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Episode 10 of Oasis starts with Cheol-woong going to Jung-shin and telling her not to marry Du-hak as he has not quit being a thug and is lying to her. He says Du-hak can be arrested any day and she says she will then leave him but till then Cheol-woong should stay out of her business because it will only make him suffer.

Elsewhere, Yeo-jin calls Hwang and says Lee is constantly harassing her and he tells Oh to kill him. We then see in Hwang’s meeting with Cheol-woong, the boy tells him that he will remain a Choi. He also wants Hwang to cut ties with Du-hak and find a different hunting dog otherwise he will have to get the law involved. Hwang is amused and says he will consider it.

As for Du-hak, after he tells Jung-shin that his father is dead, they cry as he regrets not going after Lee after their meal together. That night, Mrs. Lee who still has no clue, dreams of Lee who is grateful for her and walks away. But at the morgue, Prosecutor Park (Cheol-woong’s colleague) arrives and arrests Du-hak. 

Since this will affect the redevelopment, Oh tells Hwang about it and says Cheol-woong messed up and got Du-hak arrested. The prosecutor’s office also brings in Pan-shik and all the union gang leaders for questioning. At the same time, the NSA tortures Jung-ok and asks her the whereabouts of the protest leader Moon Dong-soo as they think the two are dating.

It falls on Jung-shin, Seon-woo and Gil-su to tell Mrs. Lee about her husband’s death, her son’s arrest and her daughter’s disappearance. She looks sad that she is the only one left but decides to visit Lee. Cheol-woong also learns about Lee and tears up as he remembers that he was the only one who told him that he was proud of him.

He visits Du-hak and says he liked Lee as he was nicer to him than his own father. He pauses the investigation so Du-hak can attend the funeral and does the same for Jung-ok as he finally finds her.

At the funeral, Yeo-jin looks stony but starts crying in front of Mrs. Lee. When Du-hak and Jung-ok finally arrive, his mother starts crying. She hits Jung-ok as Lee died waiting for her and Cheol-woong tears up as she doesn’t know about her daughter’s torture.

Cheol-woong, Du-hak and Jung-ok pay their respects together which irks Yeo-jin. Mrs. Lee also notices the three siblings and tries to tell them the truth but Yeo-jin interrupts. Jung-shin comforts Jung-ok who is afraid she has to go back to the NSA.

Hwang and Oh wait outside the funeral and while they agree that Duhak’s arrest is an inconvenience, they should support Cheol-woong to repay their debt to him. Hwang suggests a life sentence for Du-hak and an accidental death in prison. Oh goes in and tells him that he should go to prison and he will bail him out and Du-hak is aghast that they are forsaking him.

Jung-shin asks Cheol-woong to help Du-hak but he just gives her an ‘I told you so’ speech of how she should not have chosen Du-hak. She gives him an ultimatum that if he doesn’t help Du-hak she will never see him again.

Gil-su and Seon-woo tell the news to Hyung-joo who returns from his honeymoon. He suggests breaking Du-hak out otherwise he will never leave prison alive. Yeon-joo sees that it won’t work without her husband and supports Hyung-joo but tells him to be careful.

As the funeral is about to end, Cheol-woong asks Prosecutor Park if they can allow Du-hak a last meal with his family. He says no suggesting that the higher-ups want to wrap things up quickly. Realising that Du-hak won’t come out of it alive he goes to him and gives him the key to his cuffs. Gil-su and Seon-woo block the road and cause a distraction and Du-hak uncuffs himself and runs.

He is almost shot twice with tons of cops after him but he makes it to Hyung-joo’s getaway car and the gang takes him to a harbour to smuggle him out. Turns out the smuggling plan was Jung-shin’s and she convinced Cheol-woong to help as she would then owe him. 

As Hyung-joo and Du-hak get their bearings on the harbour, they try to figure out who is after him. Hyung-joo points out that Prosecutor Park is Cheol-woong’s subordinate but Du-hak refuses to believe that it could be Cheol-woong. He also refuses to leave the country and decides to fight back.

At that moment, the gang finds out that the man who hit Lee has turned himself in and Yeo-jin is marrying Hwang which makes Du-hak suspicious. He sends Oh a copy of the NSA’s slush fund ledger to get them to cooperate with him and Hwang is furious that Du-hak kept a record. He tells Oh to kill him and get the original before his wedding which is in a week.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lee asks Yeo-jin to help Du-hak. When Yeo-jin ignores her pleas, Mrs. Lee threatens her with Cheol-woong’s birth and says she has never asked for anything. Yeo-jin agrees but when she brings it up to Hwang, she says he should pull strings to only help Cheol-woong.

Cheol-woong on the other hand is furious that Du-hak jeopardized Jung-shin by not following her plan. He tells Oh that he will find him if he keeps an eye on Jung-shin.

He guesses right as Yang-ja and Yeon-joo help Jung-shin lose the two detectives tailing her and take her to the harbour where Du-hak is hiding. But turns out the two detectives were decoys and the cops end up following them. Du-hak beats up a cop and holds him hostage and Cheol-woong shows up with Oh.

Du-hak realises that it is Cheol-woong who is behind his arrest. He taunts him by saying it is Cheol-woong’s turn to go to jail for him. Before he can reveal why, Cheol-woong threatens to shoot him. Du-hak pushes the hostage and in the commotion tries to jump in the water as Oh shoots at him. Cheol-woong tries to stop Oh and cries as Du-hak gets shot and falls backwards into the water.

The Episode Review

Cheol-woong does not want to kill Du-hak, worries about him when he is hurt but he still wants to mentally torture him. For what? Just because the girl he likes chose Du-hak? Has he forgotten that that man went to jail for him, like sir? We expect some gratitude, not this petty droning of how he blames Du-hak for not getting Jung-shin.

And his plan to uncuff Du-hak when he is surrounded by several cops was the absolute worst but okay fine it is good to know that he does have a guilty conscience. It seems that Cheol-woong is still playing checkers while Hwang, Yeo-jin and Du-hak are playing chess in the big leagues.

The way he is unaware that he is the catalyst to Du-hak’s probable death sentence both times in Oasis episode 10 (Hwang’s jail sentence and Oh shooting him) goes with his character as he probably thinks he could get Prosecutor Park to throw Du-hak in jail for a couple of years till he wins over Jung-shin. That boy is biting off more than he can chew and someone needs to knock some sense into him.

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