Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 7 “Not Out of The Game Yet” Recap & Review

Not Out Of The Game Yet

Episode 7 of Not Dead Yet begins with Nell telling Edward they have been roommates but she doesn’t know where Edward was born. Edward tells her he was born in Cleveland. She asks about his maiden name but Edward refuses to answer. He then reprimands her for using a lot of tissue.

On the way to work, she meets her next ghost, a man called Carlos Garza. She is a big fan of his, and in the process, she gets into a second car accident. Her friend Sam comes and brings her to the office, where she refuses to take her dad’s calls.

In the meantime, Lexi announces that there will be a performance review with her father listening on the other side to lay off some people. Tina, one of the workers, decides she will take some appliances. Dennis gets pretty nervous as he is called in as the first person, starts rumbling, and tells the boss that he loves him.

Nell’s dad swings by and they have a chat; he asks to see her office, and she takes him to Sam’s instead where she proceeds to keep him in the dark with Sam playing along. Dennis asks them if they have ever told their boss they love them. He realizes that Nell is sitting on Sam’s seat and tries to ask why she is sitting there.

Nell drags her father out and takes him to a coffee shop. Her Dad tells her that her brother is giving him a lot of stress so she takes him to her shared apartment and tells him to wait as she changes.

Elsewhere, Lexi calls Sam for a performance review, to which Sam tries to tell her about an app her husband is developing; then, Lexi says that she doesn’t need to hear about her personal life while whispering that the dad is listening in on them. Lexi sends her off by telling her she is proud of what she has done.

Edward returns and Nell finds out that he has already told her dad that she had an accident in the morning, somebody towed her car, and she has a roommate. She writes obituaries and has a tiny cubicle, remembering she is now in the shared office area with the other employees after Lexi returns the small booth to Simon. Edward excuses himself, and Nell has to start explaining herself to her dad.

Mr Serrano, the father, then proceeds to ask her if she is broke with a realization that she had lied about her office and she was in an accident in the morning. Dad accuses her of lying about her life, and she doesn’t tell them. Nell folds and tells him that things are more brutal than she had expected and tries to assure him that she is working so hard to pull herself out of it. Dad replies that it doesn’t have to be tough; she can go home and take over the restaurant because he has always wanted her to take over.

She refuses the offer and promises to be okay. Later, Nell is sitting outside her workplace on a stone wall, and Carlos joins her; he encourages her and explains that parents are like umpires; we hate them when they get it wrong, but 99% of the time, they are right. He tells her he is happy she is telling his story.

Back in the office, Lexi calls Nell in for her performance review. Lexi then asks what to do with her, and Nell replies she had come in to ask her to fire her, but she won’t want to be fired because she is trying her level best. Nell reprimands them and says they should not let anyone go because they tried their best. We then learn that Lexi’s dad hasn’t been on the call for a while, and Lexi feels betrayed because she doesn’t want to layoff any staff.

Lexi returns to the common area and tells them there aren’t going to be any layoffs. Sam asks her how she saved everyone and reveals that she had her dad fired. We see Nell writing and sharing Carlos’s story with her father, who tells him that she will be staying with the paper and pursuing her dream. He admits that he’s proud of her and is okay.

The episode ends with Lexi’s dad calling Dennis and telling him that he loves him and should keep it a secret. I, however, doubt that was Lexi’s dad but the assistant he ordered to take his place during the meeting.

The Episode Review

This episode explains why we should not lie to our family, especially our parents. They will always be ready to help and love us unconditionally, even if this doesn’t apply to all parents. With parents, we can always be our true selves, and we should stand up for ourselves. However, I am disappointed in Lexi’s dad again.

Nell is right, we all put so much pressure on ourselves and we need to let ourselves breathe once in a while.

These later episodes have really settled into a decent groove and it leaves the door wide open for where the rest of the series will go from here.

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