Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Not Just Yet

Episode 13 of Not Dead Yet begins with Nell’s new ghost, Grace, criticizing Nell’s bathroom organization skills. We learn that Phillip has been staying with Nell for a couple of weeks as they figure out their relationship. Nell confesses that she is conflicted about Phillip.

On the other hand, Edward is elated that Phillip is around the house. He is the only one who knows that Phillip is there; Nell is yet to tell Sam and Dennis because she is afraid of what they will say.

At breakfast, Phillip informs her that he is considering a job at a local restaurant and wants to know if Nell is willing to give them another chance. She decides to take some time to think about it.

At the office, Sam confronts Nell about hiding the fact that Phillip is living with her. Nell refuses to talk about it and they move on to Dennis. Dennis and his husband have been certified to be foster parents and are waiting for the call. He is anxious but thankfully he has Lexi, who has been very vigilant about the whole process.

During the day, Grace tries to get Nell to organize the clutter in her life.  Later, Nell has a girl’s meeting with Sam and Cricket to ask for their opinion. Sam is not sure Phillip has changed but Cricket believes in second chances. In the end, they agree to disagree and Nell decides to give the relationship another chance. Sam promises to be supportive and Nell calls Phillip, asking him to take the job. As soon as she is done with the call, she stops seeing Grace.

The next day, she asks Dennis to give her a new assignment but Nell is unable to see the ghost. She realizes that she can no longer talk, see or hear ghosts. She is bummed but tries to hide it.

Phillip stops by the office and invites Dennis and Sam to a friendly dinner later that night. Nell promises to invite Cricket, while Lexi invites herself.

Evening rolls by and the dinner party begins. Edward is pleased that Nell has been cleaner lately since Phillip returned. Phillip also points out that he got  Nell to stop watching her favourite show.

At dinner, Sam tries to give Phillip a chance to redeem himself and Cricket makes it clear that Phillip should be careful not to hurt Nell again. Dennis is squarely on team Phillip and is feeling sad that he is yet to receive the call about a foster child.

Does Dennis get the call?

As the dinner continues, Phillip tries his best to win over the guests and Nell. As Cricket talks about her late husband Monty, Nell feels sad that she can’t see ghosts anymore. She excuses herself and Phillip follows.

Nell decides to tell him about the fact that she has been seeing dead people. Phillip is surprised but assures her that the ghosts leaving is a good thing. He asks her to quit her job because she is clearly struggling.

Dennis finally gets the call to foster siblings. He is unsure if they are ready to parent two kids but decide to do it anyway, and everyone is happy for him. They believe that Dennis will make a good father and are supportive of him in his new journey.

What happens to Nell and Phillip?

After confessing about seeing the ghosts to Phillip, Nell feels worse and more lonely. It doesn’t make her feel better. Edward tries to cheer her up and tells her that being with Phillip has changed her too much. He is also not sure that Phillip is a good match for her. He points out several occasions when Nell didn’t act like herself when she was with him. This makes Nell realize that he is right and she breaks up with Phillip.

After dumping Phillip, Nell is happy with herself and Sam is proud. Nell is unsure if the ghosts will return but  feels like she is in a good place. The season itself ends on a happy note as everyone celebrates Dennis and the surprises life brings.

The Episode Review

I am so glad Nell dumped Phillip. Edward was right about Nell changing too much. I got the feeling that Edward likes Nell and I think they would make a good match. I am excited to see if they will get together in the next season, should this one be renewed. Not Dead Yet has been an enjoyable show overall too; a heartwarming drama with light moments that are easy to relate to.

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