Nowhere Man – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Trade

Following the previous dramatic episode featuring a smattering of action throughout, Nowhere Man returns for its penultimate episode before the finally. As the pieces start to come together and Inspector Yang makes some startling discoveries, all of this builds up to a dramatic finale that leaves things wide open for the finale to follow.

Ah Quan and the others begin episode 7 of Nowhere Man by following their target down the bridge, ready to pounce. Just as scheduled, Lin’s brother and the group lose control of their car and it tips upside down. It’s the perfect location for Xiao San and Ah Gui to strike and after beating up the guards, they snatch up Lin’s brother and leave, preparing for the trade. Things get very quiet too, as Ah Quan reflects on his choices as they drive down the road.

Halfway down a foggy pathway, they find the designated car and phone Bai Lin, demanding to know where Tian-You and Fu Xing are. Instead, they find a package with photographs inside and one word – OGAWA.

Meanwhile, Inspector Yang continues his investigation, travelling to Wang Xiao Qui’s house and speaking to his widow. There, he learns she buried Qui out the back and as more revelations are brought to the foreground, he heads back to the station where he finds Jing-Fang crying. He comforts her before pulling his gun and making his way to Chairman Lin. Stabbing him straight through the wrist, he asks him outright about Zhang Lian Sheng. As they talk, he patches his hand back up while Xiao San phones through and gives him an ultimatum, telling him to reveal the truth about the set-up before 5.30pm or face the consequences.

While the police track down the source of the call to a girl on the subway, Ah Quan and the others pass through security and prepare to board a plane to freedom but are stopped midway through by a man alerting security to their presence.

With another cliffhanger ending and plenty of questions left hanging over this one, Nowhere Man sets everything up for a dramatic finale to play out. While the pacing has been a constant hindrance on this series, the plot itself has grown into something a lot more cohesive than the confusing early episodes. Still, with an hour-long finale to finish things off, Nowhere Man sets its foundation up to finish on a roar rather than a whimper.


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