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Episode 8 of Oasis shows Young-pil finding out about the redevelopment project and that he was being used to come up with the capital. He tortures Kwang-tak into opening the safe but it’s empty. Gil-su then brings in a bleeding Du-hak who says he advised Kwang-tak to put the money in a bank. Gil-su’s men who happen to be Du-hak’s beat up Young-pil’s men. In the chaos, Gil-su frees Kwang-tak and smiles at Du-hak.

In a flashback, we see that the fight between Du-hak and Gil-su was fake and the former was just acting. Hyung-joo says Du-hak cannot just overtly take over as he would lose respect and so they need to use someone else to get the deal. 

Back at Kwang-tak’s mansion, Young-pil runs out and Du-hak follows him. They fight outside till Cheol-woong shows up with the cops. While he is distracted, Young-pil stabs Du-hak and a worried Cheol-woong runs to him.

In another flashback, Du-hak tells Cheol-woong about his plan to use Young-pil to take over Kwang-tak’s position. Cheol-woong finds it foolish but says that if he helps Du-hak become a leader of a national gang he can finally pay off his debt.

Du-hak isn’t happy as he became a murderer for him but agrees as Cheol-woong points out that he is not meant to be anyone’s underling. Cheol-woong then adds that if he was greedy to get Jung-shin he could have put Du-hak in jail. Du-hak simply says that day will come soon.

It then cuts to the scalpers listening to the tape recording between Oh and Kwang-tak and hearing that the captain had one more favour. To calm the public of the violence during the eviction, he suggests making Du-hak the scapegoat and arresting him.

Du-hak then meets up with Young-pil and is the one who told him about the redevelopment shares and the capital. He suggests that Kwang-tak will betray Young-pil and have him arrested as a drug dealer after he gets the funds. He then tells him that they should overthrow Kwang-tak together.

Back in the present day, Jung-shin rushes to the scene and Cheol-woong says Du-hak is now a gang leader but he is hurt. She runs to him much to Cheol-woong’s annoyance. She tries to nurse Du-hak and says they should break up for good as she can’t keep seeing him get hurt and hurt others. 

Du-hak goes to the hospital but can’t stop thinking about Jung-shin’s words. At the police station, Young-pil asks for special treatment as he has an amnesty letter for helping Cheol-woong take down Kwang-tak. But it turns out the letter is fake with the detective scolding him for his foolishness.

Meanwhile, Cheol-woong goes through Kwang-tak’s belongings and sees Captain Oh was involved. He meets with him who says they needed Kwang-tak. And as per Cheol-woong’s request, he set it up so Du-hak would get arrested. He is confused why Cheol-woong is now helping Du-hak and says Hwang is disappointed in him.

Elsewhere, Du-hak visits Kwang-tak who says someone is working with Young-pil and to find out. He scolds Du-hak for not taking action immediately and our hero reveals he is the mastermind. He plays the recording of Captain Oh and tells Kwang-tak to retire for betraying him. He then sees Oh outside and says he has taken over. He asks for a meeting with Hwang who points a gun at him for messing with his plan.

To prove his loyalty, Hwang tells him to shoot himself. Du-hak pulls the trigger as he realises that the gun is empty and that if Hwang wanted him dead, he would have ordered someone to do it. Hwang is impressed and makes him his subordinate. They have a meal together and Hwang tries to dig into his relationship with Cheol-woong.

Hwang hints that he may have gone to jail for Cheol-woong but Du-hak simply says he helped him when he was a spy. But as they part, Hwang reveals he doesn’t like that Du-hak knows about his involvement and tells Oh to keep an eye on him. 

Meanwhile, Du-hak goes to his hideout and sees Jung-shin waiting for him. He says he wants to quit being a gangster for her. She was always there for him when he was at his lowest. He asks her not to give up on him yet and he can’t live without her. He loves her and she tears up as they kiss. He then goes to the hospital for his injury and she takes care of him. Oh gives Cheol-woong photos of Du-hak and Jung-shin kissing and he drinks alone. 

Elsewhere, Hwang takes Yeo-jin to one of the redevelopment sites and tells her his plan to build luxury apartments. He says the profit would be 1 trillion won and she is excited. In the car waiting for them is Mrs. Lee who notices their closeness. As she drives them through all the sites, she eavesdrops on his redevelopment plans. 

She comes home to Lee eating ramen and complaining about her coming home late. She tells him that Yeo-jin is dating someone and he refuses to believe it. He tells her to clean up and she says she is a working woman now and leaves. 

Meanwhile, Du-hak tells the scalpers and real estate scammers that they will be going into the legal construction business. Gil-su says he and Seon-woo cannot lose their gangster habits and decide to stay in the gang. Seon-woo is disappointed but Gil-su says Du-hak needs someone to do the dirty work and that it’s not a bad thing. Hyung-joo asks Du-hak if he is rushing because of Jung-shin and he says he wants to marry her. 

Meanwhile, a drunk Cheol-woong shows up at home and as his mother takes care of him she sees photos of Du-hak and Jung-shin. She asks Oh about Cheol-woong and Du-hak and he says that they not only have girl problems but Du-hak is also working with Hwang. She is shocked that he is running the construction company and hopes there are no more secrets as they will be family so.

Oh finally reveals that he also tortured Cheol-woong but Hwang did not know about it and he will spend his life atoning. She slaps him and says she will make sure he is loyal to her. She then sets up a meeting with Hwang and Cheol-woong and the boy realises that he is the boss who told Oh to torture him and order him around.

At that moment, Oh arrives and gets down on his knees to apologise and says Hwang had nothing to do with his torture. Cheol-woong says he wanted to die and he only endured the torture because he wanted revenge. Hwang apologises on behalf of the country and says for the goodness of the nation, sometimes there are sacrifices.

Cheol-woong does not fall for their lies and is angered by Hwang’s words as he says he cannot accept Yeo-jin’s marriage to a monster. He tells her to choose between him and Hwang and leaves as she cries. While Hwang consoles and kisses her, Jung-ok’s friend Kyung-ja who works for the Chois spots them.

Meanwhile, Jung-shin locks heads with the censor committee that wants to remove dangerous words from movie titles. Geum-ok finds the whole thing funny and says she is bored with the theatre business as there are new rules.

At that moment, Du-hak arrives and Jung-shin introduces him as her boyfriend. Geum-ok is excited as she introduces herself as Jung-shin’s mother and tries to take him out for a meal. Jung-shin says they have a date with her real mother and she is disappointed.

Du-hak, Jung-shin and Mrs. Oh have a good time at the nursing home and eat together. He apologises for visiting her so late and Jung-shin thanks him for being there. As he drops Jung-shin home, he hugs her and apologises for being immature for so long. He says he won’t make her cry anymore and she cries happy tears. 

The Episode Review

Okay, we have to reiterate, Du-hak’s plan was brilliant. Complete with Western cowboy music, the whole scene of Du-hak showing his true colours and Cheol-woong and the cops arriving as backup was pretty impressive. And as we get more insight into the plan in Oasis’ episode 8, it just keeps getting better and better.

Du-hak not only double-crossed Kwang-tak and Young-pil but also ended up manipulating Hwang and Oh. And like mother like son as we are pretty sure Mrs. Lee’s eavesdropping skills are going to come in handy when Du-hak and Cheol-woong take down Hwang.

But in face of this, Cheol-woong’s petty plans to get Jung-shin don’t seem to work. Pretty sure he was the one who alerted her to come to the mansion and see Du-hak in action. However, that just ended up being the catalyst for the two to get back together. It is pretty funny that while he wanted Jung-shin to leave Du-hak for being a thug, his actions made Du-hak want to quit and marry her. 

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  1. Agreed!
    The two new OSTs are Joo Hayoon’s ‘Nobody Knows’ and Horan’s ‘Chanson Triste’. Jang Dong-yoon (Du-hak) has also released an acoustic version of ‘Nobody Knows’

  2. Wow….waiting on pins and needles until the next episode drops! This Kdrama is SO capitivating. It reminds me of the 1970’s when “The Godfather” movies & book were in the spotlight. The actors are terrific and the music is fantastic….”Let Me Go” is amazing and tonight, two more songs were dropped. What are they?

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