Obsession – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

Episode 1 of Obsession introduces us to the Farrow family – the main focus of the show. William Farrow is a decorated surgeon. He is in the news for creating history by operating two conjoined twins at birth.

His wife, Ingrid, picks him up and takes him to her father Edward’s house in the countryside. The Farrow family have taken the weekend off to meet and relax. Edward is a reputed barrister with strong connections to the House of Commons. Jay, William and Ingrid’s son, is studying to be a doctor. Sally, his sister, is another member of the family.

Edward is throwing a party in honour of William that night. He wants to introduce him to his connections in Parliament. There might be an advisory position soon for William. Jay is researching stem cells and Sally has been able to pry out the name of his much older girlfriend. Anna Barton works in the Foreign Office.

William sees her for the first time at the party and they look at each other from across the room as if there is no one else there. It is primal, sexual attraction between them at the first sight.

William approaches Anna, who too is instantly charmed by him. They have a weird sexual energy and it they want each other at any cost. The meeting is brief and William drinks himself silly.

Ingrid has to pick him up from the party and they take a cab back home. William lies to Ingrid about not having met Anna at the party. Jay promises to take Anna to meet his family over Sunday lunch but things are getting serious between them from Jay’s point of view.

William leaves a message for Jay, asking to talk. Perhaps he feels he overstepped his boundaries? Either way, Anna sees his number on Jay’s phone and gives him a call. William is surprised and excited by this and both save each other’s names by their first letters.

Anna actually called to inform him that she is coming over for lunch the next Sunday. Anna asks William to prepare a drink for her before Sally takes in her company.

Anna works in Ben Collier’s team, whom Edward deems a difficult man to work with. She makes direct passes at William at the lunch table and he is surprised by her directness.

Ingrid does not like Anna very much. William stays quiet when she asks him as they come back to their house and William is off to work.

Anna calls William at her house at 4.30. Nadia, who shares the office with William, finds his behaviour strange. William is even specific to complete the scheduled surgery before the time they’re scheduled to meet. He is conflicted about his next move as he looks at the clock and a photo of his family on the phone. William chooses to pursue Anna and makes it on time.

No words are exchanged when the pair meet and she undresses him. After he is fully nude, she lies down on the floor and invitingly opens her legs. They have brief but passionate sex, post which she takes a shower and William leaves without saying a word. He meets Jay at his insistence, where Jay admits he is unsure if Ingrid and William like Anna but says he is serious about her. William asks him not to worry and be patient in his pursuit.

The Episode Review

This Netflix series does not even bother to concoct a compelling story around the blatant sex. The streaming giants have accepted the fate of content like Obsession in the hands of its viewers. One has to be prepared for a lot more nudity and sex going forward, something that threatens to singularly define the show.

It becomes difficult to judge a series like Obsession as a result. If episode 1 is any indication, we aren’t getting to see a complex narrative with a conscious subtext. There is nothing too subtle or artistic about the story but perhaps the physical acts do require taste and nuance.

Richard Armitage, our very own Thorin Oakenshield, and Charlie Murphy, have electric chemistry together. They actually did not need words to contextualise the burning passion William and Anna felt for each other… but it would have been nice to get some more foundation to go ahead with it.

Anyway, Obsession must be taken how it is given to us; raw, uncensored, and exciting. And also, keep your brains at home.

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