Now, We Are Breaking Up – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

Goodbye for Now

Episode 13 of Now, We Are Breaking Up begins in Do-hoon’s car, which has been commandeered by Jae-guk to drive Young-eun to work. Do-hoon gets a ride with Chi-sook, who mentions that he is the first man to like her for herself instead of lusting after her wealth.

Young-eun’s phone is now constantly ringing after the success of the buyers show. Worried that Young-eun might accept a job offer, Gwang-soo has taken to singing her praises.

Kim Seo-hyun, the chief editor of renowned fashion magazine Nouvelle Vague, wants to interview Young-eun as an up-and-coming designer. When they meet, Seo-hyun comments on Sono being the first Korean brand to receive orders directly from Olivier.

At Hills, Vice President Choi admonishes Yoo-jung for not extending Sono’s contract, wanting her to put profit before her pride.

Young-eun wants to treat Jae-guk to a homemade meal so he joins her at her apartment after work. When he asks if she knows how to cook, she tells him that she’ll just look up a recipe. We cut to Young-eun holding up said recipe for Jae-guk while he cooks.

Meanwhile, Mi-sook is hit with a bout of pain. Her daughter, Ji-min, notices before Soo-ho does and fetches Mi-sook’s medicine. This troubles Mi-sook since she doesn’t want Ji-min to fall into the role of her caregiver.

Young-eun and Jae-guk finally sit down to eat when he gets a call from a realtor. He explains to Young-eun that someone wants to sign a lease for the photo studio he is renting so he needs to be out next month.

Jung-ja starts refusing to baby Taek-soo and he grasps that he has no idea how to do basic household chores. Without Jung-ja keeping things running like clockwork, Taek-soo gets a taste of the rest of his life without her.

Young-eun is visiting Sono’s Hills storefront when Yoo-jung meets with her to renegotiate Sono’s contract. Young-eun snubs Yoo-jung, directing her to The One to discuss any contract renewals.

Moving on, Yoo-jung asks Young-eun if she can let Jae-guk go when she loves him so. Young-eun believes that she can, now believing that forced proximity is not the only way to love someone.

Mi-sook asks Young-eun to take the afternoon off work to help her make kimchi. Young-eun finds Chi-sook already up to her forearms in cabbage when she gets to Mi-sook’s apartment. Mi-sook has three containers ready. One for Young-eun, one for Chi-sook, and a third left unlabelled.

So that the trio can have the apartment to themselves for the night, Soo-ho takes Ji-min to visit his mother. As the friends talk, Chi-sook accidentally lets on that Soo-ho has been cheating and is shocked to find that Mi-sook already knows. Mi-sook encourages the idea of Soo-ho moving on. This pushes Chi-sook over the edge, and she wails into a blanket.

At Do-hoon’s apartment, Jae-guk asks to terminate his contract with Vision PR and reveals that the Paris Photo Association wants to host his exhibition. With the way his relationship is going, it’s unlikely he’ll be coming back.

Jae-guk tells Young-eun this news the next day. Also making big decisions, Young-eun shares that she is putting her apartment up for sale. Even as their trajectories move further apart, they pretend that everything is fine.

Young-eun receives the question list for her interview. Less than impressed, she meets with Seo-hyun and points out that the questions revolve solely around Olivier’s interest in Sono. Young-eun rejects the interview, unwilling to let Sono be used as a prop.

When Young-eun takes her leave, Yoo-jung drops into the seat opposite Seo-hyun. Seo-hyun asks what kind of person Young-eun is. Yoo-jung admits that Young-eun was the long-term object of her jealousy, but also acknowledges that Young-eun has won her respect.

Mi-sook invites Min-kyung to her apartment, wanting to thank Min-kyung for looking after Ji-min by gifting her the third container of kimchi.

Chi-sook ignores a text from Jimmy, the model who cheated on her, who now appears to want her back. While waiting outside the office for Do-hoon, Jimmy accosts Chi-sook, trying to convince her to give him a second chance. Chi-sook completely rejects him, but he only leaves her be after Do-hoon arrives.

The following day, Jae-guk and Young-eun take a trip to a scenic park. As they picnic on the grass, Young-eun thinks to herself that it’s getting harder to let Jae-guk go.

Chi-sook tries to call Do-hoon but he’s at a restaurant with CEO Hwang and doesn’t pick up. CEO Hwang offers Do-hoon a partnership, wanting Vision PR to handle future PR needs for The One’s brands along with a 15% increase on the retainer fee. Jimmy is walking down the hallway and listens in.

Soo-ho forwards an email to Do-hoon, letting him know that Olivier is offering Young-eun a position with DPHP and wants Vision PR to handle the negotiation process. While Do-hoon says little, CEO Hwang guesses the contents of the email.

Jimmy calls Chi-sook, telling her that he can prove that he’s the only man who truly loves her. When Chi-sook pushes for him to stop being so cryptic, he refuses to tell her anything more over the phone and asks to meet.

Unaware of the chaos brewing, Jae-guk and Young-eun watch the sunset. Young-eun declares that, if they ever cross paths again, she’ll consider them fated to be together. Jae-guk adds that he won’t let her go when that happens.

The Episode Review

This episode kicked off with another scene so ludicrous that it became attention-grabbing. This time, we were in the car with our leads while Jae-guk took his eyes off the road to stare at Young-eun for long enough that it seemed likely that we were going into a crash-induced-amnesia storyline.

Mercifully, the car and everyone’s memories stayed intact, but the prolonged stares without any substance behind them set the tone for most of their screen time.

Jimmy, who hasn’t been relevant since his tryst in the first episode, has reappeared to generate conflict between Do-hoon and Chi-sook. With Chi-sook’s insecurities from a string of bad relationships bubbling just below the surface, he probably won’t have to do much to cast doubt over Do-hoon’s new deal with CEO Hwang.

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