The Best Comics Releasing This Week (Nov 13th-19th 2023)

The Best Comics Releasing This Week

Continuing our work to simplify comics, we bring the 10 best you must read this week. This is a great time for X-Men fans, with many entertaining titles trying to do different things and deal with the new status quo. DC isn’t behind on excitement, with a Green Lantern run that shall be remembered for a long time and promises to go to the character’s core.

If you only think superheroes do crossovers, you need to check some of the indie comics releasing now. It’s a party you’ll wanna get invited to, that’s for sure. And, for those who want something calmer, what’s better than The Cull’s heart-rending drama or Coda’s dark apocalypse?

Green Lantern #5

Release Date: Nov 14th

As we’re ending this list with one of the best Marvel solo comics, we must start it with one of DC’s. Jeremy Adams and Xermanico’s Green Lantern has the right amount of heartwarming fun, grounded moments, and heroic action scenes. Adams understands Hal Jordan, what he stands for, and who he is to the people in his life.

Talking about the people in his life, it’s hard to like every one of them. Sinestro as a red lantern surely is in the list of things Hal hates. Unfortunately for him, it’s exactly what we love. There’s no way their battle won’t be one of the best things this week. Additionally, the issue also has an 8-page story by Peter J. Tomasi and David Lafuente with Sinister Sons.

World’s Finest: Teen Titans #5

Release Date: Nov 14th

Batman and Superman aren’t the only ones receiving the Mark Waid World’s Finest treatment. We go back in time to the Teen Titans’ original formation and explore their relationships and who Robin is to the team. It’s nice to see the team again and their interactions are definitely the best thing about the comic.

After a fight against the anti-titans goes wrong, Robin’s leadership is questioned. He needs to give all of himself to earn his teammates’ trust back. We’ll see a very important development in the character’s story in a completely new light. If you’re a Titans fan and are excited about that, the comic has other good news too. It’ll also feature a bit of Wonder Girl and Speedy’s relationship.

Big Game #5

Release Date: Nov 15th

Have you ever wanted to see Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass, Nemesis, and other Mark Millar characters together? Then this was made for you. Big Game is a crossover event featuring characters from around twenty Millarword franchises. We have the incredible Pepe Larraz as the artist to make things better. How could it not be a hit?

Big Game #5 is the crossover’s final issue. And it’ll pack twice as much action and blood as before with a double-length conclusion. Nemesis has been killing the other Millarworld characters non-stop, but he’ll learn there are still surprises waiting to ruin him.

Fantastic Four #13

Release Date: Nov 15th

Straightaway, you must know Ryan North is peak comedy. Finding someone as good as him at making everything fun is hard. Just look at this cover, it’s Doctor Doom riding a dinosaur version of himself. That pretty much describes Noth’s time on the Fantastic Four. You have the most entertaining and out-of-the-box ideas you can wish for. Also, to make it even better, every issue has great character moments you won’t forget.

Have you ever wanted to see the Fantastic Four as dinosaurs? Well, you’re in luck (as strange as that might sound). Doctor Doom and T-Rex Doom beat both the Avengers and the FF. Now their only hope is the Brothers Grimm. And, more importantly, we’ll also have the dinosaur hero teams fighting each other. Is it too soon to say this is the comic of the week? 

Coda #3

Release Date: Nov 15th

Simon Spurrier and Matías Bergara come back to Coda, their 2018 comic series. Rewarding for old readers and welcoming new ones, it creates distinctive storytelling while still being a fantasy story anyone can be familiar with. The art and worldbuilding are as gripping as you’d want.

Hum and Serka are in conflict, but they try reaching across their differences to set things right. Unfortunately, trusting each other isn’t so easy. An army of marauders absorbs a starving community, making things even harder for our protagonists.

Children of the Vault #4

Release Date: Nov 15th

Easily, the best thing about the Fall of X comics is that there’s something for everybody. Every book tries a different concept, so at least one of them will interest you. Children of the Vault excels at creating and portraying the threat Cable and Bishop face. They fight against the titular Children of the Vault, powerful and significantly advanced beings. However, their powers or adaptative capabilities aren’t what makes them dangerous. They infest the Earth with a virus, an idea that they will save everyone, and they become Gods almost instantly.

In the series’ last chapter, Cable and Bishop continue invading the Children’s futuristic city. Up until now, their plan seems to be working, but their enemies aren’t your run-of-the-mill henchman and they’re already preparing for a counterattack. Also, on issue #3, Serafina has learned about Dominion, another recurring threat in this X-Men Era. Maybe we’re getting more answers than we thought.

The Cull #4

Release Date: Nov 15th

In The Cull, Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Iulis present us with Cleo and her friends. On their search for Jakey, a missing child, the group ends up in a beautiful, yet terrifying liminal space. Lovers of melodrama, Kelly Thompson is here for you. The chapters move slowly giving us incredible character work. And, we can’t forget, astounding art.

On issue #4, the group leaves the liminal space changed. But they aren’t the only ones. Their city is filled with giant and strange creatures that’ll change everything for everyone. Is this all their fault or something that was always bound to happen? And how does Jakey fit in all of this? Maybe he’ll never be found, and it’ll be just another horrible piece of news for our characters.

Dark X-Men #4

Release Date: Nov 15th

Dark X-Men brings a little bit of horror to the mutant franchise. In this very different team-up, we see the team trying to build something new, even though they know it isn’t perfect, and rescue mutants. Madelyne Pryor, as both a sorceress and a mutant, brings a rarely-seen setting to the comic. If you don’t know much about the X-Men, you definitely won’t see many familiar faces here, but that’ll also make the story seem fresh to you.

Orchis has been attacking Madelyne and Gambit’s team, but the heroes (at least some of them) managed to survive these trials. However, their new enemy will be Chasm, Ben Reilly’s new alias. Will he get revenge on Maddie or get redemption proving himself as an ally to mutant-kind?

Killadelphia #31

Release Date: Nov 15th

With the Jordan Peele seal of approval, Killadelphia is a vampire horror that discusses racism and trauma in North America. When a cop returns home to bury his father he finds out something is preying on his hometown: John Adams and his vampire army.

As another great crossover, issue #31 brings Spawn to its universe. Creators Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander affirm this is a perfect jumping-on point that’ll change everything in the Killadelphia universe.

Blade #5

Release Date: Nov 15th

Wanna get ready for the movie? Then you should read this week’s Blade. One of the greatest vampire hunters, Blade, mistakenly unleashes an ancient evil upon the world. Who else could be the one to fix his mess but himself? Bryan Hill is killing at it with what many people consider the best solo book on Marvel right now. You don’t want to be the one missing it.

It finally has come time for Blade to fight The Adana, a great new villain. In this arc’s final issue, he’ll use a secret weapon to fix the mess he made and end this ancient evil. And let’s hope it also gives us a tease of what will happen in chapter 6. Dracula as Blade’s teacher can’t come soon enough.

And that’s it for now, folks. Every week, we’ll keep bringing you some of the best issues you can read. Tell us what you think of them in the comments below!

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