Oasis – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Pandora’s Box

Episode 16 of Oasis starts off with Hwang looking morose after he shoots Oh and remembers all the lies Yeo-jin had told him about Cheol-woong.

He goes home and dances with her. He asks her about her previous husband and she says it was arranged and the only one she had feelings was for Hwang. He asks if it is because he is powerful and she says she liked him even in school when he was poor and unsophisticated.

He looks conflicted as she says she is flawed but she loves him. She asks why he is acting strange and he says there is always one secret that a person can’t even tell their closest person.

She says she doesn’t have such a secret and he says even if she does she should bury it as they have gone through too much to get back together. She tears up as she says he is her first and last love but his smile doesn’t reach his eyes.

Why is Du-hak targeted?

Meanwhile, the scalpers are scared of Hwang as they worry about what will happen when he finds the bug on Oh’s dead body. Soon enough, Hwang finds the bug and sees that it is from Japan. He realises it is Du-hak’s and tells Cheol-woong to make him a wanted man and censor the media.

He also gives him permission to kill him if he resists and Cheol-woong looks baffled. He asks why he is going to such extreme lengths and Hwang reveals that he killed Oh because he was working with Du-hak. As for our gang, they hide while the NSA spread the news that Du-hak is a North Korean spy.

Du-hak disguises himself and visits Prosecutor Kim who wonders why he should help a stranger. Du-hak reveals his identity but Kim smiles nefariously as he wonders if it wouldn’t be easier for him to turn in a spy even if he is framed.

How does Hwang get away?

Meanwhile, Jung-shin’s magazine releases the recorded conversation between Geum, Yeo-jin and the Minister of Housing about the presale rights of the Sooseo redevelopment project. Hwang is furious but he tells Yeo-jin he will protect her. He asks if Cheol-woong is his son and she is shocked. But as she tears up he says he loves her. Hwang easily calls someone from the Blue House and tells them to arrest some scapegoats and issue a public apology.

At that moment, Prosecutor Kim is busy interrogating all three — Geum, Yeo-jin and the Minister but midway the Chief Prosecutor says he needs to stop as he is getting pressurised from above. Kim is angry while journalist Shin is upset that the NSA got away with the presale scandal.

What is Du-hak’s backup plan?

But undeterred, Du-hak shows Jung-shin his trump card — the recording of Hwang killing Oh. They take it to Yeo-jin who tries to pass it off as fake. But he says she needs to convince Hwang to clear his name and let him go otherwise the recording will ruin Cheol-woong.  

But the strategy fails as Hwang doesn’t back down. The recording includes Cheol-woong’s secret and Yeo-jin suddenly realises he knows that the boy is not his son. However, he continues to protect them and she is grateful for him. She says he is the only one she has and he finally smiles as he tells her to trust him. 

However, she visits Mrs. Lee who is heartbroken over the news of Du-hak being framed as a spy. Yeo-jin says she needs her help with a recording that should never go public. If it does, Du-hak will be killed by the NSA and Cheol-woong will be ruined. Worried, Mrs. Lee agrees to help.

Is the truth about Cheol-woong’s birth revealed?

The two ladies then call Cheol-woong, Du-hak and Jung-shin to the Paris Salon and they are all confused. Yeo-jin says she will bargain with Hwang to send Du-hak and Jung-shin overseas in exchange for the tape. Cheol-woong is furious and refuses to listen to any reasoning as he points a gun at Du-hak.

Scared at the sudden escalation, Mrs. Lee finally confesses that they are brothers. Du-hak is shocked while Cheol-woong thinks it is an elaborate trap to get the recording. Yeo-jin tearfully corroborates and he is furious at her for making a fool out of him. He adds that the truth doesn’t change anything as he again points a gun at Du-hak. Jung-shin stands in front of the gun while Mrs. Lee holds onto him, begging him to stop.

Frustrated by his stubbornness, Du-hak finally asks why he is protecting the man who killed their father. Everyone is shocked as Cheol-woong always thought it was Oh who killed Lee. As Yeo-jin starts screaming it is not true, Du-hak deduces that she probably manipulated Hwang to order the hit.

How do Yeo-jin and Hwang trap Du-hak?

Cheol-woong looks angrily at her but at that moment NSA agents barge in. He tries to stop them but one of the agents shoots Du-hak. However, he then points his gun at Du-hak and tells him to give up. Hwang enters and it is revealed that Yeo-jin had planned with him to stall for time till he came with reinforcements. 

Hwang tells Cheol-woong to kill Du-hak if he is his son but this triggers him. He confronts him about Lee but Hwang simply tells the agents to kill Du-hak. Cheol-woong kills one agent and in retaliation, another tries to shoot him. But Du-hak saves him and they hide together. At that moment, the gang arrives by throwing in tear gas as it seems Jung-shin had told them to stay on standby.

The tide turns but as Du-hak is escaping, Hwang shoots him in the stomach. Cheol-woong tries to warn him but it is too late and he falls. At that moment, Prosecutor Kim arrives with cops as he gets the recording of Hwang shooting Oh. He arrests Hwang while everyone else surrounds Du-hak.

He says his dream is to live in Yeosu with Mrs. Lee, Jung-shin and Cheol-woong and they cry. Cheol-woong says he will turn himself in but Du-hak says it is in the past. His eyes close and everyone panics as they try to wake him. They rush to the hospital while Yeo-jin cries alone at the salon. 

How does it end for everyone?

Hwang is at the hospital and Kim goes to take him into custody. He says he needs a moment to get ready and jumps from the window. As Yeo-jin mourns, Cheolwoong telephones her from a public booth and asks why she did what she did.

She says she did everything for him and regardless of his birth, he is her son. He cries as he says he will go back to her but it will take time. She says she will wait for him. They say they love each other and he disappears as she waits for him at a psychiatric hospital.

In Yeosu, Prosecutor Kim shows up outside Jung-shin’s theatre to arrest someone and Mrs. Lee and Kyeong-ja stop him. They give his men sweet potatoes and request them to wait a little as it is her son and he is watching a film as his last wish.

Turns out, they have come to arrest a bruised Cheol-woong who is watching a film with Jung-shin and a battered Du-hak who is alive but injured. They bicker and Jung-shin tells them to get along. They jokingly say no and as the movie ends, they fall asleep.

The Episode Review

Having the finale made up of very few scenes and one lengthy confrontational scene can be quite dicey but episode 16 of Oasis pulls it off. That is probably because there was still so much left to unpack that it was satisfying to see everything come out in the open in one go in that confrontation scene. 

The characters stay true to themselves yet we see some development, from Yeo-jin finally revealing the truth about Cheol-woong’s birth in order to save him and Hwang accepting all of her lies and faults because he loves her. Cheol-woong too despite his anger, frustration and jealousy gets his redemption arc in the end. 

As for the aftermath, while Yeo-jin’s scene is pretty ambiguous, it would be nice to interpret the phone call as real. Despite everything, her love for Cheol-woong is unconditional and having him say goodbye to her before he is arrested can give both of them some closure.

However, if you like pain, then it is possible to consider that Cheol-woong never called Yeo-jin because, in that scene, his face is perfect and he disappears instead of just walking away while in the theatre scene, before he is arrested, he has bandages and bruises.

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