Not Others – K-drama Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Things I Couldn’t Say

The season finale of Not Others starts with a flashback of Eun-mi and Mi-jung accompanying Mi-jung’s mother on a trek. While Eun-mi and Mi-jung pant as they climb the mountain, the older woman piggybacks an infant Jin-hee up the steep incline.

What happens when Jin-hee finds out about Halmoni?

Present-day, Jin-hee sits for breakfast at Jae-won’s place where the latter claims that they should forget about last night and think of it as a mistake. Jin-hee tells Jae-won that she consciously hooked up with him because she likes him, but he’s free to make the choice of calling last night a mistake.

Jin-hee gets a call from Eun-mi and rushes to the hospital. She learns that Mi-jung’s mother aka her Halmoni (grandmother in Korean) has passed away that night. Mi-jung, Eun-mi and Jin-hee are the chief mourners at the event in Jae-won’s house where he starts which is shocking to many mourners considering Eun-mi was not Halmoni’s real daughter.

What does Eun-mi tell Jin-hee about Halmoni?

After the end of the first day of mourning, Dr Park asks Mi-jung to rest up and prepare for the next day as it will be harder for the chief mourners. Halmoni’s brother is shocked when he learns that his sister has divided her wealth between Mi-jung, Eun-mi and Jin-hee, leaving nothing for him and his wife.

Mi-jung claims that Eun-mi and Jin-hee have been there for her mother and that Eun-mi was the old woman’s adoptive daughter who used to give her a monthly allowance. She mocks her uncle for never visiting or calling her mother and only showing up at the funeral to claim authority over the deceased woman’s wealth.

That night, Mi-jung sits by her mother’s funeral altar and sobs while Jin-hee and Eun-mi take a nap. Eun-mi cries and tells Jin-hee that Halmoni was the mother she chose and to her, it did not matter that people did not think she was the woman’s real daughter.

Is Jin-hee transferred to the headquarters?

After going back to work, Jin-hee learns that she is soon to be transferred back to the headquarters in 2 weeks. She wonders why she was not happy about going back to work when it was her goal to do so. Meanwhile, Eun-mi and Mi-jung clean up Halmoni’s belongings and start sobbing while looking at their gifts to the deceased woman.

At home, Jin-soo is watching TV with Eun-mi and Jin-hee, when she claims that she too would like to move out soon. Eun-mi is against Jin-hee’s decision and prohibits her daughter from leaving. The next day, Eun-mi talks to Jin-hong about Jin-hee’s decision.

The two decide to start walking every morning to maintain their health. Later that night, Eun-mi finds out that Jin-soo is moving in with his guy friend.

Did Ga-eul have an abortion?

On their way back home, Eun-mi notices Jin-hee talking to Jae-won and is sure that something is going on between her daughter and the chief constable.

The following day, Eun-mi goes walking with Jin-hong while Jin-hee goes back to work. Ga-eul shows up at the station and asks to borrow a couple of sanitary pads from Jin-hee.

Jin-hee realises that Ga-eul may have been forced to have an abortion by her mother. She asks her if she is okay but the teenager does not make much of it. Jin-hee tells Jae-won how she’s not happy about going back to the headquarters when it had been her goal from the beginning. Jae-won pats her on her head to console her and she asks him to continue doing so for a while.

What does Jin-hee decide to do with her life?

That night, Jin-hee sprains her back while trying to dance at a team Karaoke party. She is taken home where Eun-mi massages her back. She claims that Jin-hee had strained her back from all the stress and needs to take a week off work.

In the meantime, Jin-hee ends up looking at some travel vlogs and realises that she wants to travel instead of going back to work. Jin-hee shows up at Jae-won’s place and sees the map of the world on top of his bed, marked with famous locations all around the world. She tells him that she is going to try something and speaks to a tour advisor.

Jin-hee does her own research and eventually tells Eun-mi that she is going on a year-long trip around the world. Eun-mi wants to join Jin-hee but the daughter asks her mother to let her do this one thing alone. Jin-hee claimadmits that a lot happened in the past year and she wants to give herself a break before she herself breaks down.

The next day, Eun-mi discusses Jin-hee’s decision with Jin-hong and he asks him to give Jin-hee a rest and to let her live her adult life on her own terms. As Jin-hee researches for her upcoming trip, Eun-mi joins her as well and reads the books with her.

What does Eun-mi tell Jin-hee about her death wish?

The next few days go by with Jin-hee and Eun-mi living their life casually as they hang out with the older women patients from the orthopaedic clinic. They take a family portrait along with Mi-jung, keeping halmoni’s photograph on a chair to denote her presence.

The next evening, Jin-hong and Mi-jung give Jin-hee a huge allowance for her trip and wish her luck. Eun-mi acts unbothered and warns her to use the money sparingly as she will not get any more of it.

That night, Eun-mi talks to Jin-hee and tells her that she does not want to die alone as Halmoni did. Jin-hee promises her mother that there are many people who will take care of her, and Eun-mi adds that she is going to live a long and healthy life going forward.

The next morning, Eun-mi goes for her morning walk as usual without waiting to bid her daughter farewell. Jin-hee takes her allowances from Mi-jung and Jin-hong as well as Ji-eun. Jae-won leaves Eun-mi at the airport shuttle stop as she spends the night at an airport hotel before her flight the following day.

What does Jin-hee find in Mi-jung’s envelope?

In Mi-jung’s envelope, Jin-hee finds a family registration document along with cash. She sobs when she finds out that Halmoni has officially registered Eun-mi as her daughter and Jin-hee as her granddaughter.

Eun-mi sobs to herself at home after finding it empty with Jin-hee leaving for her trip. At the airport, Jin-hee finds Eun-mi who is also ready for a journey of her own.

How does Not Others end?

Jin-hee is flabbergasted that her mother is trying to ruin the one thing she wanted to do alone but as it turns out, Eun-mi is going on a Santiago pilgrimage trip for which she was preparing by going on regular walks for the past few months. Jin-hee and Eun-mi go their ways at the airport after wishing each other luck for their respective trips.

Jin-hee sends a message to thank her paternal aunt for the money while Mi-jung finally realises she has some feelings for Mr Park, and he too has those sorts of feelings for her. The show ends with Jin-hong having an ice cream at the convenience store where he runs into Jae-won. The two men wait for their girlfriends to return.

The Episode Review

This show really is one of a kind and it’s a shame it didn’t get the popularity it deserved in South Korea because it dealt with many mature themes. The portrayal of a casual relationship with one’s mother is absurd to people from a country where people put so much importance on respecting one’s seniors and it was evident in the last episode.

The show does a good job of pointing out what a healthy mother/daughter relationship should look like. While Eun-mi makes her own share of mistakes as a mum, she is a level-headed single-mother who knows how hard life has been for her. I loved the fact that Jin-hee did not end up calling Jin-hong “dad” because it does not matter who her biological father is; Eun-mi raised her all on her own and she deserves that credit.

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