The Best Comics Releasing This Week (Nov 6th-12th 2023)

The Best Comics Releasing This Week

Even after Halloween, we have a pretty great week for horror lovers. Zoe Thorogood’s tale on Creepshow #3 and Jeff Lemire’s Phantom Road will give us all the scares we need. Our indie comics fans we’ll also have plenty of fun with Transformers and Dead Lucky. Seeing both show people fighting a gruesome war, fun might not be the right word, but you’ll have all the action you can wish for.

Marvel and DC are releasing some of their best stories this week, as we have Poison Ivy, X-Men: Red, Birds of Prey, and more. Each throws us into a completely different kind of storytelling, so you’ll just keep asking for more. 

Batman #139

Release Date: Nov 7th

After his genius run in Daredevil, Chip Zdarsky took over Batman. And now is the best time to start reading his take on the character, as we have a new arc beginning. If you like how Ram V is using many pieces created by Grant Morrison, then you’ll be glad to know what’s happening in this story. Zdarsky has been developing Batman’s Zur-En-Arrh personality and what that means to him and his family, something we didn’t see in the past.

‘Mindbomb’ will follow a lonely Batman in a brutal fight against Joker to save Gotham. How will he face his deadliest enemy when his greatest weapon, his mind, fails him? And how will Joker react when he sees Zur-En-Arrh? There are many questions to answer, but we can be sure of one thing: the art will be impeccable as always. Jorge Jiménez and Tomeu Morey are a great duo. We love to see it!

Creepshow #3

Release Date: Nov 8th

Like the 1982 movie, the Creepshow comic is a horror anthology. Every chapter features two stories written by a different set of creators. If you love horror and already miss Halloween, don’t forget to check it out. This week, the creators are Zoe Thorogood giving us ‘Eternity, Eternity, Eternity’ and Joel Farrelly and Goran Sudžuka in ‘Sacrifices’.

Zoe Thorogood has won the 2023 Eisner Award for “Most Promising Newcomer.” Her art is phenomenal, and if you follow her works and Instagram, you know she’s always experimenting and getting even better. ‘Eternity, Eternity, Eternity’ tells the story of a woman who discovers the fountain of youth, which will be perfect for Zoe’s emotional and surreal storytelling.

While ‘Sacrifices’ goes all Lovecraftian into the story of a gem heist. Farrelly’s a novelist known for ‘Tell Me a Story.’ It’ll be great to see a new face in the comic book world working with Sudžuka, with titles like Daredevil, Wonder Woman, and more in his career. It’s always incredible to see more people crafting amazing stories in the genre you love. We’ll never get tired of seeing that.

X-Men: Red #17

Release Date: Nov 8th

The Krakoa Era has been a very consistent line of X-Men books, with many good titles. X-Men: Red by Al Ewing is one of the best; his recent works in the franchise were building to this, and it doesn’t disappoint. So, if you aren’t reading Fall of X or stopped reading the comics before that, it’s time to get back to it. We’re reaching the climax, and it keeps getting better.

In the second to last chapter of the series, we’ll finally have Apocalypse back. One of his new followers and a hooded figure accompany him while he sets Vulcan free. To win the current war, Apocalypse wants to gather the embodiments of the elements to fight with him. They’ll be part of a magic involving Ororo. As always, we have more questions than answers while the chapter doesn’t arrive. Who are the mutants who’ll help Apocalypse? What is that magic? And, maybe most importantly, will they win the war with it?

The Dead Lucky #10

Release Date: Nov 8th

The Dead Lucky is another title in the Massive-verse, the newest superhero universe in comics. Melissa Flores writes about a futuristic San Francisco dominated by “peacekeeper” robots. And, in a despairing moment, Bibiana Lopez, a veteran soldier with PTSD, learns she might be the hero the city needs. 

To save everything, Bibi has to make a deal with an old friend. But does she want to save San Francisco? When she decides that, it’s also time to find out Jimmi Moss’s horrifying secret. Let’s hope that doesn’t make Bibi’s relationships even more complex, as things aren’t easy for her right now.

Poison Ivy #16

Release Date: Nov 7th

G. Willow Wilson is one of the best writers in comics right now. She is the one responsible for creating the Ms. Marvel we all know and love today. However, we aren’t here to talk about Kamala Khan today. Now, Wilson is crafting what is surely going to be remembered as one of the best comics of the decade: a character study on Poison Ivy.

This time, Ivy feels strangely drawn to a person whose life she ruined. Chuck is an ordinary, everyday family man, but he’ll find out he has a higher calling in life. If the “better off dead” warning on the cover is true, Chuck might learn a higher calling is not always what you want.

House of Slaughter #19

Release Date: Nov 8th

Part of James Tynion’s Something is Killing the Children universe, House of Slaughter explores the different rules of said entity. The order of killers is complex and is going through various changes, which makes the world feel even more alive. The second arc (‘Scarlet’) is one of the best, and the team responsible for it is back to another great story.

Sam Johns and Letizia Cadonici focus on Bait in this new story. After being sent on a mission, the white mask gets closer to Nanette, the only child in the house to show him kindness. However, her connection to the monsters might bring him a terrible choice and unbearable revelations. 

Transformers #2

Release Date: Nov 8th

After celebrated works like Do a Powerbomb and Beta Ray Bill, Daniel Warren Johnson takes over Transformers! If you want to get into the franchise, now it’s your chance. His emotional storytelling will be perfect for a story focusing on such a long and exhausting war. Also, the action scenes will be insane with his art and Mike Spicer’s coloring. They were most likely the best part of chapter one.

In issue #2, we’ll see Starscream terrorizing humanity. Spike and his father are facing great grief, and it’ll probably be even greater now. Spike and Carly are definitely going to be part of the war, so we might learn how that dynamic will be in this chapter. Warren will make that work, and small kids killing giant murdering robots will be a sight to see.

Birds of Prey #3

Release Date: Nov 7th

Here’s an important lesson when reading comics. Do you wanna have fun? Then read Kelly Thompson. Everything she touches becomes one of the most entertaining reads of your week. Black Widow, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye… The examples don’t stop. In Birds of Prey, she shows that once more and explores different character dynamics with a team we’ve never seen before. Also, Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire on the art are always a wonder. They nail everything, from the action and emotional scenes to the panelling.

In issue #3, we’ll see the team finally getting to Themyscira to save Sin, Black Canary’s sister. We’ll see if Harley Quinn’s plan to enter the island quietly will work (the quiet part might be a problem). And, if we are lucky, even some incredible fights. It’ll be great to see that happening and the team’s development.

Phantom Road #6

Release Date: Nov 8th

Here’s another great recommendation for horror fans. Jeff Lemire, who also wrote Sweet Tooth, which inspires the Netflix series, gives us a new supernatural and moody story with Phantom Road. Dom, a long-haul truck driver, and Birdie find an artifact that turns their life into a surreal nightmare.

In the new story arc, Dom and Birdie find themselves at an abandoned roadside circus when they find signs of life (which will probably be more monstrous than they’d like). Also, Agent Weaver enlists Deputy Donnie to help with the investigation and understand the clues they have.

Sonic the Hedgehog #66

Release Date: Nov 8th

Yes, you’re really reading this. It might come as a surprise to many people, but Sonic has been in comics for decades now. The character became part of a new continuity in IDW Publishing a few years ago, resetting his status quo. Ian Flynn, who has worked on the character’s older comics, and Evan Stanley are writing it, while Adam Bryce Thomas and Aaron Hammerstrom are the artist team.

Knuckles and The Chaotix will fight against the Babylon Rogues to get the Angel Island relic back. However, they are not the only ones in trouble, as Cream and Vanilla will have to deal with some unexpected guests.

And that’s it for now, folks. Every week, we’ll keep bringing you some of the best issues you can read. Tell us what you think of them in the comments below!

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