Not Dead Yet – Season 1 Episode 12 “Not A Fairytale Yet” Recap & Review

Not A Fairytale Yet

Episode 12 of Not Dead Yet begins with Nell, Sam and Edward spying on Phillip from across the road. Nell is confused about what Phillip is doing in Pasadena and why he didn’t tell her he is around. Edward is sent in to casually get answers, but of course he fails the mission and exposes Nell and Sam waiting in the car.

Nell and Sam head to work and Nell meets her new ghost, Janice. Janice is a mailwoman who has never taken a day off. As they get acquainted, Nell receives a text from Phillip asking to meet. Sam is against it but Nell insists she needs closure so Sam promises to go with her.

Away from Nell’s ex’s drama, Sam is also working with Lexi to plan their joint daughters’ birthday party. Lexi’s daughter, Kendall, wants a work party while Sam’s daughter, Tilly wants a princess party. They agree to compromise and let each kid have the party they want at the office. Sam is forced to stay late to decorate the office so she asks Edward to supervise Nell when she meets with Phillip.

Later that evening, Nell meets with Phillip and tries to get closure. Phillip apologizes for what he did wrong in their relationship. Nell is surprised by the apology but is shocked when Phillip calls her out on how she left him. Apparently, Nell packed and left without telling Phillip that she was leaving. Nell gets defensive and angry, eventually leaving.

She vents to Sam, who points out that she was wrong to end the five-year-old relationship like that. Nell realizes the error of her ways but refuses to apologize. Janice points out that she should apologize to Phillip and be free to move on.

The next day, Nell visits Phillip and finds his pop-up store is closed. She is bummed out because she wanted to talk to Phillip, so Janice tries to cheer her up.

Elsewhere, the kids have their party and Tilly has a hard time because Kendall bribed all their friends to act like they are enjoying her office party more. Nell decides to step in and help Tilly by dressing up as a princess.

On the other hand, Sam confronts Lexi about the party and what Kendall has been doing. Lexi admits that she spoils Kendall because she is scared to see Kendall unhappy. She is also worried that saying no would mean she is failing as a mom. She promises to talk to Kendall and Tilly finally has her princess party.

Phillip stops by the office and Nell is surprised he’s come back. She apologizes for how she left and Janice is proud of her. Phillip confesses that he is still not over Nell and wants to fix the problem. He is also going to therapy and wants to be a better man. He asks Nell to give him a second chance and promises to stay awhile. Nell thinks it is a good idea but Sam is not enthused about the reunion. However, the kids enjoy their party and Sam and Lexi feel proud.

The Episode Review

I was hoping Nell will move forward but it seems that she is going back to Phillip. I am not on team Phillip and agree with Sam that Nell deserves better. Unfortunately, that is something that Nell will have to learn for herself. Hopefully, it won’t be too late and we can all get closure from this Phillip situation.

Lexi needs to reflect on how she is raising Kendall, I am glad Sam called her out on it. Sam has been the VIP this episode, saying everything people need to hear.

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