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Misguided Love

Episode 15 of Oasis starts off with Jung-shin and Du-hak meeting for their date and Cheol-woong watching them from afar. He follows them to their date where they banter and tease each other. Du-hak officially proposes and they lovingly hug each other while Cheol-woong watches. He goes back to his office angry and orders his subordinate to keep an eye on Du-hak. As the man rushes out, Oh finds it odd and follows him.

Meanwhile, the scalpers celebrate their proposal at their restaurant and have a meal together. Oh finds the subordinate spying on them and alerts Hyung-joo and Du-hak. In return, he wants proof of the assassination order on him. Jung-shin tells Du-hak to meet with Cheol-woong and he agrees. However, he decides to mess with him with a countermove. 

Young-pil meets with Cheol-woong on the pretense of snitching on Du-hak in return for immunity. Du-hak takes Oh and makes him watch the interaction from afar and claims Cheol-woong has ordered Young-pil to kill Oh. Convinced, the captain suggests stealing all of Yeo-jin’s money and running. 

After Poong-ho successfully dupes Yeo-jin’s spy by pretending to work at a real estate office, he again shows up at Paris Salon but this time with Yeon-joo as the prospective buyer. She wants the price to go lower and says she needs a day to consider. As she walks off, Yeo-jin who overhears everything, offers Poong-ho a drink.

As for Yeon-joo, she is upset that this is the first thing Hyung-joo asked of her. Turns out he broke up with her as he went to jail. She returns to acting but she cannot forget him. She wants to get together but he says she will be unhappy with him. She sees that he still prioritizes loyalty over love and is upset as he says he will never contact her again. They both look sad as they part ways.

Meanwhile, Du-hak finds Jung-ok who is working at a daycare after the protest leader broke up with her and went to jail. He takes her home and Mrs. Lee is happy to see her.

Elsewhere, Oh confronts Geum and Yeon-hee about the redevelopment profit. He says Yeo-jin wants her money back and gives them a list of borrowed accounts to transfer the money. Geum goes to Yeo-jin and tells her they will give her 5% more. She is upset he didn’t trust her and he says he will think about increasing her share. But he warns her never to do something crass like giving a list of borrowed accounts and she is confused. 

Meanwhile, Oh visits Cheol-woong who is frustrated that his subordinate cannot find Du-hak. Oh tells him he can help and Cheol-woong looks wary. He tries to convince him but when Cheol-woong screams at him, he just smiles and leaves.

At that moment, Mrs. Lee visits Jung-shin and says her family is reunited but she just has one thing left to do. She hints that she wants to do something about Cheol-woong but unable to bring it up, she suddenly asks about Du-hak. Jung-shin tells her about the Yeosu murder and that he is about to take revenge. She remembers Lee saying the truth about Cheol-woong’s birth would worsen things and she says she needs to do something.

Du-hak finally meets with Cheol-woong and things are tense. Cheol-woong refuses to apologise and a frustrated Du-hak says he simply wants to take his family and leave the country. Cheol-woong says he will only allow him to flee alone and leave Jung-shin behind. A teary Du-hak begs him for once to do something for him in return but the younger boy is adamant. 

A crushed Du-hak goes home and Jung-shin is upset that Cheol-woong didn’t even apologise. He asks her one last time if she is sure about helping him see through his revenge and she says yes.

Later, Yeo-jin calls Cheol-woong and asks about the borrowed accounts. He says it is his and she wonders why Oh used his name. Cheol-woong says it is weird that Oh didn’t tell anyone but she brushes it off as him trying to be careful. Cheol-woong is then about to tell her something but changes his mind.

As for Du-hak’s plan, Prosecutor Kim is promoted to Seoul by the Chief Prosecutor who was bribed by Hyung-joo. Du-hak calls him and tells him to get ready and that he will be meeting with him soon. Meanwhile, Yeo-jin finalises the deal with Poong-ho and transfers 10 billion won for Cheungja’s ‘building’ as a down payment.

The forgers cash out the 10 billion won and everyone starts celebrating as the first phase of Du-hak’s plan is successful. However, at that moment, Cheol-woong cracks down on a gambling den and Youngpil calls Du-hak. Turns out the deal he has made is to give all of his  gambling shares to Youngpil in order to manipulate Cheol-woong and Oh. Du-hak laughs at Cheol-woong trying to cut off his source of income but it’s too late.

Cheol-woong then barges in at Jung-shin’s office and says he has given Du-hak a week before he becomes a wanted man. She asks why he didn’t just apologise and why he won’t leave them alone. He uses the same excuse that he doesn’t want her to be miserable by staying with Du-hak and she says she doesn’t care. 

Unable to convince Jung-shin, Cheol-woong is further angered when his subordinate finds out that Du-hak is working with Dong-pal and he confronts him. He tells Dong-pal that his business will be in trouble as Du-hak is a criminal. With Dongpal acting nonchalant, Cheol-woong tries to threaten him. He is kicked out and Du-hak mocks him from afar. 

Mrs. Lee then calls Cheol-woong over and he is confused by her hesitation. He is about to leave and she holds on to him. She asks him about the Yeosu murder and he tears up as she says she understands how painful it must be for him. He is furious as he thinks Du-hak told her and leaves before she can stop him.

Meanwhile, Du-hak gives Oh a bug to get some evidence and after that, he will get his money. In return, Oh feels magnanimous and hints that Hwang may not be Cheol-woong’s birth father. We then see Hwang scolding Cheol-woong for offending Dong-pal as he needs him to win the election. Cheol-woong tries to fix it but Hwang tells him to just let Jung-shin go and he looks lost. While he is sulking, Oh mocks him.

Cheol-woong asks him about the accounts and he says he was just trying to help and is offended that he suspected him of anything. He goads Cheol-woong but then informs Du-hak now that he knows about the money in his account, he can’t withdraw, which means there is nothing for him in it. Du-hak sends him 1 billion and promises to pay the rest of his fee after he gets the evidence and Oh once again becomes amicable.

Turns out, Oh is supposed to get a recording confirming that Hwang ordered Lee’s death. They plan to expose Hwang through Jung-shin’s magazine. It will be a catalyst for Prosecutor Kim to investigate the NSA’s slush fund. 

The scalpers and Du-hak wait outside and eavesdrop through the bug on Oh and Hwang as they meet at a tea house. Oh says he wants to leave and Hwang is not happy but agrees. He then tries to bring up Lee’s death and Hwang just tells him to be careful of his words. Unable to get the evidence, Oh uses another tactic. He tells him that Cheol-woong isn’t his son.

With Du-hak trailing them from afar, the two go for a walk and as they stand by the lake, Hwang says he knows. But he doesn’t mind as it brings him to Yeo-jin. Hwang thinks that this is what Oh was blackmailing Yeo-jin and Cheol-woong with when he was in Busan. Oh realises what is about to happen and tears up as Hwang pulls out a gun. To protect his family, he shoots Oh while Du-hak looks shocked from afar.

The Episode Review

As the second last episode of Oasis, viewers expected episode 15 to be a rollercoaster of emotions and the K-drama did not disappoint. We finally got the confrontation scene between Du-hak and Cheol-woong. Full of charged emotions and conflict, that angsty scene was super frustrating. 

But if that was annoying, the last bit between Hwang and Oh was worse. Sure, Oh had everything coming but poor Du-hak’s plan has now all been ruined just because Hwang is so blinded by his love for Yeo-jin. But of course, we wouldn’t need a finale if everything was resolved in this episode. With Cheol-woong’s birth being the only secret left, it is sure to explode in the worst way in the next episode.

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