Nothing, Nowhere – Void Eternal | Album Review

Track Listing 

Trad3dy (Feat. Will Ramos)
Psycho_Psychiatry (Feat. SeeYouSpaceCowboy)
Thirst4Violence (Feat. Freddie Dredd & Silverstein)
Cyan1de ( Feat. Pete Wentz)
Fortune_Teller (feat. Static Dress)
M1sery_Syndrome (feat Buddy Neilson)
Venom (Feat Underoath)


Void Eternal is a ferocious collection of songs by Nothing, Nowhere. Unnerving and haunting, Void Eternal, has no let up. This is an album that is progressive too, delivering many themes, some which hit a little too close to the bone.

Full of screams and growls, the album is volatile to say the least, and while it can be too much for some, there’s something intriguing about it.

From the start of the record, hope burns out, and sincerity becomes trapped. Darkness imposes thickly, spreading across the rooms of the disenchanted. And to be fair, it’s definitely a rough listen. Many of the songs feel a little stretched and unconvincing, though there’s still enough here for the fans to jam to.

‘Anxi3ty’ begins things, as a blistering guitar riff pummels in, and the vocals echo feelings of discontent. Society gets put to the test here, and that’s a theme exacerbated by ‘Suicide_Pact’, which is a similarly ferocious track with rock underpinnings, and a great rhythm. Lyrically, the band conveys a damning assessment of the world.

Er4ser is another stand-out here, an emotional song bound in melody, and it’s strong, with anecdotes describing depressive notions and showing the band as angry and with a point to prove.

With Void Eternal, Nothing, Nowhere angrily tell an unfiltered story and while that may be a bit much for some, this may just be pitch perfect for others, making for a somewhat polarizing listen.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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