Nothing Uncovered – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Nothing Uncovered Episode 7 begins with Tae-heon questioning Yoon-yeong about her whereabouts at the time of Eun-sae’s murder. Yoon-yeong does admit she went out of her clinic for a while that day but doesn’t reveal with whom.

Meanwhile, Pan-ho berates his son and daughter-in-law for his company’s plummeting stocks. He tells Jung-won to join his company and when she refuses, threatens to reveal she made a deal with him and that her reconciliation with Woo-jae is a sham.

After Jung-won leaves, Woo-jae makes his own threat against his father. He threatens to reveal that he ‘relapsed’ but we don’t hear the details. It seems to be enough to convince Pan-ho to not go after Jung-won.

Zeus tells Jung-won that he couldn’t find much about Yoon-yeong, except that her clinic is under the name of Mo Soo-rin. She is none other than Mo Hyung-taek’s daughter. Jung-won figures they went to school together in Mueon.

Elsewhere, Hyung-taek asks Jung-won’s boss, In-han, to expose a certain story. While searching through Kum Min-chul’s house, the detectives find a hidden knife which could very well be the murder weapon. Min-chul is arrested and admits to the stalking but not to murdering Eun-sae. The knife, he says, wasn’t his.

Woo-jae learns about Jung-won’s past relationship with Tae-heon. Jung-won comes to his office and asks him about Min-chul. Later, she leaves and tells him not to wait up since she has to work all night.

The blood on the knife is found to be Eun-sae’s. Tae-heon then gets a call from Jung-won but tells her to meet him at his place instead of the police station, due to swarming reporters. However, Woo-jae seems to have followed her there.

Inside, the two exchange information and Tae-heon says that Yoon-yeong’s alibi is airtight. He suddenly brings up the situation of their break-up. He asks why she didn’t explain herself and told him she didn’t play him. She said she resented his accusation and was angry. He apologises for wrongfully criticizing her.

Just then, Woo-jae comes up to the flat and storms his way in. He’s pretty aggravated that she’s ‘working’ at her ex’s house. He gets into an argument with Tae-heon but Jung-won drags Woo-jae home. Back home, the couple argue as well and Woo-jae days he suspects Jung-won is being seated by Tae-heon. He asks her to deny it but she just walks away. Her response frustrates Woo-jae and he brings out a whole bunch of small bottles. He then gets into an ice bath.

At Pan-ho’s place, the chairman tells Mo Hyung-taek about his plan for a new resort and suggests they support each other.

Tae-heon follows the man who reported Min-chul as Eun-sae’s murderer. He watches the man collect some cash and then stops the cab he’s in. He checks his phone and realised Geum-sae told the man to report Min-chul.

At the news station, In-han tells Jung-won to reveal Min-chul as the murderer. She realises he’s acting on Mo Hyung-taek’s words but doesn’t confront him.

Jung-won and Tae-heon end up meeting at Jin Myung-sook’s house. He notices something about the knives inside but doesn’t elaborate. Before leaving, Tae-heon tells Jung-won that it was Secretary Gong Joon-ho who told Woo-jae about their past.

After a visit to forensics, Tae-heon believes the knife they found was Eun-sae’s, used for self-harm but not murder. Min-chul is let go of the murder charge.

Jung-won finds the detective at an empty boxing ring where he usually takes his frustration out. She realises what happened and then meets with Geum-sae. She pretends to believe Min-chul is the killer. Loan sharks come by the house and while Geum-sae is busy, Jung-won searches the kitchen and finds a set of red knives, with one missing. Afterwards, Jung-won comes across the bag the loan sharks returned to Geum-sae and notices something about it.

A flashback to three months ago shows Jung-won noticing her younger colleague Ba-reun’s bag, a similar one with the same keychain.
At present, Jung-won reconvenes with Tae-heon and they discuss why Geum-sae could want to frame Min-chul. As the conversation moves towards the personal, Jung-won tells Tae-heon to not have any feelings towards her. She leaves and meets Ae-na for a drink, telling her about Tae-heon.

Elsewhere, Yoon-yeong is fixing a broken bowl. Soo-rin is there as well. When she seems concerned about her father, Yoon-yeong recalls a promise she made to protect Soo-rin. She then hands her a small bottle of propofol.

Later, Jung-won ‘coincidentally’ meets Soo-rin at the mental health clinic and asks if she can interview her later. During her own session with Yoon-yeong, Woo-jae suddenly turns up. The doctor says he set up a couple’s session but honestly, Woo-jae looks as surprised as Jung-won. While questioning Jung-won, Yoon-yeong becomes aggressive and Woo-jae reveals he and Yoon-yeong knew each other beforehand.

Yoon-yeong claims she and Woo-jae are very close, and even studied abroad together. Jung-won concludes that Yoon-yeong likes Woo-jae but it’s one-sided. The doctor plays it off as something from her youth. She says she’s bringing this all out in the open to clear any misunderstandings. Jung-won ends the session by revealing she knows about the secret recordings. She walks out and tells Woo-jae she shouldn’t have met him. Ouch.

Jung-won then speaks with Zeus. When he makes a reference to the day she found Jin Myung-sook, Jung-won realises that Zeus was watching her that day and could be watching her now as well. Suddenly, a man attacks Jung-won from behind and chloroforms her.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 goes about the standard investigation in the beginning but gets quite intriguing towards the end. The first half mostly consists of Jung-won and Tae-heon moving from place to place and finding clues that further the investigation. It’s not particularly gripping but it does establish who doesn’t want to find Eun-sae’s killer – Mo Hyung-taek and Cha Geum-sae.

However, the second half of the episode is where it gets really interesting. Woo-jae confronts Tae-heon, who openly says he would have an affair with Jung-won – spicy! Then there’s the insane couple’s therapy session that Yoon-yeong orchestrates. The exchange of dialogue was on point here, with the characters’ interpersonal conflicts playing off of one another. And of course, the fact that Zeus’s suspicious side has finally been revealed! All in all, exciting developments.

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