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Like A F*cking Family

Episode 3 of Not Others starts with a flashback of Eun-mi having a hard time putting baby Jin-hee to bed as a new teen mother. Back to the present, Eun-mi notices a bruise on her patient’s back and decides to inspect it using an X-ray. The elderly female patient vehemently turns down her offer and refuses Jin-hee’s permission.

Outside her cabin, Eun-mi finds a young boy, the grandson of the woman with various bruise marks on his back pointing towards domestic abuse. Next, we see Jin-hee and Jae-won addressing a public complaint after an internet cafe owner claims that underage teenagers smoked around his cafe and broke the street lamps there.

Jin-hee starts to file a complaint to the department, asking them to send someone to fix the lamps. Jae-won files the request before Jin-hee though, knowing the reaction of the staff to Jin-hee’s requests.

That night, Eun-mi tells Jin-hee about the injured old woman and her grandson from the clinic. She suspects domestic abuse on both by the child’s father and Jin-hee takes her team to inspect the house.

Whilst there, the women and children’s welfare officers notice the young boy with bruises and try to talk to him about it. The boy starts crying which leads the old woman to ask them to go away. The welfare worker tells Jin-hee and Jae-won that the old woman did not want to file a complaint against her son who was assaulting his mother and son.

Jin-hee protests and asks the child to be sent away from the family but the officer claims that doing so would add more stress on the child. They ask the cops to stop pushing it and leave them be until the family finally finds a complaint. Jae-won finally tells Jin-hee that she should stop meddling with things that she cannot help.

That night, Jin-hee goes back home and has an argument with her mother. Eun-mi is upset that Jin-hee was not able to help the woman and the child. Later that night, Jin-hee goes to the house to try and gather evidence of the man assaulting his mother and son. She is shocked to find Jae-won there doing the exact same thing.

Jin-hee later meets Tae-kyung and the two discuss Jae-won and how he has been during their police university days. Tae-kyung claims that Jae-won got demoted after he defied his superior. Tae-kyung also recalls an incident where Jae-won smiled at her and wonders if he liked her. On her way back home, Jin-hee thinks about how Jae-won is a broody man.

The next day, Jin-hee tries to make small talk with the officers but fails to connect because they are still stand-offish with her. She learns that the street lamp has already been fixed after Jae-won’s complaint. The headquarters get a distress call and all the male officers go out of the police station, leaving Jin-hee and Soo-jin behind.

Meanwhile, Eun-mi gets a call from a man, threatening her for reporting him to the cops. The man claims that she had lied about the fact that he assaults his mother and son. Eun-mi argues with the man on the phone and gives him an earful. The patients at the clinic praise Eun-mi which leaves Dr Park feeling left out.

When the man calls the hospital again, Dr Park talks to the man and gives him a warning, threatening him for troubling his staff. The patient praises him for how he stood up for Eun-mi. Jin-hee learns about the call and reprimands the safety officers for leaking information of the informant.

Jin-hee calls Jae-won and discusses what she could do as a police officer when the rules weren’t in favour of her values. Jae-won shares that he personally does what he can do to the best of his ability.

Later that day, Jin-hee gets back to the headquarters after learning that the child had to be taken to the hospital after he was found unconscious the night before after being assaulted by his father. She tells the cops that the child had made it but asks them to help her to safely rescue the boy and punish his father.

Jin-hee then learns that all the cops in the team have already gathered evidence to incriminate the man and that a case is being made against him. Jin-hee is flabbergasted to learn that the man is being held accountable without her doing much. The man shows up at the clinic to reprimand Eun-mi for stirring up so much trouble.

However, Eun-mi starts beating the guy up and pins him down. The senior women joins and attacks the guy. Dr Park calls the cops and the man is taken into custody for trying to threaten a woman along with assaulting his mother and son.

The man is let go with a warning and the cops wonder if any evidence on the black box of his car will be able to incriminate him for what he’s doing to his family members. Jin-hee finds Eun-mi outside the station, worried about the man’s actions. Eun-mi recalls growing up with an abusive father who tormented her mother. She asks Jin-hee to get her a cigarette but by the time Jin-hee returns, Eun-mi has already left.

Jin-hee goes back home and learns that Eun-mi is not there either. She finds her mother walking alone in the rain and covers her with an umbrella. She sets up a hot bath for her mother to relax and calm down. After the bath, Jin-hee notices that Eun-mi was not home. She calls Eun-mi and learns that she had gone out to grab a bite for the two and had met an old friend – Mi-jung there.

Mi-jung is close to both Jin-hee and Eun-mi and helped Eun-mi by allowing her to live with her family after she had Eun-mi. That night, Eun-mi and Jin-hee catch up with Mi-jung’s mother on the phone. Mi-jung and Jin-hee chat leaving Eun-mi out and the mother gets jealous.

Mi-jung tells Jin-hee that a young man wearing a cap and black hoodie was following Eun-mi on her way back home which makes Jin-hee worried. She recalls seeing a man with similar descriptions following them and is worried for her mother.

That night, Eun-mi looks around the house to see if the man had been around their house, keeping a watch on Eun-mi. However, she finds Jae-won there and wonders if he’s there to keep an eye on his mother. Jae-won avoids talking about it with Jin-hee.

The two cops learn that there’s incriminating evidence against the man who was assaulting his mother and son. Jae-won asks Jin-hee to comply with the team and work together in order to keep her job.

The episode ends with an epilogue showing a man in a cap and black hoodie being beaten up by Eun-mi for trying to assault a woman. The man follows the same trail after the incident to try and find Eun-mi.

The Episode Review

The show is slowly getting serious but still has the same comedic vibe when it comes to the relationship between mother and daughter. It is so endearing that Mi-jung helped Eun-mi overcome her domestic abuse from her father so much so that now she tries her best to make sure everyone has a savior like she had.

It looks like the man in the hoodie and the black cap is the one that strangled the senior citizens and now has been following Eun-mi around. I feel like the man in the hood is the same person who was watching the victim and threatening her. As much as I like how the story is progressing, it seems the show is going to have one superficial issue and many more added subordinate issues that the mother-daughter duo will be dealing with.

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