Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 9 “Not Scattered Yet” Recap & Review

Not Scattered Yet

Episode 9 of Not Dead Yet begins with Nell in a therapy session. The therapist asks her what her relationship with her inner child is like, and she says that it has been a while since they talked; she is in the course of her snack and cereal choices.

Sam and Dennis come by and ask Nell if she is okay but when they leave, the therapist, whom we then understand is actually a ghost, asks her if she has told her friends that she sees ghosts, to which she replies no and she does not plan on telling them.

That evening at Crickets, Cricket reveals that she is finally ready to spread Morty’s ashes. She gives Morty’s hat to Edward and ropes Nell in to join her the next day. The following day at work, Lexi asks Sam why they go to the zoo if they cannot bring the animals back home, to which Sam explains that they go to see the animals.

They meet Dennis and his husband, Ben. Dennis introduces Ben to Lexi, but Lexi makes rude comments about Ben’s sperm being the best swimmer between the two.¬†We then understand that Dennis is to pick an egg donor for surrogacy and is scared and indecisive. He is worried Ben will go with someone else on that decision. He then ropes Lexi’s and Sam’s help in choosing an egg donor.

Elsewhere, Cricket comes to Nell’s apartment with Morty’s ashes and a list of places she cannot choose from. Morty, the ghost, shows up and ropes Nell in and helps spread his ashes in Ojio, where he explains he saw a breathtaking sunset. When Nell tries to suggest it, Cricket stops her and tells her they will visit her psychic, who can speak to the dead.

Meanwhile, in the office, Lexi and Sam are helping Dennis choose someone, and he shows them the women’s profiles. Lexi and Sam analyze them all, and they need to be approved. Dennis becomes more anxious as he tries to convince himself that he will have found a candidate by that evening.

In the meantime, Nell and Edward have accompanied Cricket to her psychic, and as they wait for them, Edward asks Cricket if she knows how many times the psychic world has been backed by science; Cricket looks at him expectantly, and he says none; Cricket tells him to shut up. Nell asks if she believes in talking to the dead, and she replies that she doesn’t need to approve or disapprove of people.

The psychic comes in, apologises for keeping them waiting and tells them to hold hands, and she feels a presence who turns out to be Edward’s dead dog. Morty grumbles and gets angry after Cricket takes the ashes to the beach.

Back at the office, Dennis meets someone Lexi and Sam have found to be his donor but realizes that she is just like him, and he leaves, stating that he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Sam assures him that he must follow his gut while choosing a donor.

In the meantime, Nell, Edward and Cricket leave the psychic’s house, but Nell requests to return and get a gemstone, and she will find them in the car. She tries to reprimand the psychic for lying, but she tells Nell not to lie to herself but to tell her friends what she is hiding. They drive up to the beach, where Monty tells Nell that this is her last chance to tell Cricket the truth before he becomes fish poop.

Nell tries to ask Cricket if she is sure about her decision and tries to talk her out of it, but Edward reprimands her for it and asks what she thinks and if she is okay. Edward asks Cricket if she is okay with it, and she tells them a story of driving around, ending up watching the sunset and crying. She returned to the same spot for weeks to watch the sunset.

Meanwhile, Lexi and Sam go back to Dennis’s office and apologize, just as Ben comes in with them. They discuss and decide to adopt for as long as they are together. Sam and Lexi knock on Dennis’s office window, get the news that he is adopting, and jump around.

Meanwhile, back at the beach, Nell has one last conversation with Monty, and she tells him that she learnt that she doesn’t need validation from other people. The episode ends with Monty standing next to Cricket on the beach.

The Episode Review

Nell’s secret of talking to ghosts is weighing down on her, and not telling her friends that she can see ghosts might affect her friendships. There are days when we want our friends to make decisions, but then we realize we are putting them under unnecessary pressure, which is the case with Dennis. We realize that we can support them and their decisions about it.

I also felt sad for Cricket, it is never easy trying to figure out what our late beloved would want. Cricket agonized about it and at least she has Nell who can see ghosts and she tried to indirectly help. Unfortunately, in real life, we don’t have Nell and it can be so hard to make decisions after someone passes.

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