Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 8 “Not Friends Yet” Recap & Review

Not Friends Yet

Episode 8 of Not Dead Yet begins with Nell watching an old movie when her next ghost appears, Marlena Quintrell, and we realize that she was in the film that Nell’s watching. Marlena sits next to her, and then Edwards comes in and asks her to take out her trash and put away her utensils. He also requests her to hold on to some of his boxes because his girlfriend is visiting for the first time, and he needs everything to be perfect.

Nell wonders why the girlfriend has never visited, to which Edward replies that he visits her for tacos and multiple rounds of intimate sessions.

Back at the office, Sam and Nell are discussing the new developments of Edward’s girlfriend visiting when Nell takes out a poster for trivia night and sticks it on the refrigerator. Sam explains that she needs to take it down before Lexi sees it. Lexi talks behind them and decides she will join them for game night. Sam tries to get her out of it by saying no, but Lexi interprets it as a maybe. Dennis asks them if he can join and starts to make plans too.

That evening when Nell returns, she discovers that Edward’s girlfriend has arrived. Charlotte comes out of a room and greets Nell cheerfully. Marlena is accompanying Nell this whole time, and Charlotte tells Nell she made Edward’s favourite cookies, but the kitchen counter has dirty bowls and flour.

Edwards walks in, hugs Charlotte, and does not reprimand her for the mess made. They both leave, and Nell tries to test whether Edward will scold her if she leaves crumbs all over, but he surprisingly doesn’t.

That evening while watching, Charlotte excuses herself to use the washroom, and Edward tries to tidy up the place, asking Nell to tell Charlotte to do the dishes. Nell asks if he wants her to become Edward’s version, and he replies yes. Nell agrees, but she gives conditions that he split the rent three times, which Edward readily agrees to.

In the office the following day, Lexi asks Sam to give her a chance to change during the trivia night and not get too competitive. As Nell leaves her room, she finds Edward at the kitchen counter holding a picnic bag but scratching his neck and back because of his shirt. Nell questions whether he doesn’t wear cotton, which Edward refuses vehemently.

Charlotte comes out and greets Nell, and they are ready to leave. Nell asks Marlena what she thinks is wrong with Edward as he seems tired. Nell wonders if it is because of the intimate sessions but Marlena replies that when she first met her wife, they could not keep their hands away from each other. Nell reads her testimonial, but she gets mad and tells Nell she is unhappy about it.

With a beeping sound from one of the boxes, Nell finds one of Edward’s toys. She turns it off, and while Edwards walks back in the house, Nell goes to him, and he explains that they had forgotten their collapsible cups. Nell tries to talk to him, but he tells her off by deciding she is just a roommate and he is happy.

At the game night, Nell tells Sam what Edward had told her, and Sam discourages her from interfering. Charlotte calls her back to their table, and the first trivia is read about magic. Charlotte does not know anything about this, so Nell gives a suggestion but Edward refutes it. Charlotte asks him how he knows much about magic, and he lies that his nephew is in his magic curiosity phase. Nell tells him that at least he knows himself before she excuses herself.

Outside, Marlena is waiting for her. She tells her she needs to be more direct towards Edward about his relationship. Marlena explains that what Nell had written about her in her testimonial is her saddest as she had stayed in the closet without being true towards herself. She laments that she would have met her wife if she had been faithful to herself. She says, ‘Pretending to be someone you are not on screen is one thing, but pretending in your personal life is worse.’

Nell goes back in and asks to talk to Edward in private. She encourages him not to hide his true self and they win the trivia. He confesses to Charlotte that he is a nerd who likes to play video games.

Later that evening, we learn that Edward and Charlotte have taken a break from their relationship and are not together. The episode ends with Nell telling Edward she won’t hide and perches her legs on the table.

The Episode Review

When Edward was trying to be someone he was not, Nell did help in making him realize that he did not have to hide who he was. Lexi showed off a competitive version of herself and took it in stride. The message in this episode is pretty clear, be yourself! It is a struggle but it is easier to be who you are than trying to be someone else. Look at the toll it took on Edward; needless suffering.

This was another great episode and Not Dead Yet is proving why it is shaping up to be one of the best shows on TV right now. Not bad given the shaky start this one had!

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