Obliterated – Season 1 Episode 1 “Real American Heroes” Recap & Review

Real American Heroes

Episode 1 of Obliterated begins with a big birthday bash up on the rooftop of a Las Vegas building. There’s a lot of dancing, prancing and thrusting about, and one would be remiss for thinking this is a hip hop music video. However, there’s something sinister brewing under this sexy façade. It turns out, a plot to blow up Las Vegas is about to get underway.

Ava is the frontrunner for a special ops team and he’s undercover. She soon learns from her contacts that there’s a bomb that’s about to go off in less than 60 seconds. Thankfully, this bomb is actually some pyrotechnics hooked up to the DJ set so they can all breathe a sign of relief.

With their target in sight, Ava decides to go in hot, and speaks to him personally; a Russian called Koslov who gives her his number and promises that “by tonight, the city will be dead”.

When he leaves, Ava informs the others that Koslov is about to meet his target, so he calls in the Vulture, their very own helicopter. It turns out Ava actually bugged Koslov’s phone and transmitted a target, right across to a large helicopter (piloted by family man Paul) which swings up and finds them. The men inside are caught red-handed as this Special Forces team, armed with nigh-vision goggles, kill everyone outright.

Koslov manages to slip away with his briefcase armed with a nuke which could level the whole city. Angela, their sniper across the rooftop, manages to land a double head-shot on a few goons, and gives the all-clear for the others.

The team find the vault where Koslov is inside of, and Lerner (their hacker out in the van down below) helps them get inside. Koslov is waiting and he’s armed the bomb.

Hagerty is called in to disarm this thing and with less than 3 minutes, he… works to find the perfect song. And it’s Michael Buble? With the song blaring, and Ava watching on and getting in a right state with the team, Hagerty disarms it with 2 seconds left.

The whole team celebrate as Koslov is taken away. The rest of the team, after spending months working on taking this guy down, prepare to go their separate ways. However, not everyone is ready to leave just yet. Chad McKnight (yes that really is his name) decides that they’re going to party in Las Vegas.

Ava is more withdrawn though and some of that comes from her past. She’s got a rather dark history, including the loss of a family member and some unresolved trauma. However it’s been a hot minute since we’ve been partying and seeing half naked guys and gals so off we go back to the party.

McKnight, Trunk and Angela all decide to do some MDMA and crash a Bachelorette party that rock up there. Paul is here too but he doesn’t drink, concerned for his family back home. McKnight is quick to stop that though and tells Paul to let his hair down a bit. 

While the party gets underway, at a CIA Black Site they notice something afoul with the nuke that was disarmed earlier. However, they can’t get through to Hagerty, who’s currently doing drugs and high on shrooms. Unfortunately, he encourages Paul to eat some of the dip, which he’s laced with drugs. Paul has no idea and eats a fair amount.

In the midst of this, Paul and Ava end up fighting but the latter uses her resources to better Paul. There’s also a rather risqué moment involving Paul and another guy in the shower, but there’s more important things going on right now.

Remember the CIA Black Site? Well, it turns out the “lab rats” have learned that the bomb they seized only has hints of the Uranium needed to level the city. So where is the rest of it? Well, it turns out this operation is far from over. But unfortunately every Special Forces member are not exactly in a fit state to work right now.

McKnight isn’t a complete chad (wordplay absolutely intentional here) as Ava overhears him in one of the bedrooms talking to his mum. It certainly has Ava think differently of him and the pair end up having sex. Unfortunately it all goes wrong wrong; Chad says the L word and the pair can’t “rise” to the occasion.

When Ava starts getting dressed, Lerner rocks up in whipped cream and she’s crushed when she sees Ava and him together. An earlier chat explains this because Lerner has the hots for McKnight and confided in Ava about her feelings. As a result, she bolts out the room.

Ava can’t follow though as she receives a mysterious call from someone who reveals that they still have the bomb and they’ll detonate it unless the group release Koslov. If they don’t, the city is going to be obliterated. They have 5 minutes to clear the place out, so Ava does just that and then they take the Zoom call in the bedroom.

It’s rather hilarious, especially when the camel shows up on screen. They also lie and claim that they’ve celebrated responsibility. Their leader tells the group they have 7 hours to find that nuke, and under the influence like this – not to mention Hagerty completely out of it and Lerner AWOL – that’s not going to be easy.

Ava realizes that there’s a “main course” out there with a real buyer and the appetizer Koslov mentioned before is just a crypto buyer (the meeting interrupted earlier on) that was going to be scammed.

Lerner happens to be off with an eccentric singleton called Sharonda who has her in the back of her car. The trouble is, she’s undercover and working with Koslov. Hagerty shows up in the hotel room while this is going on, completely out of it and buck naked before collapsing on the ground.

Everyone is scooped up and thrown in the back of a helicopter and they take off for parts unknown.

The Episode Review

Well that was certainly something. This show is absolute trash of the highest order, with a heady blend of sex, drugs, drink and action comedy hijinks. If ever there was a show that personifies a guilty pleasure, Obliterated has to be it. The show is unashamedly camp and raunchy, with lots of risqué and shocking moments, designed to really heighten the shock factor. For some, that’s going to be an instant turn-off, for others this is going to be a breath of fresh air.

Each of the main characters have a distinct arc and while there’s a lot of cliched scenes and contrivances with the main plot line, it does feel like that’s playing secondary to the crazy comedy which feels like a blend of American Pie, The Hangover and Spy.

Don’t get me wrong, the show is certainly not going to win any awards and there are parts that really don’t work very well, but if this is a sign of things to come, Obliterated is going to be an absolutely mental ride.


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