Now Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Going Through The Motions

After last week’s somewhat polarizing pilot episode, Now Apocalypse returns this week with an intent to prove the doubters wrong and offer some substantial plot development. Instead, Now Apocalypse doubles down on its sex scenes and eases up with its story for an episode that really doesn’t offer anything at all beyond a few snippets of character progression.

The episode itself begins with Ulysses reeling over the reptile alien encounter he experienced at the end of the previous episode. After speaking to Carly about this, she laughs it off and tells him he’s been smoking too much. As Ulysses deliberates over what it all means and the fate of the world appears to be hanging in the balance, we catch up with Ford as he sits down to lunch with Barnabus .

The producer tells Ford he loved the screenplay and can certainly see some potential with it. After inviting him to a red carpet event for a film premiere, Ford calls Severine with the good news. Unfortunately, Severine has enough on her plate as she nonchalantly congratulates him before pondering over some photos of dead people.

As Ulysses learns about Ford’s encounter with Barnabus, he admits his suspicions to Carly over the producer’s true intentions while working a new job as a security guard. Carly agrees, telling him the screenplay really wasn’t very good and prepares herself for Jethro’s arrival and the inevitable mediocre sex they have.

From here, the rest of the episode devolves into two sex scenes for the rest of the run-time. One, involving Ford, Severine and another girl called Daphne and the other involving Carly and Jethro in a certainly-not-mediocre encounter. Meanwhile, Ulysses obsesses over Gabriel which leads to him wandering the streets before coming across something shocking. What this is, we’re not told but at a guess I’d imagine it’ll either be Gabriel showing up again or the reptile alien creature.

While last week’s episode used its sex scenes to establish the characters, this week’s doesn’t add anything substantial to the mix. There are a few glimmers of character progression here, especially with Ford’s sensitive side and Carly’s slow acceptance that sex isn’t always mundane and formulaic, but beyond that there really isn’t a lot else to take from this week’s episode.

Hopefully things improve going forward but right now, apart from the faint glimmer of a coming apocalypse, Now Apocalypse doesn’t have a whole lot else going for it.


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