Nothing Uncovered – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Yoon-young Pulls A Trick

Nothing Uncovered Episode 9 starts with Yoon-young giving Tae-heon the photos of Jung-won sitting by Eun-sae’s corpse. At work, Jung-won gets a call from Woo-jae. He meets her and shows her the picture of Jung-won’s necklace which was in Yoon-young’s possession. Suddenly, a news report breaks out about the inappropriate relationship between Jung-won and Tae-heon. Woo-jae asks her if it’s true.

Myung-soo, too, calls Tae-heon and warns him to not meet Jung-won in the meantime. Jung-won realises she may lose her job soon and tells her boss that she has a prime suspect in mind. She asks him for a slot so she can expose the killer on her show before it’s axed.

Ae-na asks Jung-won about the report and Jung-won says it’s not true, but she wasn’t able to say that to her husband. Ae-na realises that’s because Jung-won has feelings for Tae-heon. They then discuss Ba-reun and his real identity. Ae-na remembers that Ba-reun had once said he suffered from the same thing as Jung-won.

Meanwhile, Tae-heon tries to get the photos of Jung-won analysed without officially reporting them. He’s then confronted by Woo-jae, who attacks him in a fit of rage. They fight and Tae-heon reveals that it was only him who had feelings for Jung-won. She rejected him. Tae-heon tells Woo-jae that Jung-won should set up a restraining order against him to get rid of the rumours. On his way home, Woo-jae sets up an interview with a reporter.

Jung-won and Tae-heon meet at a campsite. She apologises for the news report and then tells him her suspicions about Yoon-young. But Tae-heon says Yoon-young’s alibi is airtight. Just as Tae-heon is thinking about the photographs, Jung-won admits she’s lied to him and will explain everything soon.

As they head back, Jung-won sees an article where Woo-jae talks about a restraining order against Tae-heon. The detective says he gave Woo-jae the idea and tells Jung-won to focus on being safe. As he walks away, Jung-won runs after him and hugs him from behind. She says she’s tried pushing the feelings away but failed. He leans in towards her and asks her to give him a minute as well. They then share a passionate kiss.

Elsewhere, Yoon-young barges into Woo-jae’s room and kisses him. He demands to know why she killed Eun-sae and framed Jung-won, calling her a monster. Yoon-young turns it around on him, saying she knows what he’s done. But she promises to protect him.

The next day, Jung-won and Woo-jae talk. Woo-jae seems to have accepted Tae-heon’s explanation of Jung-won rejecting him. But Jung-won admits she caved into the temptation. She admits she likes Tae-heon and that things can’t go back to the way they were. She exits the house, leaving Woo-jae distraught.

Sometime later, Tae-heon visits Woo-jae and tells him about the photographs of Jung-won. He says the photos prove the existence of hidden cameras and that Jung-won was set up. He says Woo-jae is the only one he can turn to for help now.

Jung-won’s mind wanders towards Mo Soo-rin, under whose name Yoon-young’s clinic is established. She goes to Soo-rin’s cafe and talks about her relationship with Yoon-young. Jung-won lies and says that Yoon-yeong’s alibi was proven fake and that she was hiding in Unit 1401, where Eun-sae was killed. Soo-rin unwittingly reveals that she knows the layout of the unit and when Jung-won probes further, she tells her to leave. Outside the shop, Ba-reun watches Jung-won.

Back at the police station, Tae-heon gets a call from Jung-won who tells him she’s suspicious of Mo Soo-rin. Tae-heon then speaks to the detective in charge of the Bongto plant fire case. The man confirms that Mo Hyung-taek told the police to not report a second ignition location during the fire. Meanwhile, the politician himself speaks with Kang In-han, who confirms that Jung-won’s show is going to be cancelled soon.

Jung-won suddenly gets a text from Zeus. He’s sent her photos from Mo Soo-rin’s mobile phone. The photos include pictures of Unit 1401. Jung-won presents this to In-han but realises that Mo Hyung-taek has been bribing him. Before she leaves, In-han reveals that he’s pulled some strings to ensure she gets three minutes live on TV. Jung-won gets ready for her segment and informs Tae-heon about what she’s about to do.

While going through the Bongto case files, Tae-heon finds something. The news segment begins and Jung-won talks about her necklace. She links it to A (Yoon-young) and her ‘accomplice’ B who had photos of the apartment on her phone. Just as Jung-won is about to reveal the truth about herself, the studio cuts her off. Meanwhile, Tae-heon shows up at Yoon-young’s office and arrests her for illegally prescribing propofol. Turn out, it was Woo-jae who gave him this information.

Elsewhere, Mo Soo-rin is told to get on a plane to New York. Tae-heon interviews Yoon-young and asks her if she went to Unit 1401 that day. She says she did. And that Woo-jae was there too. A flashback shows Eun-sae telling Woo-jae about her pregnancy. Yoon-young comes by pretending to get coffee for Eun-sae but leaves when she sees them together.

At present, Yoon-young keeps lying to Tae-heon but Woo-jae tells the detective the truth through an earpiece. Woo-jae says Yoon-young blackmailed him to send Jung-won to her, or she would reveal his affair. Tae-heon then brings up Lee Na-ri, whom Woo-jae was dating back in school. A flashback to fourteen years ago shows teenage Woo-jae and Na-ri going on dates. A young Yoon-young watches angrily from the sidelines.

Tae-heon then suggests that Yoon-young has had Soo-rin commit all the murders. He points out that they’ve been close since high school and accuses them of setting fire to the Bongto plant as well. Just then, Yoon-young mentions the photos of Jung-won, officially mentioning it on the record while Tae-heon has kept them hidden. She also mentions the blood on Jung-won’s sleeve that day. She smiles and reveals she expected Woo-jae to pull this, so the detectives won’t find anything while searching her office. Later, Myung-soo tells Tae-heon that the raid was indeed of no use.

Soo-rin, meanwhile, is praying in a church. A flashback to the day of Eun-sae’s murder shows Soo-rin sitting with Yoon-young. Yoon-young tells Soo-rin that Eun-sae suspects her and her father. She’s going to expose them for Jin Myung-sook’s murder and the Bongto fire. She then gives Soo-rin a knife, telling her this will solve their problems.

Pan-ho tells Woo-jae to meet him. Woo-jae says that Yoon-young won’t be arrested till there is evidence and then informs Pan-ho of the connection with Mo Hyung-taek.

The next day, Jung-won meets Ae-na and tells her she plans to hold a press conference that day. She’s about to expose her own secret but she’s too late. Somebody sends the video of her in Unit 1401 to the police. Tae-heon is dismissed from his post and Jung-won comes home to find the police searching her house. They find blood on her shoes and Jung-won gets arrested at the end of Nothing Uncovered Episode 9.

The Episode Review

Nothing Uncovered Episode 9 is a fast-paced, engaging episode. Woo-jae and Jung-won think they can pin it all on Yoon-young but the latter seems to have plenty of moves up her sleeve. It is quite intriguing to watch her unfazed while being accused of not one, but three murders. What’s even more interesting is the connection with Soo-rin, what could possibly tie them together for three separate killings?

Jung-won goes through quite a rollercoaster in this episode. She has to fight to even get three minutes of air time and, to be honest, her report didn’t come across as the stunning expose it was meant to be. On the other hand, Jung-won’s feelings for Tae-heon were executed well.

We’ve seen her feeling swayed over the past few episodes and it makes sense for her to tell Woo-jae as soon as she’s sure. The kiss with Tae-heon is one of the first times I saw a spark, although a small one, between the two characters. With Jung-won officially arrested, things are bound to keep getting more intense!

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