Now Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review



Men Have Feelings Too

After the third episode ended up being a bit inconsequential, we begin the fourth episode on a much more positive note. Carly begins her acting class and after floating through a myriad of different ways to deliver her lines, believes she may well have landed the job. This segment in particularly is pretty humorous, as the interviewer flies through the lines at rapid pace before critiquing every variation of how Carly retorts, ending on an awkward, long pause as the scene fades out.

Meanwhile, Ford lets his anger out the best way he knows how – at the gym. After pumping the weights and working himself up into a frenzy, he pauses long enough to let his muscles seize up, resulting in him falling on the floor. As he wobbles his way across the room, he notices a sign for a Circle Jerk Club and decides to bring Ulysses along for support.

Ulysses has problems of his own though and he turns to best friend Carly to get these issues off his chest. He tells her about the midnight texts with Gabriel and how they’ve mysteriously disappeared in the morning. Carly teases him about it before heading back home to try to find a roommate to take over Amber’s vacant spot. This results in several humorous auditions from various candidates, leaving Carly literally hanging the noose around her head in despair.

After another dream sequence, Ulysses awakens in his apartment and answers the door to a delivery man. After a few sexually suggestive glances, the two wind up hooking up and quickly make for the bedroom. They don’t spend long there though as Ulysses then goes to the Circle Jerk meeting with Ford who hilariously gets mistaken for a homosexual. This is easily the funniest segment of the episode too as Ford tries to tell his story while the supportive members of the group chime in with their thoughts, mistaking his story about Severine as him coming out the closet.

The outcome of this leads Ford to confront Severine about their relationship and although agreeing to his request, isn’t very happy about it. The episode then ends with Ulysses at work, hearing screams outside. He goes to investigate and sees a homeless lady standing over a mess.

Although there isn’t too much plot development here, the fourth episode is actually pretty funny and given the rest of the material showcased in this season, it’s easily the stand out episode so far. It’s not perfect, and the pacing here still feels too slow, but Now Apocalypse finally feels like it’s moving in the right direction, with the comedy to match its development.


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