starts off with passionate and rough sex between Anna and William. They are exhausted and smitten after their session.

Anna gets up afterwards and lays the ground rules. There’s to be no sex outside the walls, it only happens when she says, and he never shows up uninvited. It is also Anna’s choice to surrender to him when she wants. In a defiant act, she asks him to surrender to her… and William complies. He sports a big ol’ smile as he accepts the rules. William is a little disappointed though when Anna does not allow him to read her very personal diary.

Jay is planning a trip to Paris with Anna. Edward takes William to Parliament and introduces him to the Members and finds an advisory position for him. Whilst there though, William gets a text from Anna; 6pm, her flat. He rushes off saying he has an emergency at the hospital but when he reaches the door, she texts him not to come.

Peggy, the owner of the flat, greets him instead. He is hesitant to come in but Peggy insists. She is in town occasionally, Anna tells William, who is then returned from the door.

Ingrid feels William is not being forthcoming in the relationship. She asks to get away with William but he pushes back. He cannot stop thinking about Anna. She calls him to the flat again but this time, their sex is even rougher as Anna dictates the nature of it.

William confesses his insecurity about Jay finding out about them. Anna tries to reassure him that Jay won’t find out and asks what he needs. William wants a secret Jay does not know.

Anna tells him about Aston, her brother who committed suicide. Aston was in love with Anna; like seriously in love with him like Jaime and Cersei, Game of Thrones style. William thanks her for her honesty but Anna threatens him, telling William that damaged people are dangerous and this revelation should change things between them.

He tears a page from her diary; it is like William has found life again in his dead routine of adulting.

Ingrid is worried Jay might propose to Anna in Paris. William tries to coax her down but Ingrid says he needs to take more of an interest in them.┬áHe ekes out the name of the hotel they’ll be staying at. William decides to go and makes an excuse to Ingrid.

William texts Anna and then calls her room. He asks to meet him outside the hotel and Anna makes up an excuse to Jay to meet. They have sex right in the street but Anna comes back and says she has a migraine. Jay is not sure if that is the issue but William finds out that Jay and Anna have checked out of the hotel.

He takes the same room and immerses himself in the sheets. He masturbates to the smell of the pillow and the sheets, while Jay and Anna go back to England. Anna goes to her home and we see that her mother stays with her, who is actually an alcoholic.

Anna and Peggy go out for drinks, but Anna gets too drunk and tells Peggy everything. Her reaction is one of judgment and she says Anna is playing a dangerous game. Anna storms out and goes back home after hearing this, as Jay sends a bouquet to Anna’s office, charming her as a result

He takes her out on a date. Ingrid is highly suspicious of William. He gets messages from an unknown number who asks him to stop and says that they know everything. He calls Anna, who asks his permission to say “yes” to Jay when he asks to marry Anna.

William is shattered and does not want to say yes – but those were the terms of their deal. Anna feels Jay is her ticket to normalcy and being a real couple. William complies and it seems their affair has ended.

Jay asks Anna to marry him and she says yes. William is heartbroken and Ingrid has a hard time figuring him out. Will he be able to accept the reality of his life? Or is he planning something more sinister to get what he wants?

The Episode Review

Given the series is just four episodes long, things were bound to move quickly. Episode 2 saw the end of William and Anna’s affair as she chose normalcy over something volatile and perishable.

It is a reasonable choice but after how she ignited a fire in William, it seems unlikely he will give up so easily. It can not mean a good outcome in any sense of the imagination. But there is not a lot more to see here except that.

The plot of Obsession is limited due to its fundamental creative choices and the possibility of a surprise is not large. Let us see what we have in the store.

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