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Getting Even

Episode 13 of Oasis begins with the reunion between Du-hak and Jung-shin. He says he wanted to tell her he was alive earlier but he is afraid of Cheol-woong. She cannot understand why and he says he knows who killed his father. In the flashback we see the driver revealing it was Captain Oh with Du-hak thinking that Hwang, Oh, Yeo-jin and even Cheol-woong are involved.

He believes they killed Lee to keep the secret that Du-hak went to prison for Cheol-woong which has Jung-shin shocked. She then meets up with scalpers and says while she feels sad for Du-hak they need to stop him from getting revenge since Hwang is powerful. Hyung-joo says he tried but only Jung-shin can convince Du-hak.

However, Du-hak’s plan enters the second phase as Poong-ho rounds up all of the real estate scammers. He tells them there is a new target and it is the wife of the NSA leader aka Yeo-jin which scares them as they try to leave. He says the profit is worth it and they will be like Robin Hood by stealing from the corrupt.

They ask why he is so invested and he gets romantic as he says he will finally get the love of his life with this plan hinting at Mrs. Lee. Cheong-ja and Soo-gong stake out the Paris Salon and realise that they can get at least 500 million won. They spot Yeo-jin scamming the female customers to allow Geum to buy land under their name and in return get 100 million won.

At that moment, Jang-deuk gets all of the title deeds of Yeo-jin. Hyung-joo meets with the chief prosecutor and bribes him with valuable antique pottery. Young-pil is tasked with finding Oh who is constantly taking protection money from every establishment in Busan. He anonymously tips Cheol-woong who confronts Oh.

Cheol-woong tells him to quit otherwise he will ruin Hwang’s reputation. Oh threatens him that he is only being nice because he is Hwang’s son. He brings up Du-hak going to prison for him and saying Cheol-woong got Lee killed since he was a witness. Cheol-woong is shocked as he tries to connect the dots and Oh says there is a whole Pandora’s box involving his parents.

Oh will open it and take him down if Cheol-woong tries to mess with him any further. As he is leaving, he runs into Yeo-jin and says he wants to meet with her. She finds it odd and asks Cheol-woong who tries to bring up Lee’s death but changes his mind.

Meanwhile, Jung-shin meets up with Du-hak one last time to convince him to stop with the revenge. He thinks she is worried about Cheol-woong and gets jealous. She is furious and reminds him of the promise he had made to her – that he will stop being a gangster and never hurt himself or anyone. She says his rightful place is with her and she leaves. 

The next day, Oh meets with Yeo-jin who tries to lecture him on doing the right thing so Cheol-woong can’t catch him. He asks if she is doing the right thing by breaking her promise because of Geum. She tries to laugh it off but he shows her the letter Mr. Lee had written before he died and was on him which Oh found. The letter reveals that he and Mrs. Lee are Cheol-woong’s parents which Yeo-jin tries to pass it off as fake.

Oh brings out his last trump card – a DNA test he did secretly between Hwang and Cheol-woong to prove they are not related. He asks for 30% of the profit that she will get in her business with Geum and also his NSA position beside Hwang in exchange for Lee’s letter and the DNA test. She agrees without hesitation and he is impressed. He calls her gutsy for trying to scam the most dangerous man in South Korea and for it he will be loyal to her. But that is only as long as he is beside her and Hwang.

Later at dinner, Hwang has already gotten the report on Oh taking bribes and is about to fire him. But both Cheol-woong and Yeo-jin convince him to give Oh a second chance. He is happy that he doesn’t have to hurt a friend while mother and son share a look. The next day, Hwang scolds Oh for resorting to dirty means and gives him money as he says it is for his father and the captain is moved by his benevolence.

Meanwhile, Geum-ok and Go pay Jung-shin a visit and they are happy that she is doing well. They also end up giving her all of the shares of their company which just confuses Jung-shin. Geum-ok simply says that she will now retire and live off her adoptive daughter and smirks. However, Go reveals that Geum-ok genuinely wants to patch up as she was not the one who wanted to kick her out of her company.

Outside, Geum-ok looks at the company plaque and smiles. In a flashback, we see Hyung-joo and Du-hak visiting Geum-ok who reveals that it was Yeo-jin who made her kick Jung-shin out. Du-hak asks about her business which is not doing well and wonders if she can sell it to him. She adamantly rejects the idea and he asks if she would like to see it bloom by passing it on to Jung-shin and she is thoughtful.

Meanwhile, Yeo-jin meets with Geum and she says she wants to invest 5 billion won by liquidating some of her assets and he is pleasantly surprised. 

At that moment, Poong-ho tells Du-hak about the 7 real estates that belong to Yeo-jin which amount to 10 billion won. The forger is angry at her for slapping Mrs. Lee and earnestly asks Du-hak how they can take her down. Du-hak tells him to look into one large bait that can hook all of her properties. 

Geum and Yeo-jin meet with Chief Choi of the Housing Department who is not sure about the special presale access. Geum bribes him and says even the Blue House (central government) and city officials will give the green light soon. We then see that their meeting is being recorded as a waitress then takes the recording and gives it to Cheung-ja.

Du-hak realises that Geum’s business, Changsung Constructions is the bait and tells Dong-pal that it is one of the most influential companies that is currently struggling – perfect for him to buy out.

Meanwhile, Gwang-tak meets with Oh under the pretext of hiring his protection business. He tries to lace his drink and almost fails but he finally laces a glass of water which the captain drinks. It then cuts to a tied-up Oh being beaten up by a masked Du-hak who asks about Lee. When Oh stays silent, the hit-and-run driver is brought in who easily recognises him. Du-hak finally reveals his face and points Oh’s own gun at him.

As for Jung-shin, she is upset and drinking alone as she waits for Cheol-woong who is happy to see her. She suddenly asks if he killed Lee to hide the fact Du-hak went to prison for him which he denies. She keeps goading him and he gets unnerved as he keeps on denying it.

The Episode Review

Ok, now we got to feel bad for Hwang; the poor guy is being played by everyone including his wife, loyal servant and fake son. Meanwhile, it is getting dangerous for the three as they try to manipulate each other but the consequences are catching up to them. More and more people are learning of Yeo-jin’s secrets while Cheol-woong is about to lose Jung-shin for good. As for Oh, he deserves whatever ending he gets.

And while there are some K-dramas that kind of get boring once they reach the final episodes, Oasis really has had a major glow-up from its fumbling beginning. Even the subplots with side adult characters are keeping up with the main plot effortlessly. Especially, after episode 13, we just don’t want it to end. 

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