Now Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review



The Photo Shoot

After last week’s cliffhanger ending, we return to Now Apocalypse with Ford thinking about his wild threesome experience the night before. Just as he begins pleasuring himself, his alarm goes off, interrupting him midway through. On the phone is Auto, who wants Ford to come to his house for brunch and to hang out more. Oblivious to the possible homoerotic implications of this, Ford agrees and gets ready to go out.

Meanwhile, the big shock moment from last week is revealed as Ulysses discusses what this is with Carly. It turns out he witnessed a couple having sex and records another video, sharing his thoughts on this moment. Ultimately, this leads to him hallucinating in a cafe, spotting the same alien lizard from past episodes sitting at a table before snapping back to reality.

After his photo shoot with Auto, which results in some pretty funny poses, Ford discusses his relationship with Severine in a hot tub with Ulysses. They discuss the positive implications of Ford’s open relationship and how amazing the threesome was the night before. Unfortunately, his high is brought crashing down to Earth as he talks to Severine on the phone. She nonchalantly discusses having sex with her ex lover multiple times that evening which leaves Ford heartbroken and crying.

Carly begins this week’s episode with a brief acting class before receiving a message from Jethro that he won’t be able to see her that night. After pleasuring herself, Carly gets out the bath in time to see flat mate Amber packing up her things and leaving; she’s decided to go and find enlightenment with her new boyfriend, Moonshadow. This then leads Carly to a private acting lesson with her teacher who mistakes her kindness for a lesbian hookup and eventually gets annoyed when she’s turned down.

The episode then finishes with Ulysses receiving an urgent text message in the middle of the night from an unknown number. Presumably from Gabriel. After deliberating over what to send, including one angry reply and a blunt one too, he decides to go ahead and meet up, ending this inconsequential episode.

While Now Apocalypse does have a few funny moments, there just isn’t enough plot in these 30 minute episodes. The mystery behind Ulysses’ visions appears to be progressing really slowly and despite some nice character development with him, there isn’t a whole lot else to get excited about. Hopefully things pick up in the next episode but for now, there isn’t much here to really get excited about.


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