Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 5 “Not Moving On Yet” Recap & Review

Not Moving On Yet

Episode 5 of Not Dead Yet begins with Nell waking up and Jessie watching her from the other side of the bed. Jesse teases Nell and tells her that she drools while sleeping.

At the office, Sam has a ticket to a coffee shop, and she convinces Nell to meet her for lunch. Lexi finds them and tries to get in between and join them, but they decline.

Nell drags Jesse to some room and tries to find his story, to which Jesse explains that he died while deep diving. They get pretty steamy, and Dennis finds her in an awkward situation. He asks about her progress in writing Jesse’s story, and she asks for more time.

Elsewhere, Edward goes to Cricket’s and asks her how to impress a woman. She answers that she loves it when a man is spontaneous. He concludes that he should do a surprise but at weird hours. He then fools around with the piano in the room, and Cricket tells him not to touch it as it is her husband’s Monty piano that he would play in the happy hour.

Jesse and Nell then meet in the park, and in front of them, a mural had been painted in memory of Jesse by his patients and colleagues. Morty appears and disrupts their date. Nell gets mad and tells Monty off. He reprimands her and reminds her that Jesse is dead. Sam calls her for their girl date, and she gives an excuse that she is on another date. She then takes them to Cricket’s bar, and Monty gets emotional as he watches his wife.

Edward is talking to his girlfriend, who tells him she has a work conference over the weekend and cannot join him for the movies. Meanwhile, Sam invites Lexi to the date but Sam finds her and they have a big fight, resulting in her storming off. Monty talks to her and tells Nell not to try and pretend that everything is okay.

Cricket then requests Edwin to play the piano because Monty, as a passing thought, had told her to allow someone to play their piano as she would feel him through the music. She talks to Jessi, and he tells her to take risks and live a fulfilling life.

She heads home and meets up with Sam to finally explain what had been happening in her life. During her five-year relationship, she got pregnant and had a miscarriage and could not cope. Philip wanted them to move on and not dwell on it too much and continue with the wedding, which was too much. A teary conversation happens, and the two promise each other not to keep secrets from each other.

The Episode Review

Not Dead Yet delivers a heartfelt episode about pain and how to deal with it. There’s also a lovely message in here about how friendships are meaningful.

On the other hand, we didn’t see the exact reason why the doctor was there. It became pretty watered down; he could have been a potential love interest if they had allowed it as they have fantastic chemistry.

Either way though, Not Dead Yet has been a definite improvement over what we’ve seen in the past few episodes!

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