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Et Tu Brute?

Episode 7 of Oasis begins with Cheol-woong telling Captain Oh to keep an eye on Du-hak and turns out he was the one who took those photos of Du-hak evicting the tenants. However, Kwang-tak only gives 3 million won to Du-hak’s men for the job and says he didn’t get the money promised. But Hyung-joo sweet talks the accountant into finding out that Kwang-tak actually got 50 million won from the eviction contract.

Gil-su is furious and talks about a coup to which Hyung-joo agrees. But Du-hak refuses and doesn’t give a reason.

Meanwhile, Captain Oh finally gets the patient record of Choi being impotent which proves that he is not Cheol-woong’s father and apologises to Hwang for torturing his son. 

Elsewhere, the ladies gossip that Paris Salon is going to go down since Hwang isn’t visiting but at that moment he shows up to surprise Yeo-jin. He asks for a home-cooked meal and tells her to take care of him. He says he doesn’t want to miss her anymore and that they should stay together. They sleep together that night and he kisses her goodbye the next day and she is all smiles.

In a flashback, we see her bribing a midwife to say she helped Yeo-jin give birth to Cheol-woong. She also pays a doctor to falsify a record saying Choi is impotent. She recalls all of this and laughs that Hwang fell for it.

At that moment, the Lees visit her and tell her about Oh visiting them. They think something is off as he searched for them while Mr. Lee remembers Oh hanging outside their house in Yeosu when Cheol-woong was in college. Yeo-jin tells them not to be concerned and Mrs. Lee says she cannot help but worry as a mother.

Yeo-jin suddenly offers to employ her as her driver and Mrs. Lee is suspicious. She thinks Yeo-jin is keeping an eye on her to keep her mouth shut about Cheol-woong’s birth and Lee tries to scold her. She, however, keeps calling Cheol-woong her son and he is frustrated.

Then in a montage, Cheol-woong becomes a prosecutor. Mrs. Lee gets a driving license as she agrees to work for Yeo-jin. Hwang shares his redevelopment plan with Yeo-jin suggesting that he is behind it while Gil-su is angry with Du-hak.

Jung-shin has a drink with Cheol-woong to congratulate him. They end up talking about Du-hak as she says he is avoiding her and Cheol-woong reveals that he has called him to the bar. But it doesn’t seem to be out of the goodness of his heart as he tricks Jung-shin into finding out that Du-hak is wrongfully evicting tenants by showing her the photos and news cuttings. She is furious when Du-hak arrives and calls him out for being a thug.

She also sees through Cheol-woong’s trick and calls it childish before leaving. Du-hak tells Cheol-woong that he became a prosecutor to help him out in exactly such instances as keeping his wrongdoings from getting to the public. Cheol-woong agrees but with the condition that he stay away from Jung-shin. Du-hak points out that he anyway is staying away from her and that Cheol-woong should do the same.

Kwang-tak later brings Du-hak to a meeting with the redevelopment guys which includes Captain Oh. Yeon-joo, the actress is brought in to give them company. As she tries to refuse and the director goes to hit her, Hyung-joo stops him. She remembers that he had also stopped the thugs from being violent when they stormed her movie set.

He helps her escape but Kwang-tak is furious and beats him. Du-hak tries to stop him and he slaps him too. Before it can escalate, Yeon-joo returns and agrees to welcome them. She however refuses their demands and quits as an actress.

She gets a drink with Hyung-joo and gives him tips on how to nurse his bruise. He notices she is well-versed in it and she hints that she has been abused but cannot go to hospitals because of rumours so she learned how to handle it discreetly. 

Elsewhere, Kwang-tak apologises to Oh who could care less about the actress. He instead offers Kwang-tak a contract for the redevelopment construction around the entire area of Seoul while the NSA funds 80% of the capital. In return, Kwang-tak needs to help launder the money and keep Hwang’s participation a secret. 

A cheery Kwang-tak apologises to Du-hak, gives him a little money to treat himself but doesn’t tell him about the new contract. However, it turns out that Hyung-joo and Seon-woo had bugged the meeting room and recorded the conversation between Oh and Kwang-tak.

Meanwhile, the gangster is worried as he cannot come up with 20% of the capital and tries to get in on Young-pil’s new drug business. The subordinate isn’t too happy as he had been kicked out but Kwang-tak promises that he will inherit everything. 

At that moment, Du-hak and co. listen to the recording and they realise that Kwang-tak will get 30% of the redevelopment’s shares, which is over 1 billion won. An excited Gil-su wants to take down Kwang-tak and take the deal for themselves. Hyung-joo says they cannot handle a contract by the NSA which Du-hak agrees. When Gil-su tries to protest, Du-hak points out that he’s the boss.

Meanwhile, Hwang tells Oh that they should not be traced back to Kwang-tak and not to tell anyone else in the NSA about the contract. He also tells Oh to keep aside 10% of the funds for himself as he hints that he might retire soon and not be able to look after him.

As for Du-hak, he suddenly beats Gil-su in front of their other men for stealing from him. An upset Gil-su goes to Young-pil who finds out that he tried to take one million won for the men. He is further angered that none of Du-hak’s men get any allowances. They tell him that Du-hak and Kwang-tak are pocketing everything.

Young-pil doesn’t trust Gil-su but he brings him 30 million won from Du-hak’s funds and he says that Kwang-tak has 10 times more that they can steal. Before Young-pil can take a decision, Cheol-woong barges in and arrests him. However, he says his real target is Kwang-tak and gives him a deal.

He says their reputation is bad and they need to execute one person to calm the public. If Young-pil can give enough evidence on Kwang-tak and Du-hak, they will let him take over the gang. Cheol-woong ends up convincing him by saying he will get a letter of pardon for his crimes.

Elsewhere, Yeon-joo meets up with Jung-shin to refuse her casting offer. She says she has fallen in love with a gangster who had barged their movie set. Jung-shin is crestfallen as she realises she is in a similar situation with Du-hak. 

Meanwhile, Cheol-woong has dinner with his mother and she tries to bring up Hwang. He guesses that she is dating someone and is happy for her. As he tries to find out more about the man, she says she will set up a meeting. But as they part, both of their smiles fall. 

As for Jung-shin, she is being bothered by Yang-ja when Cheol-woong shows up with snacks and drinks. He says it is to celebrate his mother finding a man and Jung-shin finds it weird. Yang-ja, however, is excited as she congratulates him and sings him a song. It’s a sorrowful song about past regrets and he looks at Jung-shin while she thinks about Du-hak who is looking at her window from outside. Cheol-woong says the song describes his feelings and Jung-shin is annoyed with him.

Elsewhere, Young-pil gathers over hundred men to take down Gwang-tak while Gil-su’s men are told to handle Du-hak. Kwang-tak is caught by Young-pil who ties him up and Gil-su brings a bleeding Du-hak. Outside, Cheol-woong shows up with several cops.

The Episode Review

Anyone else worried that Yeo-jin might murder Mrs. Lee to shut her up? The lengths she goes to falsify Cheol-woong’s parentage to manipulate a scary and powerful man are not for the weak-hearted. As for her poor son, Cheol-woong needs to learn from her as his childish ways to get between Du-hak and Jung-shin just don’t work. Instead, it drives him and Jung-shin apart as seen in the singing scene with Yang-ja in Oasis’ episode 7. 

But one person who would probably make Yeo-jin proud is Du-hak. It seems pretty obvious that Gil-su and Cheol-woong are working with him to take down Young-pil and Kwang-tak. Even if Gil-su is angry with him, there is no way he would abandon Hyung-joo and Seon-woo to get with some lowlife like Young-pil.

The same goes for Cheol-woong, sure he may be petty when romantic feelings are involved, but he does come through when needed like asking the NSA for help to look for Jung-shin.

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