Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 6 “Not Ready to Share Yet” Recap & Review

Not Ready To Share Yet

Episode 6 of Not Dead Yet begins with Nell in the washroom brushing her teeth as several ghosts surround her. Edwin asks Nell who she is talking to, and she brushes it off as if she’s just listening to a podcast. She heads off to the office where her friend Sam is preparing for a festival.

Nell becomes jealous of the friendship between Sam and Lexi as Lexi invites Sam for a girls’ night and to use a massage chair. They make suggestions, and Nell is to ask Cricket if she wants to have a stand at the festival. While in the hallway, Dennis gives her the next task, writing about a woman called Teri Lawrence, a puppet lady.

Nell heads to Cricket’s bar to talk to her about joining the festival.¬†Cricket is about to refuse until Nell suggests she will help out. However, she quickly realizes she needs to learn about wines before she does.

Thankfully, Edward comes in and gives a correct review of the wine that Nell was drinking. It’s decided that he will join Cricket in the booth.

At the office, Lexi comes in panicked and makes changes about the festival to accommodate her father. Elsewhere, Lexi brings in a four-wheel drive to make a bid and have her father win the ticket. She even has Sam re-evaluate the festival to fit the car. Lexi later tells Sam she has done a lousy job because the festival plates have holes to hold the wine glasses.

Lexi’s outburst angers Nell, and she tells Sam to let it be and do what they always did during a festival. They get drunk, and later Sam says she will tell Lexi how unreasonable she is.

Later on, Lexi is in her office looking at her fireplace, contemplating everything. Nell gets in and asks if she has seen Sam, to which she replies that she hasn’t. She tells Nell that her father, whom she had done everything to please, cancelled on her. Nell doesn’t care and leaves, but Tori, our ghost, reminds her to be good and not leave Lexi alone.

Nell begrudgingly goes back and asks Lexi why she is sad. Lexi explains that she has had an absent dad most of her life and is unhappy about that. She feels terrible for what she had said to Sam earlier, as she had been her closest friend. Nell tells her that what her father had done was wrong and he should not have done it.

Nell leaves and goes to find Sam, who happens to be inside the truck. The pair sit down to talk, with Sam explaining that Lexi is a critical friend to her. Nell tells her they may have been hard on Lexi, and she is also going through a lot.

In the meantime, Cricket and Edwin have a heart-to-heart talk about what had happened between Edwin and his girlfriend, to which Edwin replies his girlfriend had asked to be left alone, to which he didn’t know why. She tells him that if he follows his instincts, he should know what is happening. It ends with Nell writing the obituary about Tina and a happy Lexi with Sam.

The Episode Review

Not Dead Yet delivers another good episode, one centering on friendship and how friends should be ready to share their friends with others, and how everyone can get along well.

This episode also serves as another reminder of how the absence of a parent can affect a child even later in life. Lexi though deserved better from her dad and it is heartbreaking that she still works so hard to get his attention and approval.

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