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Damsel Not In Distress

Episode 6 of Oasis begins with Cheol-woong running home to find his father dead. He blames the chief officer for his death since the cops didn’t do anything to stop the mob paid by Captain Oh during the elections. At the latest anniversary, Cheol-woong promises his mother that he will get revenge. It then cuts to him getting on his knees to ask Captain Oh’s help in finding Jung-shin in exchange for joining the NSA.

Hwang hears and orders Oh to help him. They immediately find her and send the police as they simply track President Byun’s car phone. Meanwhile, Yang-ja and Director Oh in good faith tell Geum-ok to cancel the contracts as Jung-shin can always later get them back. She gives in and tells President Byun who almost sells Jung-shin to a pimp.

But the cops show up before Geum-ok can send the contracts to him. Cheol-woong personally beats a few thugs before freeing Jung-shin. She, however, has other plans as she rushes over and kicks President Byun.

Du-hak and the scalpers watch from afar and he notices Cheol-woong hugging Jung-shin who finally confesses that she was scared. He tries to kiss her and Du-hak stops watching. However, Jung-shin backs away and tells him since they are just friends they can hold hands.

Jung-shin finally regroups with Geum-ok but is furious as she played with her life. She is further angry that Geum-ok tried to cancel the contracts without her consent since she also has a stake. As retribution, she says she will start her own company and take over 2 of Geum-ok’s territories. Geum-ok laughs and says she can inherit everything as her adoptive daughter which shocks everyone.

On their way back home, Director Go asks if Geum-ok is serious. She says she knows that Jung-shin is trying to beat her by pretending to be under her wing. If she doesn’t accept the offer to be adopted, it will be a war between them.

Elsewhere, Captain Oh on the pretext of a background check, tries to find out about Cheol-woong’s birth. He asks Mrs. Lee if he is really Choi’s son and while she almost gives their secret away, Lee stops her. Later, Mrs. Lee her husband asks if she can finally tell Cheol-woong she is his mother. Lee forbids her and claims that it would also complicate things between him and Du-hak and she cries. 

Captain Oh tells Hwang that Cheol-woong isn’t Choi’s son which he deduced from Mrs. Lee’s reaction and wonders whose son he is. Hwang reveals that he is the father and they just need concrete proof that Choi was impotent. 

Meanwhile, Jung-shin visits her mother who has amnesia and keeps wondering why her father doesn’t show up. She calls him a liar and says that he even went through Du-hak’s letters for Jung-shin and felt that the two shouldn’t meet. Jung-shin realises that Du-hak broke up with her because of her father and she is upset.

As for Kwang-tak, he gets a high-paying job from the government to clear out some tenants in a plot where they want to build apartments. He assigns it to Du-hak who feels guilty of destroying the homes of people who have nowhere to go. Gil-su shares that if they don’t take the job someone else will and Du-hak is angry.

Cheol-woong then calls him for a meal and tricks him into meeting Jung-shin. Du-hak tries to leave but she tells him to sit as it’s her treat. He is fussy and cold but Cheol-woong reveals that Du-hak helped find her. However, he ruins it by saying that he will compete with him to win over Jung-shin.

She is furious as she declares she is not some toy to fight over and that she would have freed herself even if they hadn’t helped. Cheol-woong finds her cool but Du-hak tells him to cut it out and leaves.

Jung-shin follows Du-hak home and asks for a meal. She introduces herself as his girlfriend to his landlady and has dinner with him. Cheol-woong gets drunk as he waits for her at Yang-ja’s bar. She, meanwhile, gets drunk and tells Du-hak to stop being a gangster and to be by her side. He says everyone already knows he’s a gangster and if she gets involved with him, her reputation will be ruined. She simply falls asleep and he smiles as he carries her inside.

The next morning, she orders him around and scolds him for sleeping outside since they could have slept together. He is scandalized and as she makes him accompany her to the main road, she asks if he was happy that she stayed with him last night. He blushes and she kisses him which shocks him further.

At that moment, Cheol-woong spots them. She tries to kiss Du-hak again and he runs away which makes her chuckle while Cheol-woong looks on sadly. Du-hak runs back home but smiles.

Jung-shin later calls Geum-ok and tells her she will be her adoptive daughter. Boss lady celebrates gleefully as she makes Jung-shin call her ‘mom’. Yang-ja then tells her that Cheol-woong waited for her all night and she goes to visit him. He asks if Jung-shin has come to apologize and she tells him she never asked him to wait for her.

She tells him not to get feelings for her and he asks if she slept with Du-hak which he immediately regrets. He tells her that she just pities Du-hak and he can’t let her fall into misery. She states that her happiness and misery are her responsibilities and leaves.

Meanwhile, Du-hak and his men start clearing out the tenants who put up a fight. As they beat up the locals, someone takes a photo of Du-hak. He looks upset as the thugs beat up men and women.

The Episode Review

It’s so disappointing to realize that everyone tried to help find Jung-shin but lost out if they had just waited a little longer. Geum-ok wouldn’t have her company threatened by Byun and Jung-shin if she would have known Cheol-woong was going to rescue her. Or Cheol-woong wouldn’t have had to join the NSA if he knew Geum-ok was negotiating with President Byun. 

But this episode is Jung-shin’s through and through. She is no damsel in distress as she even kicks down her kidnapper and does not give in to Cheol-woong’s kiss just because he saved her. She knows what she wants whether it is keeping Cheol-woong at bay or trying to help Du-hak.

Apart from her love life, her career isn’t as pitiful either as she always makes the most of what is given to her whether it was first selling her theatre title deed to make up for the debt or getting adopted by Geum-ok to rise up.

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