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Episode 4 of Not Others starts with a flashback of Mi-jung rescuing Eun-mi from her abusive father. Present-day Mi-jung helps Eun-mi set up a dating profile for herself that Jin-hee finds funny. Eun-mi thinks she has still got it. Mi-jung is upset that she never got to teach Jin-hee’s father a lesson for abandoning Eun-mi, leaving her to raise a child on her own.

Jin-hee and Eun-mi see that Mi-jung is already drunk and clean up the place to stop her from drinking more. The next morning, Jin-hee goes out to work when Mi-jung greets her instead of Eun-mi, who is resting. That day, Jin-hee takes a walk from a different route than usual and learns that the female victim who needed protection after a complaint was trying to jump off the roof.

The other cops on the scene tell Jin-hee that the girl was known to be someone who puts up an act. Jin-hee tries to chase after a man wearing a hoodie who’s watching the entire scene. Meanwhile, the female victim is rescued from the roof and is taken away.

Jin-hee takes a taxi with her to work and finds Jae-won on the way. She recalls her conversation with him from the night before and thinks about their differences of opinion. That day at the hospital, Eun-mi accidentally likes Dr Park’s profile on the dating app.

Meanwhile, Jin-hee is invited for soup and drinks after work for the first time and she tags along with the team. There, the group of cops start bonding with each other leaving Soo-jin and Jin-hee to get drunk. Jin-hee manages to charm all the other team members. With Jae-won too drunk to manage to get home alone, Jin-hee is given the responsibility to take him back instead.

Jin-hee struggles to put Jae-won in bed and ends up finding a resignation letter in his house. She wonders what Jae-won is going through that drove him to write it. Jae-won wakes up and asks to chat with Jin-hee. He asks Jin-hee how he could live simply like her but Jin-hee admits that having a mother like Eun-mi around her helped. She suggests that Jae-won keep a carefree person around him that will push him to live simply.

Jin-hee leaves to go back home and on her way back, finds her first boyfriend and childhood friend Jin-soo. She takes him home with her where Eun-mi feeds him a meal and jokes how Jin-soo reminded her of her own first love, aka Jin-hee’s dad.

A flashback shows Jin-hee and Jin-soo in kindergarten as Jin-hee often beat Jin-woo up for asking about her family and her pretty mother. Present-day, Eun-mi and Jin-hee start bickering while Jin-soo tunes them out and makes himself at home as he naps on the couch. Jin-hee goes back to her bedroom while Eun-mi goes back to her own.

The next morning, Jin-hee is cheerfully greeted by her coworkers. Just as she starts getting comfortable with her colleagues’ attitude towards her, she is sent out on patrol duty. At the clinic, Dr Park looks up Eun-mi’s profile on the dating app but is not able to recognise her.

A while after, Dr Park finds Eun-mi in the break room and seeks advice on the dating app from her. Dr Park wonders if he’s being taken advantage of by the people on the dating app and tells her about the person that liked his profile. Eun-mi claims that the app is known to have scammers on it and logs out of his profile.

Dr Park is back to being his grumpy old self again but Eun-mi takes this as an achievement. She goes outside but gets upset when she gets a notification stating Dr Park had liked her profile on the dating app again. That evening, Eun-mi calls Jin-hee and Mi-jung out for drinks as Jin-soo joins them. The four have drinks when they suddenly spot Jae-won on the street.

Eun-mi calls the cops to join them and tells Mi-jung that Jae-won is Jin-hee’s senior from Police University. The group spend some time chatting up and Jae-won is introduced to Jin-soo, Jin-hee’s ex-boyfriend. Jae-won is shocked to see the dynamics between Jin-hee and her mother.

The next day, the cops are alerted after a female dead body is found in the woods. The victim is the same woman who was attacked in the alleyway where Eun-mi attacked the man in a cap. Jin-hee is worried for the safety of her mother while Eun-mi feels sad about what had happened to the young woman.

The police try their best to identify the culprit. Jin-hee recalls seeing the man in a cap around her house and wonders if the culprit is following them around. She is worried about her apartment being unsafe and deliberates buying a CCTV for the house.

At dinner, Jin-hee asks Eun-mi if she’s safe when she nabbed the attacker that night and wonders if he had seen her face during their scuffle. At the same time, the attacker looks at a photo of Eun-mi from the CCTV footage. The next day, Jin-hee is hyper-vigilant at patrolling and notices a man being attacked by a woman for taking indecent photos of her at the bus stop.

Jin-hee asks the man to show her his phone and arrests him when he refuses to comply. Jin-hee takes the man to the police station where Jae-won checks the man’s phone and finds no photograph in it. Jin-hee is still worried about the man being let go but apologises to him for the misunderstanding. He asks to use the restroom before leaving.

Just then, Eun-mi and Min-sung show up at the police station with food for the staff. Eun-mi tells Jin-hee that she was called in for questioning about the incident. The man who was wrongfully arrested by Jin-hee leaves the station with a black baseball cap looking at Eun-mi suspiciously. This leaves Jin-hee alarmed.

That night, Jin-hee finds the man looking at her apartment window and she chases after him. The man is wearing a cap similar to the attacker’s and runs away as Jin-hee chases after him. Jin-hee sends an alert to the cops and finally catches the man as the episode ends with Jin-hee asking the man what he’s after.

The Episode Review

It is clear that the man from the end of this episode is not the attacker because he looked much younger. The man also has been suspiciously doing the same things as the attacker which makes it seem like the makers of the show are trying to throw us off the scent.

This guy is much more likely to be Eun-mi’s love interest. I really want to see the mother-daughter duo happy in the end and it looks like this man could be a good match for Eun-mi. At the same time, as handsome as Jin-soo is, I really want Jin-hee to end up with Jae-won.

There is a lot of sexual tension between the two of them and this episode made it seem like Jin-hee was accepted by the Police station and all the employees for the first time. She also shares a bond with Jae-won. I hope that he decides for Jin-hee to be the carefree person around him that helps him live a simple life.

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